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Mutant Aliens is a 2001 adult animated science-fiction-comedy film by American filmmaker Bill Plympton. The film is more or less a spoof of B monster movies, featuring Plympton's own distinctive animation style and gratuitous sex and violence. Mutant Aliens has shown at a number of animation festivals, but has never had a wide theatrical release.

Directed, produced, and written by Bill Plympton.
Never Trust a Pig in Glasses!  (taglines)

Earl Jensen[edit]

  • Goodnight, and God peed.


  • President: Ah, poop in a handbag!
  • Preacher: You can't drag race with Jesus.


  • Never Trust a Pig in Glasses!
  • They're freaks coming to kick your butt!

Voice cast[edit]

  • Dan McComas as Earl Jensen.
  • Francine Lobis as Josie.
  • George Casden as Dr. Frubar and President.
  • Matthew Brown as Darby and Tomkins.
  • Jay Cavanaugh as Boris.
  • Amy Allison as Secretary.
  • Christopher Schukai as Guard.
  • Kevin Kolack as Preacher.
  • Vera Beren as Reporter.

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