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Mutiny on the Bunny is a 1950 Warner Bros. Looney Tunes cartoon directed by Friz Freleng. The title is a reference to the film Mutiny on the Bounty (1935). In the short, Shanghai Sam needs a new crew for his ship. Bugs signs on but rebels at the captain's cruelty.

Bugs Bunny[edit]

  • A free trip around the world? Well. Let’s go! What are we waiting for? Anchors away!


Traumatized Sailor: [fleeing from Sam's ship screaming] I was a human being once...
Shanghai Sam: Avast there! Come back here, you barnacle-bitten swab! [Sam fires his pistols in frustration] Blast his scuppers! Now I gotta get me a whole new crew. I'm a-sailin' with the tide, or my name ain't Shanghai Sam... and it is.

Shanghai Sam: [climbing back onto the ship] Blast his scuppers! I'll slice his liver out for this! [sees Bugs with a pickaxe and shovel] Hey! What are ya doin' with them diggin' tools?!
Bugs Bunny: Who, me? I'm gonna get rich. I'm gonna dig for buried treasure.
Shanghai Sam: Buried treasure? Gimme that map! [snatches it and runs behind the mast, laughing slyly] Let's see now. Ten paces northeast from the mist mast. [walks away] One, two, three, four, five... Twenty-seven steps down the hole. [walks down the stairs] One, two, three, four... And five paces to the right, and dig at stop marked "X". One, two, three, four, five. There it is. [digs into the cross, breaching the hull of the ship and causing it to sink.]

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