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My Attic. 1990. Book spread

My Attic [Моя́ манса́рда (Moia mansarda)] (1990), is the fourth artist's book in a series of four Alexey Parygin author’s editions. The series Pesok (The Sand), Tsvetnye zvuki (The Coloured Sounds), Zelenaia kniga (The Green Book), Moia mansarda (My Attic) was created in 1989-1990 at the Nevsky-25 squat workshop (Kazan Cathedral House. Leningrad) on the basis of the artist’s own poetic texts, the free-verse poems of 1987-1989. All books have similar format, stylistic unity of design, and are of limited edition.


  • The main visual effect is created by the inclusion of the text into the space of decorative-illustrative elements made up of processed photographs, reproduced by means of xerography, each representing views of the city from the attic window. <...> The book gives the impression of unity and was created in the spirit of the Futurist artists’ books, which the artist acknowledged as one of the key sources for his own creative approach.

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