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My Big Big Friend is an animated children's television series created by Canadian and Brazilian Andrés Lieban and Claudian Koogan Breitman, co-produced by Brazilian studio 2D Lab and the Canadian company Breakthrough Animation. It had its first showing on August 9, 2010 on Discovery Kids Latin America and on May 9, 2011 on TV Brazil. It also premiered in Canada on Treehouse TV on August 20, 2011.

Theme song[edit]

[The theme song starts when Yuri and Golias are playing on the seesaw]
Yuri: ♪ My friend, my big big friend, ♪
Lili: ♪ A good friend, my big big friend, ♪
Matt: ♪ A fun friend, my big big friend, ♪
Yuri, Lili and Matt: ♪ I love my big big friend. ♪
[They all laugh at Bongo since he's covered in purple goo]
Matt: [takes off his socks] ♪ I can count on my big big friend. ♪
Lili: ♪ Always with me my big big friend. ♪
Yuri: ♪ I believe in my big big friend. ♪
Matt and Lili: ♪ On you I can depend! ♪
Yuri, Golias, Lili, Nessa, Matt and Bongo: ♪ My friend, my big big friend ♪
♪ A good friend, my big big friend ♪
♪ A fun friend, my big big friend ♪
♪ I love my big big friend ♪
♪ My big big friend!!! ♪


Brickle Pickle / All the Way Up [1.1][edit]

[first lines of the series; Yuri's mom is reading a yellow book while sitting on a wooden bench. A small bush and a big bush went to hide behind the tree. Yuri and his friend, Golias the elephant pops out of the bushes hide behind a tree as they look for each other. Yuri tiptoes to a wooden bench as he holds a brickle]
Yuri: Hurry, Golias, hurry!
[Golias also sneaks away from a tree while panting]
Golias: [panting] Okay. wait! [follows Yuri as he toots his trunk] Wait up!
[Golias' trunk pops out of the tree as it toots; then he checks to see if someone's coming. Golias sits is sitting next to Yuri as Yuri sniffs the brickle]
Yuri: I love Mommy's brickle.
[Golias laughs at joy and smells the brickle too. But after he smells the brickle, he sneezes because Yuri's Mom gave him a raspberry brickle]
Golias: Raspberry brickle's not yummy-licious to me. Hey, you can have it all.

Skipping Stones / No Kid Is an Island [1.4][edit]

Matt: [after he and his friends finished the sand castle] All done.
Lili: [off-screen] Not (quite) yet. [on-screen] It still needs something.
Matt: It does?
Yuri: Like what?
Lili: Like a moat!
Golias: A moat. [jumps for joy] Wowie! [asks Lili what a moat is] What's a moat?
Lili: [explains to Golias about the moat] It's like a river that goes around the castle.
Golias: But how did the king and queen get in?
Yuri: I guess we can [holds a stick] make a bridge.
Matt: I'm digging the moat. [starts digging] I'm a great digger.
Bongo: Hey!
Yuri: Phaw!
Lili: Not as good as me, [also starts digging but gently] I dig all the moats for my little brothers.
Bongo: [shows his friends his digging feet] See these feet? These are digging feet.
[Bongo starts digging through the sand by using his feet]
Matt: Yeah!
[Matt, Lili and Yuri also dig through the sand by using their feet so they will make a moat for the castle]
Nessa: Great digging, everyone. But I think Matt dug the deepest.
Matt: Ha! [jumps out of the moat] I knew I was the best digger. [cheering for himself] Go, Matt. go, Matt. Go, go, go, Matt!

Lili: [to Matt about the skipping stone game that she's good at] It's lots of fun, you just don't like it because you're not good at it.
Matt: [angilly] So, how can something be fun, If you're not good at it?! [thinks for a second] I know, let's play Bongo's wave jumping game.
[Lili picks up a stone from her hand]
Lili: [throws a stone] I want to keep skipping stones.
Matt: Fine, you guys can stay and play this boring game, [off-screen] Bongo and I are out of here. Right, Bongo?
Bongo: Umm...? [drops the stones] Right?

Matt: [shows his friends the tickling seaweed] Look, you have to walk down the bridge. We have to be really really careful that the seaweed doesn't touched you, or else...!
Golias: [gulps in fear] Or else what? What happens if the seaweed touches you?
Matt: You get ticked, from that. If you slow down so you can't win!

Lili: I'm going away?
Nessa: [while holding a toy whale with her mouth] Going away? What's going away?
Lili: [explaining to Nessa about moving to a new place] Neesa, going away is when you move to a new house. Everyone knows that.
Nessa: [throws away the toy whale] What? really? For always?
Lili: For always. Just me, and mommy, and daddy, and my brothers.
Nessa: And me too. Right? right?
Lili: [hugs Nessa] Of course, you too.
Nessa: [about their best friends; Matt, Yuri, Bongo and Golias] What about Matt, and Yuri, and Bongo, and Golias? Are they coming with us?
Lili: [tells Nessa that they have to stay with their parents] No, everyone else has to stay here. [wipes her eye] I don't want to move away, but I have to get used to get used to being alone.
[Lili went to the coat hanger to get her pink backpack]
Nessa: [off-screen] Where are you going?
Lili: I need to practice.
Nessa: Oh, right. Practice what?
Lili: [while packing her stuff] Being alone, Nessa.
Nessa: Okay, [comforts Lili] I'll practice with you.
Lili: Nessa, we can't practice being alone together.
Nessa: But...
Lili: Please, Nessa. I have to get good at playing by myself.
Nessa: Oh, okay. [crawls away]
Lili: [to her friends] Bye-bye, everybody. [sighs sadly]
[Some sad music plays in the background as Lili walks to a yellow carpet and sits down. She sighs sadly as the camera zooms out of her]

Show and Tell / Perfect Princess [1.5][edit]

Lili: [believing that the cupcake holder is the prince] My prince, the princess would like to dance the royal dance with you.
Nessa: That's the prince you choose? [shakes her head]

Over the Rainbow / Lili's Tea Party [1.7][edit]

[When Lili and Nessa return to the living room, Lili was shocked when she her baby brothers destroying her tea party]
Lili: [gasps] My tea party!
[Leo is under the table while knocking things over, Luca pours water into his diaper and Levi plays with a toy cup]
Lili: Oh, no! What a mess!
[Nessa also sees the mess and uses her left leg to lift up the pink chair]
Nessa: [to Lili] I'll clean this up. [licks the biscuits off] Mmm.
Lili: [to her brothers] What are you doing?! I told you to sit still!
Lili's Dad: What wrong, sweetie?
Lili: They ruined my tea party!
Lili's Dad: Now, Lili, they're just babies. [to Levi] Aren't you just a little cutie baby? [kisses Levi]
Lili: They've wrecked everything!
[Lili runs upstairs to her bedroom while crying]

King of the Monkeys / That's My Spot [1.15][edit]

[Yuri, Golias, Lili and Nessa are outside Matt's backyard waiting for Matt and Bongo to come outside so they can all play]
Yuri: Come on, Matt!
Golias: Where is he?
Nessa: He can't walk very fast.
[The sound of Matt grunting is heard from Matt's house as Matt comes outside]
Lili: [becomes annoyed] Hurry up, we wanna play!
Bongo: [opens the door] We're coming! [to Matt] Very slowly.
Matt: You go slow to if your foot was broken. [looks at his broken foot cast]
[The scene cuts to Yuri, Lili, Golias and Nessa who rushes to see what was the matter with Matt]
Bongo: [to Yuri, Golias, Lili and Nessa about how Matt himself breaks his foot] Teeny tiny break.
Golias: Does it hurt?
Matt: Not much. But I can't run or anything.
Bongo: And if he tried to hop, he would go... [pretends that he has got a sore foot as he's hopping] "Hop, ouch! Hop, ouch!"
Matt: [annoyed; to Bongo] Bongo, stop!
Lili: I think Matt should sit down.
[Matt sit downs as Bongo takes the cane and puts it down]

Stickers / Matt's Fun Park [1.22][edit]

Ms. Carol: [off-screen] Attention please, class. [on-screen] I have an announcement about our hike. I'm afraid I have some bad news. We won't be able to go today.
Matt: WHAT?
Ms. Carol: [tells the class that a big rain storm is coming today] Because a big rain storm is coming.
Lili: Aww!
Nessa: Too bad.
Yuri: Aww!
Golias: No fun!
Matt: Wha... what storm?!
[The thunder's crash is heard from outside as it begins to rain]
Bongo: [showing Matt the rain storm] That storm, I guess.
Matt: Aww! [sad music starts playing in the background] But it's not fair. [to Ms. Carol] We've been waiting all week for the hike, and I'm all packed and ready.
Ms. Carol: I know. It's very sad. But the best thing we can do is have some fun on our own, right here.
Matt: Here? On our own? [sighs] That's no fun.

Yuri: [finds that all the rides aren't going today] How come the rides aren't going?
Lili: And why is it so quiet?
Nessa: [to Golias and Yuri] There's no merry-go-round music.
Matt: What's going on around here?
Bongo: [jumps up and down while looking for someone who is still here] Hello? hello? [to the ticket booth] Hello, can you give us a ticket? [the tickets are all sold out]
Nessa: [knows that no-one is at the fun park today] There's no-one there.
Matt: [to his friends that the fun park is closed for today] Oh-no! The park is closed (for today)!
Golias: [sadly] You mean "closed", closed?
Nessa: Aww!
Lili: [puts her annoyed face to Matt] This is really, really not fair.
Yuri: Great, we came all this way to go to your fun park, Matt, and it's closed?
[Matt sighs and so does Yuri]
Yuri: [sadly to the others] I guess we should go back.
[Everyone expect Matt and Bongo sadly leaves the closed fun park]

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