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My Big Big Friend is a Canadian/Brazilian children's animated television series created by Canadian and Brazilian Andrés Lieban and Claudian Koogan Breitman, co-produced by Brazilian studio 2D Lab and the Canadian company Breakthrough Animation. It had its first showing on August 9, 2010 on Discovery Kids Latin America and on May 9, 2011 on TV Brazil. It also premiered in Canada on Treehouse TV on August 20, 2011.

Theme song[edit]

[The theme song starts when Yuri and Golias are playing on the seesaw]
Yuri: ♪ My friend, my big big friend, ♪
Lili: ♪ A good friend, my big big friend, ♪
Matt: ♪ A fun friend, my big big friend, ♪
Yuri, Lili and Matt: ♪ I love my big big friend. ♪
[They all laugh at Bongo since he's covered in purple goo]
Matt: [takes off his socks] ♪ I can count on my big big friend. ♪
Lili: ♪ Always with me my big big friend. ♪
Yuri: ♪ I believe in my big big friend. ♪
Matt and Lili: ♪ On you I can depend! ♪
Yuri, Golias, Lili, Nessa, Matt and Bongo: ♪ My friend, my big big friend ♪
♪ A good friend, my big big friend ♪
♪ A fun friend, my big big friend ♪
♪ I love my big big friend ♪
♪ My big big friend!!! ♪


Brickle Pickle / All the Way Up [1.1][edit]

Hippolicious / Clowning Around [1.2][edit]

Air Buddies / The Good Sneakers [1.3][edit]

Skipping Stones / No Kid Is an Island [1.4][edit]

Show and Tell / Perfect Princess [1.5][edit]

Count Glerm / Hair Brained Idea [1.6][edit]

Over the Rainbow / Lili's Tea Party [1.7][edit]

Tell Me a Story / Food's Up! [1.8][edit]

A Chance of Tomatoes / Time Out! [1.9][edit]

Missing Miss Puffy / Descent to the Downstairs [1.10][edit]

Fairies of the Forest / Diggin' a Hole [1.11][edit]

Fort Messy / Beach Blast [1.12][edit]

Finders Keepers / Everyone's a Critic [1.13][edit]

Music Man / Dream On [1.14][edit]

King of the Monkeys / That's My Spot [1.15][edit]

It's My Party / Doggy Duty [1.16][edit]

Derailed / Something Special [1.17][edit]

Sleepover / I Didn't Think of That [1.18][edit]

The New Farmer / Perfect Picnic [1.19][edit]

Lili Bee / Flower Power [1.20][edit]

No, My Game / Manly Matt [1.21][edit]

Stickers / Matt's Fun Park [1.22][edit]

Big and Small / Valentine's Day [1.23][edit]

The Boat Ride / Hot and Cold [1.24][edit]

Super Lili / Holding It In [1.25][edit]

You Can't Make Me / Toy Drive [1.26][edit]

Voice cast[edit]



  • Fernanda Ribeiro as Yuri.
  • Eduardo Drummond as Matt.
  • Anna Rita Cerqueira as Lili.
  • Márcio Simões as Golias.
  • Sérgio Stern as Bongo.
  • Lina Mendes as Nessa.

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