My Bunny Lies over the Sea

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My Bunny Lies over the Sea, a Warner Bros. Merrie Melodies cartoon, was released on December 4, 1948. This theatrical cartoon was directed by Chuck Jones and written by Michael Maltese. In the short, Bugs Bunny destroys a Scotsman's bagpipes and ends up challenging him at golf.

Directed by Charles M. Jones. Produced by Edward Selzer. Story by Michael Maltese.


Bugs Bunny: [disguised as an aged Scotsman] So, MacR-r-rory, poaching on my pr-r-roperty! I'm displeased, MacR-r-rory. You shouldnae shoot my r-r-r-rabbits.
Angus MacRory: Yon bonnie rabbit dinna belong to you.
Bugs Bunny: It dinna?
Angus MacRory: [shouting] NO, IT DINNA!
Bugs Bunny: Wanna bet?
Angus MacRory: No! We'll settle this in true Scots tradition: at games.
Bugs Bunny: Games? [sets up a card table and deals cards] Okay, pigeon, sit down.
Angus MacRory: No, no, we dinna play that game.
Bugs Bunny: [slightly surprised] Is there another one?
Angus MacRory: [pulling out two bags of golf clubs] Golf!
Bugs Bunny: Golf?
Angus MacRory: Aye, golf. Choose your weapons.
Bugs Bunny: Have it your way, Mac, but don't you get a little tired running them eighteen bases?

[Last lines; after Bugs Bunny has hit a hole in one]
Bugs Bunny: I win.
Angus MacRory; [gets angry as his eyes turn blue] That was a dirty bit o'cheating!
Bugs Bunny: Cheating? Why, that identical situation occurred in the New Hebrides Open. Kaduffleblaze versus Fuddle in 19-aught-18. And what about Fradis versus Ginfritter? Hah! Bizbo versus Stoigen in the Casablanca Amateur. Cheating, indeed! The noive!
Angus MacRory: [solemnly] 'Tis plain that the weight of evidence is greatly against me. [angrily] But you still can't beat me at the pipes! [runs off, and quickly returns with bagpipes, and plays them; Bugs yawns and walks off] Ha! Try and top that! Oh!
[Bugs Bunny, dressed like a Scot, plays the bagpipes, a trombone, a saxophone, a trumpet, two clarinets, cymbals on his feet, and a bass drum on his head with the beaters tied to his ears. Bugs Bunny looks at the audience and waggles his eyebrow. The cartoon irises-out]

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