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My Father the Hero is a 1994 English language remake of the 1991 French film Mon père, ce héros. The remake was directed by Steve Miner and released by Touchstone Pictures. The film stars Gérard Depardieu, Katherine Heigl and Dalton James.


  • I'm having an affair with my phone machine.


[Nicole stands up, wearing a thong bathing suit]
Andre: What - what's that?
Nicole: What's the matter?
Andre: What are you wearing?
Nicole: My bathing suit!
Andre: The whole thing?
Nicole: What, you don't like it?
Andre: Are you sure you didn't leave part of it in the box?
Nicole: Get real, Andre. Everybody's wearing them.
Andre: Everyone's staring at you!
Nicole: No, everyone's staring at you.
Andre: I insist you change!
Nicole: And I insist you loosen up, Andre, dear.
[kisses him on the cheek]
Stella: Now she's French.

Nicole: You know. One of these days, I'm leaving and I'm never coming back.
Megan: Fine. Go live with your father.
Nicole: Oh, you're such a bitch.

Andre: Told you I probably seem old.
Nicole: You are old.

Nicole: Daddy, can I talk to you about something?
Andre: Of course. You can talk to me about anything.
Nicole: Anything?
Andre: Anything at all. What is it? Tell me.
Nicole: Promise not to yell.
Andre: I promise. Now tell me.
Nicole: It's really not that bad.
Andre: Tell me.
Nicole: You said you wouldn't yell.
Andre: That was not yelling, trust me.
Nicole: I told Ben you weren't my father.
Andre: Why?
Nicole: Because I wanted to impress him.
Andre: What did you tell him I was? A famous pianist? A writer? What?
Nicole: [she takes a deep breath] I told him you were my lover.
Andre: Are you serious?
Nicole: Yes.


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