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The animated children's show is based on a book by Eric Rohmann, named My Friend Rabbit.

My Friend Rabbit is an animated children's show based on the book in the Autumn of 2007. My Friend Rabbit aired on Qubo in the United States and Treehouse TV in Canada. It was awarded the Pulcinella Award for Best Preschool TV Series 2008, and the Alliance of Children's Television award for Best Preschool Series 2009 and was nominated for 3 Gemini awards for Best Direction (Jason Groh), Best Musical Scoring (John Welsman) and Best Screenwriting (Steve Westren). Steve Westren won the Gemini Award for Screenwriting.



Little Dutch Rabbit / Fishing for the Moon [1.1]

Rabbit: Uh oh. I made the hill leak.
Mouse: Oh my whiskers. That's not a hill. That's the beaver dam! It's what beavers build to keep the pond on the other side. Quick, put the stick back!

Pearl, Jade, Coral and Amber: ♪ We paddle over here ♪
♪ And we paddle over there ♪
♪ And we like to dunk our heads with our tails in the air. ♪

Thunder: Jasper, do you like water?
Jasper: Oh yeah. Nothing better than swimming in the water.
Thunder: And do you have big teeth?
Jasper: Are these big enough?
[Jasper chuckles and shows off his teeth]
Thunder: And you have a flat tail.
Jasper: Thanks. It matches the teeth.

Rabbit: [with his ear in the hole in the beaver dam] I stopped a leak using my very own ear.
[Another leak appears and Rabbit sticks his other ear in it]
Rabbit: Make that ears.

Beaver: Gee whiskers, Is it bath day?
Thunder: I found a beaver!
Beaver: [chuckles] And I have the big teeth, big tail, and furry fur to prove it. He already checked. [Thunder chuckles] So, I hear there's some kind of fur-fuffle?
Rabbit: I made your dam leak. I'm sorry.
Mouse: Can you fix it?
Beaver: Why would I want to fix it? You made it so I can have a shower anytime I want. [walks to Rabbit and feels the water] Oh! Oh. Oh, That's nice.
Mouse: You mean like it this way?
Rabbit: It's okay guys, You can let go.
[Everyone begin to play in the water]

Rabbit: Bye-bye, moon! [snaps his fingers] Disappear! Disappear! Disappear! Disappear! Disappear!
Mouse: I have to help Rabbit figure this out or he'll snap himself silly.

Rabbit: The moon fell into the pond.
Mouse: Great rolling rutabagas. I snapped the moon out of the sky and sunk it.

Jasper: What are you fishing for?
Thunder: Hi, Jasper. Rabbit's fishing for the moon.
Jasper: The moon? That's a big catch.

Follow the Leader / Chasing Rainbows [1.2]

Mouse: Rabbit? Rabbit? Oh, really big problem. How can I play Follow the Leader if I can't even find the leader. Rabbit! Rabbit!
Rabbit: Down here, Mouse.

Mouse: We're playing together, Hazel. Do you want to play Follow the Leader with us?
Hazel: Follow the Leader? Have I played that? Leap Squirrel, Acorn Tossing, Berry Bowling, Shell Sliding... Nope, never played Follow the Leader. Wish I could play with you, but I'm busy. I have to pick up my acorns. It's what I do.

Rabbit: But what if we can think up a rainy-day game that you like? Something really, really, really fun.
Mouse: Fun? In the rain? I don't know.
Rabbit: Can we try? Pretty please with radishes on top.
Mouse: He's gonna bug me until I say "yes". Okay. Yes. Fine, we can try.

Jasper: I've never heard of anybody catching up to a rainbow.
Rabbit: Well, we're going to do it because we're fast.
Hazel: And smart.
Mouse: And we're already wet. So there's no point in stopping now.

Mouse's Moss / The Sound of Silence [1.3]

Mouse: What?! You flipped Mossy?!
Rabbit: I didn't know it was Mossy.
Mouse: Ohh. Catch me someone, I think I'm gonna faint. [faints]

Mouse: I can't get to sleep without my Mossy. That's why I was so upset when it got lost. Well, wouldn't you be? Oh, I still get weak whiskers just thinking about it.

Thunder: Thorny horns, somebody turned off the water.

Mouse: Mossy, you're home. Oh, the comfort. Oh, the joy. I can sleep without Mossy, but it's so nice to have him home.

Hazel: Quaking acorns, I've got it! Mouse, you need to keep busy. That way, at the end of the day, you'll be so tired you could sleep on a bed of thorns.

Hazel's Big Surprise / The Last Leaf [1.4]

Hazel: Okay, guys, here's how it's done. First, you climb a tree. Then you pick a nut off the branch and stuff it into your cheek. Like this. Then, you carry it up here to my hidey-hole, name the nut, then store it. I'm calling you Shirley. Easy-breezy. Can you do that?
Thunder: Yes. Uh, no. I can't climb trees.

Mouse: Acorn dance. Acorn dance. Everybody do the acorn dance.
Hazel Acorn dance? I like the sound of that.

Rabbit: How can we make the tree drop the leaf?
Amber: I drop stuff when I stub my foot.
Pearl: I drop stuff when my wings get all slippery.
Coral: I drop stuff when Jade tickles me.
Jade: Like this?
[She tickles Coral who bursts out laughing]

Mouse: I have an idea. If we tickle the tree, maybe it will make the leaf fall.
Coral: Great idea. Everybody get your ticklers warmed up. Now ready, get set, tickle!
[Everyone tickles the tree, but the leaf won't come down]
Rabbit: I guess trees aren't ticklish.

Mouse: Hey, Thunder. Nice pumpkin.
Thunder: It's my lunch. You want to share it with me? I can do sharing.

A Gift at Last / The Big To Do [1.5]

Rabbit: Mouse, guess what. No, you'll never guess what, so I'll tell you what. It's Jasper's birthday today, that's what!

Mouse: This is silly. We always think of things.
Rabbit: Even when don't want to think of things, we think of things. What'll we do?
Mouse: Let's go tell the others about Jasper's birthday.

Rabbit: Guess what. It's Jasper's birthday.
Hazel: Jasper's birthday? That's bushy-tail special.

Coral: I'm going to do a feather flop. I've been practicing.
Jade: I know, last time you almost flopped on me.

Rabbit: Maybe the worms can help us look.
Worm: Huh?
Coral: Maybe they're buried at the pond.
Jade, Amber and Pearl: Coral!
Coral: It was worth a try.

Mouse: I'm gonna build sand animals. What are you gonna do at the pond?
Rabbit: Swim till my tail gets soggy.

Mouse: Hey, we're done. All the nuts are washed.
Rabbit, Jade, Pearl, Amber and Coral: Ah. But we were having fun.

Muddy Puddle / Silly Pilly [1.6]

Mouse: Gee whiskers. Look at the river. It's turned to mud.
Rabbit: Hoptastic! Now we won't have to swim across.
Mouse: But we'll get stuck.

Mouse: Rabbit, we're stuck in the mud.
Rabbit: Good place to make mud carrots.

Thunder: We could sing!
Mouse: How will singing get us out of the mud?
Thunder: Uh, I don't know. But it's fun. And I don't have any more ideas.

Hazel: This is not good. I've been stuck in a tree, stuck in a rut, stuck for an answer, and stuck in the snow, but I've never been stuck in the mud. Until now. And I wanna be unstuck!

Pearl, Jade, Coral and Amber: ♪ Oh, Pilly, my Pilly ♪
♪ You're so nice and sweet and silly ♪
♪ I'll give you some water ♪
♪ I'll make you a bed ♪
♪ I'll keep you safe right here on my head. ♪

Hazel: Here ya' go, Rabbit. Some nice, soft grass.
Mouse: And carrot juice, your favorite.
Hazel: Uh oh! Wait! [whispering] Carrot juice is an energy drink. It will just give him more bounce. We need something to take his bounces away.

Nest Quest / Bouncy Bog [1.7]

Hazel: [suggesting ideas for Pearl's nest] And, of course, you'll need places for keeping nuts and combing your fur and -
Pearl: But I don't have nuts or fur. I just want it soft.

Mouse: Thunder, we have a surprise for you.
Thunder: A surprise? I can do surprises.

Hazel: Oh, I know, we'll make it out of bark!
Pearl: Hazel, you're not listening.

Amber: That's a frog.
Thunder: But he has pretty spots and a pretty ribbit. Hee hee hee hee.
Amber: Aw, he is pretty. But if I try to sleep on a froggy, I might get hopped out of my nest.

Thunder: Oh, pretty.
Amber: And comfy, too. I'm going to have beautiful dreams. [snores happily]

Rabbit: I call this the wiggly, woggly.
Mouse: This one's the swiggle, swaggle.
Rabbit: The twirly bird.
Mouse: The bounceroonie! Huh?
Rabbit: Mouse, your bouncing is hoptastic.
Mouse: Whee! Why are we bouncing so high?
Rabbit: We must be in a bouncy bog.
Mouse: But bogs usually don't, whoo!, bounce.

Branching Out / Willow Pond Wackadoo [1.8]

Mouse: Have you ever tried to sleep somewhere other than your own bed? Sometimes it's not easy. That's what my friend Rabbit found out the night we all invited him to share our sleeping spots. It all started on a windy evening just before bedtime.

Rabbit: I wanna sleep in my own cozy, warm, dark, dry, safe, quiet sleeping hole. But this big thing's in the way and I can't think of how to move it. I'm so tired, I can't think of anything.

Edwina: Ya'ay, a sleepover!
Rabbit: There just wasn't enough room with Mouse, and the Gibble Goose Girls say "good night" all night.

Mouse: Wilting whiskers. You look tired.
Rabbit: I couldn't sleep at all last night. It was really nice of everyone to share their sleeping spots with me, but your place was way too small. I couldn't get comfortable no matter how hard I tried. The Gibble Goose Girls wouldn't stop saying "good night" to everyone and Edwina snores.
Mouse: That was a busy night.

Mouse: We never did move the big branch that was blocking the doorway to Rabbit's sleeping hole. But, working together, we dug two new doorways, and even made his cozy, warm, dark, dry, safe and quiet sleeping hole bigger. Good thing, too, because after all that digging, we were all ready for a nap.
Rabbit: Thank you for making room for all my friends.
Coral, Jade, Amber and Pearl: [sigh dreamily]
Edwina: [snores and trumpets]
Mouse: Even the one who snores. [sighs happily]

Mouse: Oh, there you are. Have you ever been so hot that you wished it would rain just to cool down? That's what happened to us. It was so hot that even I wanted to rain.
[A raindrop falls on him]
Mouse: Ooh. But then something really amazing happened and all because of a story.

Rabbit, Mouse and Thunder: It's so hot.
Rabbit: I'd like it to rain.
Mouse: I want it to rain.
Thunder: I wish it would rain.
Rabbit, Mouse and Thunder: It's so hot.

Thunder: Whoa! I wanna do nose-tapping.
Jasper: Well, I don't know if you can, because the Wackadoo is just a story.

Mouse: Guess what. We found a Wackadoo.
Hazel: A Wackawho?
Mouse: Doo.
Hazel: Do what?
Mouse: No, Wackadoo!
Hazel: I'm confused.

Mouse: [giggles] Well, we didn't get our wish, and we didn't get rain, or tap the Wackadoo's nose because it was only a story. But, hee-hee, we did have lots of fun and forgot about how hot it was and that was better than anything.

My Name is Rabbit / Bogged in Fog [1.9]

Rabbit: [feels his way through the fog] This grass is tickly. [laughs]
Mouse: This tree stump is hard.
Rabbit: This goose bill is smooth.
Rabbit and Mouse: Goose bill?
[Rabbit sees that he's holding onto Jade's bill]
Jade: Hey, let go!

[Everyone is listing to the stuff around them]
Pearl: I hear a crow.
Amber: Is that the wind?
Coral: Deer flies.
Jade: Ow! One bit me.

Strange Bee-Havior / The Flighty Fly [1.10]

Edwina: Bees here. Here too. Yikes! More bees! They're everywhere.
Rabbit: Edwina, they're following you!

Rabbit: Just pretend the bees aren't here.
Mouse: I'll try, but their buzzing is really loud.

Mouse: Edwina left so we could hear the story, but now she can't hear it.
Rabbit: This isn't fair.

Edwina: How's it going?
Thunder: Mouse looks just like a big bumblebee.

Mouse: So that's how we finally got to enjoy Batilda's story. Once we started thinking about why the bees were hanging around Edwina, we solved the problem. I guess sometimes it helps to look at things a new way.

Mouse: Have you ever really wanted to do something, but it seemed like you were just too small? That's what happened to me today. It all started with my friend Rabbit's new invention.

Mouse: That flighty fly looks like more fun than a puddle of polliwogs.

Mouse: [after Thunder smears honey on his feet] Honey, my favorite.
[Mouse licks off the honey]
Thunder: Mouse, that's for sticking you to the ground, not eating.
Mouse: Oh, sorry.

Hazel's Voice / The Perfect Rock [1.11]

Thunder: A baby bird in my hands all along. And now I have to take care of it until Jasper finds it's mother.

Thunder the Poet / The Strawberry Patch [1.12]

Thunder: [reciting his poem] The flowers smell so sweety-sweet. Hello birdie, tweety-tweet. Berries are my favourite thing. Birds and flowers, it must be Spring.

Mouse: Hi Hazel. Have you seen any strawberried around here?
Hazel: Let's see. I've seen mooseberries, gooseberries, a goose eating mooseberries and a moose eating gooseberries. But nope, I haven't seen any starwberries.

Sticky Situation / Ladybug Day [1.13]

Rabbit: Happy Ladybug day, everybody.
Thunder, Pearl, Jade, Coral and Amber: Happy Ladybug Day, Rabbit.
Thunder: We're doing good singing and dancing for the ladybugs. Watch!
[Thunder walks past Pearl, Jade, Coral and Amber]
Thunder: ♪ Hey there, little ladybugs. ♪
Pearl, Jade, Coral and Amber: ♪ Bugs, bugs, bugs. ♪
Thunder: ♪ Come and give us some lady hugs ♪
Pearl, Jade, Coral and Amber: ♪ Hugs, hugs, hugs. ♪
Thunder: ♪ Won't you all come out and play ♪
♪ Cause today is Ladybug Day. ♪
Pearl, Jade, Coral and Amber: Whoo!

[Mouse is painting a picture of a ladybug using raspberry juice]
Mouse: [humming; breaking the forth wall] I hope the ladybugs like my picture. I used raspberry so it's not just pretty, [licks the raspberry juice on the paintbrush] It's delicious! [laughs]
[Mouse paints the picture until he tumbles backwards and falls into the raspberry juice. He is covered in raspberry juice]
Mouse: Oh dear. Oh no! Bouncing berries, [laughs] I'm red.
Male Ladybug: Oh, doesn't he look lovely?
Female Ladybug: You're right, you should tell him.
Male Ladybug: Me? You tell him. I'm too shy.
Mouse: Oh well, I'm sure the juice will wipe off. Right now, I better get my picture to the party.
[Mouse picks up the picture and went to the party]

Mouse: ♪ I am pretty pretty red ♪
♪ On my feet and on my head ♪
♪ On my toes and on my tum. ♪

Mouse: Accidents do happen and sometimes you can't fix them. But you can change your mind about them and you can turn a problem into a big surprise.
[A ladybug lands on Mouse's head and starts licking the raspberry juice he has on him]
Ladybug: Mmm, raspberry.
Mouse: [giggles] Stop, that tickles.


  • Peter Oldring as Rabbit.
  • Richard Binsley as Mouse.
  • Jeremy Harris as Thunder.
  • Denise Oliver as Hazel.
  • Milton Barnes as Jasper.
  • Stacey DePass as Edwina.
  • Camden Angelis as Pearl.
  • Isabel de Carteret as Coral.
  • Hannah Endicott-Douglas as Amber.
  • Nissae Isen as Jade.
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