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The animated children's show is based on a book by Eric Rohmann, named My Friend Rabbit.

My Friend Rabbit is an animated children's show based on the book in the Autumn of 2007. My Friend Rabbit is currently aired on Qubo, Treehouse TV, Playhouse Disney (UK & Ireland), and Disney Junior (Canada) and was awarded the Pulcinella Award for Best Preschool TV Series 2008, and the Alliance of Children's Television award for Best Preschool Series 2009. MY FRIEND RABBIT was Nominated for 3 Gemini awards for Best Direction (Jason Groh), Best Musical Scoring (John Welsman) and Best Screenwriting (Steve Westren). Steve Westren won the Gemini Award for Screenwriting.


Little Dutch Rabbit / Fishing for the Moon [1.1][edit]

Rabbit: Uh oh. I made the hill leak.
Mouse: Oh my whiskers. That's not a hill. That's the beaver dam! It's what beavers build to keep the pond on the other side. Quick, put the stick back!

Beaver: Gee whiskers, Is it bath day?
Thunder: I found a beaver!
Beaver: [chuckles] And I have the big teeth, big tail, and furry fur to prove it. He already checked. [Thunder chuckles] So, I hear there's some kind of fur-fuffle?
Rabbit: I made your dam leak. I'm sorry.
Mouse: Can you fix it?
Beaver: Why would I want to fix it? You made it so I can have a shower anytime I want. [walks to Rabbit and feels the water] Oh! Oh. Oh, That's nice.
Mouse: You mean like it this way?
Rabbit: It's okay guys, You can let go.
[Everyone begin to play in the water]

Rabbit: Bye-bye, moon! [snaps his fingers] Disappear! Disappear! Disappear! Disappear! Disappear!
Mouse: I have to help Rabbit figure this out or he'll snap himself silly.

Follow the Leader / Chasing Rainbows [1.2][edit]

Rabbit: But what if we can think up a rainy-day game that you like? Something really, really, really fun.
Mouse: Fun? In the rain? I don't know.
Rabbit: Can we try? Pretty please with radishes on top.
Mouse: He's gonna bug me until I say "yes". Okay. Yes. Fine, we can try.

Mouse's Moss / The Sound of Silence [1.3][edit]

Hazel's Big Surprise / The Last Leaf [1.4][edit]

Mouse: Acorn dance. Acorn dance. Everybody do the acorn dance.
Hazel Acorn dance? I like the sound of that.

Rabbit: How can we make the tree drop the leaf?
Amber: I drop stuff when I stub my foot.
Pearl: I drop stuff when my wings get all slippery.
Coral: I drop stuff when Jade tickles me.
Jade: Like this?
[She tickles Coral who bursts out laughing]

Mouse: Hey, Thunder. Nice pumpkin.
Thunder: It's my lunch. You want to share it with me? I can do sharing.

A Gift at Last / The Big To Do [1.5][edit]

Muddy Puddle / Silly Pilly [1.6][edit]

Nest Quest / Bouncy Bog [1.7][edit]

Branching Out / Willow Pond Wackadoo [1.8][edit]

My Name is Rabbit / Bogged in Fog [1.9][edit]

Strange Bee-Havior / The Flighty Fly [1.10][edit]

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