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My Friends Tigger & Pooh (2007-2010) was an American computer-animated children's television series inspired by A. A. Milne's Winnie-the-Pooh. The series features Pooh and other characters from the book and prior television adaptations and introduces two new characters: Christopher Robin's 6-year-old best friend Darby and her dog Buster. Darby is the main human protagonist and the series' hostess and the leader of the Super Sleuths. Christopher Robin, her college-bound older best friend, makes two appearances over the course of the series.

2005 test pilot[edit]

[Tigger and Pooh are sitting by a pond while Tigger tries to count his stripes]
Tigger: Countin' my own stripes is harder than I thought. Hey, Pooh boy! Did ya see me count this one already? I think it was either five, or eight.
Pooh: Eight? "Eight" lunch? No, not yet but, my tummy was just asking about it.
Tigger: [gasps] Look! It's the Sleuthin'-Alarm flag! Somebody needs our help. Time to get into our, SUPER COSTUUUUUMES!!!
Pooh: I don't suppose we can help them, after lunch?
Tigger: When the flag flies high, it's time to fly! Super Sleuths... [blows raspberry] ...are on the case! Hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!

Pooh: [looks at his tummy] Oh, well. I'm afraid you shall just have to wait. [breaks the fourth wall] Um, can you keep an eye on my tummy until I get back, please? Thank you.
[Pooh goes inside the tree. Seconds later, Tigger jumps out from the top of the tree and Pooh crawls out from the bottom, not noticing they're wearing each other's costumes]
Tigger: Ta-da! [chuckles, gasps] OK, we gotta get some more light in there. [whispers to Pooh] One more time.
[Tigger and Pooh jump and crawl back into the tree, repeating the same phase as before, this time, they're wearing the right costumes]
Tigger: Now, that's more like it! After all, clothes make the Super Sleuther, don't ya know? [breaks the fourth wall] And now, the official Super Sleuther's super pose! Is everybody ready? Staaaaaand up! Up, up, up ya go. Good! Now, hands on your hips. Head held high, like that. Hand on your heart, real solum like. [chuckles] That's a good job you guys are doin'.

Raccoon Journalist: Super Sleuths!
[Tigger gasps]
Raccoon Journalist: [cont.] ...don't start the adventure without me!
Tigger: What's there, ol' pal? [chuckles] I thought ya might pop up.
Raccoon Journalist: I saw the signal. That means another great story for... [displays "The Super Sleuth Chronicles" newspaper, with a picture of Tigger returning two eggs to a nest with Pooh watching from below] The Super Sleuth Chronicles!
Tigger: Keep your pencils steady, 'cause the Sleuthers, they are ready! [chuckles]

Tigger: [flying on the scooter with Pooh] Hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! Up up and forward! And then, up some more! Hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!
Raccoon Journalist: [gazes in amazement] Whoa, I love these guys. [to viewer] I don't just write their stories, you know. Sometimes, I help 'em solve their mysteries. And you can be part of it, too! Come on! [looking at the Super Sleuths] Hey, wait for me. [gets dragged along by Tigger and Pooh and gets a ride on the scooter with them] Whoa!
Piglet: Bye, Super Sleuths! BE CAREFUL!

2006 pilot[edit]

Piglet: That sounds important, Pooh!
Pooh: [posing like a commander] I shall not take my responsibilities lightly.

Darby: Now it's our blast off. Ready for countdown, Pooh?
Pooh: Ready! 1, 2, 3...
Darby: No, no. Countdown! That's when you count backwards.
Pooh: Alright. 1, 2, 3...
Darby: Silly old bear. [to viewer] Can you help Pooh countdown? You know, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Got it? Thanks. Here we go!
Pooh: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...
Darby, Tigger, Piglet, Pooh: Blast off!
Tigger: Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!
Darby: Blast off, number two!
[Darby grabs Tigger's hand as they fly off to the Moon together]
Tigger: Gotcha!

Season 1[edit]

Rabbit's Ruta-wakening (1.1)[edit]

[first lines; Rabbit opens the door and hums a tune. Suddenly he notices something strange in his garden.]
Rabbit: Not again!
[At Winnie the Pooh's house; Pooh is sitting on his log eating honey while Darby and Buster are playing fetch with a tennis ball. Darby throws the ball inbetween both hands and throws it]
Darby: OK, boy! Go get it.
[Buster runs off]
Darby: [to audience] Watch what Buster can do! [Buster comes back with the ball.] He's a really good fetcher. [Just as Darby is about to throw the ball again, the Sleuther siren sounds.]
Darby: Somebody sounded the Sleuther siren. Come on, everybody! We have to meet Tigger at the Changing Tree.
[Darby and Buster run off, Pooh puts his honey pot down and follows after them.]

Darby: Hmmph. Morning. Sleuths, we have our first clue! The rutabagas were there when Rabbit went to bed, but they were gone when he woke up in the morning. So that means they must've been taken.
Pooh: Perhaps, during the night?
Darby: Good job, Pooh! Way to sleuth.
[Pooh giggles]
Darby: So our first step is to start asking questions.
Tigger: OK, what's eleventy times forty-thirteen?
Darby: Not that kind of question, Tigger. We have to ask our friends if they heard or saw anything last night. We'll start with Piglet.

Tigger's Shadow of a Doubt (1.2)[edit]

[Darby and Pooh are playing Pooh sticks]
Darby: Go, stick, go!
Pooh: Go, little stick! Go! Go! [The sticks cross at the same time] A tie. [chuckles] Our sticks must like, "sticking" together.
[the Sleuther Siren sounds]
Darby: The Super Sleuth siren. That means somebody needs our help. Come on, let's check it out.
Pooh: Uh, do you suppose that Tigger, and the shadow, heard the siren, too?
Tigger: Heard it?! I si-reened it! While I was nappin', my shadow got shadow-napped! [points to the ground] You see? He's gone.
[Buster sniffs at the part of the ground Tigger pointed at.]
Tigger: The poor little guy, he's somewhere out there, all alone. [sobs]
Pooh: Then we shall find him.
Tigger: [gasps, then bounces toward Pooh and Darby, who are walking the other way] HEY! We can't go sleuther-in' lookin' like this. There are rules, ya know, and prode-cedures. We gotta get all Super Sleuthed up first.
Darby: [giggles] But Tigger, it's only us.
Tigger: Tut-tut-tut-tut. No buts and seriffins. To the Changin' Tree!

Episode 2[edit]

How to Say I Love Roo (2.1)[edit]

Darby: So Roo, what do you want to give to Kanga on I love you day?
Pooh: A pot of honey?
Tigger: Or bouncing Springs?
Roo: I didn't know what I wanted to give her. I just decided that I wanted to give her an envelope, but I didn't know how to make one.
Tigger: Then this has a love-mystery to solve. We need a envelope for some Springs or a or a.. yaah.. I forgot.
Darby: Hey I know an idea. We will slip and invitation and put it in an envelope. That way when she finds it she'll say what a lovely present.

"Piglet's Small Predicament) (2.1.)

Episode 3[edit]

Piglet's Piglet's Echo Echo (3.1)[edit]

[Tigger and Pooh with Darby and Buster are playing Pooh sticks]

Tigger: Gee, probably playing Pooh sticks is harder than I thought. But look on the bright side! At least the stick was the farthest to go down the river and won. And plus what a Tigger's got to do is the Tigger's got to do! Hoo-hoo-hoo!

[Suddenly the Super Sleuth siren goes off]

Darby: I think it's time for us to solve a case. Let's go super sleuths!

[They run to the tree and dress up into their super sleuth clothes]

Tigger: Any time,
Pooh: Any place,
Darby, Tigger, Pooh: The super sleuths are on the case!
Pooh: It looks like that we are going to Piglet's house.
Darby: You're right, Pooh! He could be in trouble.
Tigger: Then let's get this show on the roll!

[Darby, Tigger, and Pooh get onto their scooters and drive to Piglet's house]

Tigger: Hello Piglet buddy?
Darby: We came to see if you were in trouble.
Piglet: [ off screen] Oh hello, Super Sleuths! I just accidentally fell to this hole while raking the leaves. I tried to climb out, but I just fall short. I'm so glad that you came!
Tigger: Don't worry buddy. I will save ya!

[Tigger uses his tail as a rope for piglet to climb, but his tail is too short]

Tigger: Hmmmm.... maybe you can't reach this tail.
Darby: Don't worry Piglet, we'll get you out of that hole.
Pooh: You know, I always go to Beaver's Dam so we can solve problems. What do you say if you can go ask for help and get a small smackeral?

Episode 4[edit]

Eeyore's Tale of the Missing Tail (8.6)[edit]

Episode 5[edit]

Pooh Light Up My Life (8.6)[edit]

Episode 6[edit]

Darby: Lumpy Spends the Night[edit]

( All talking to at once and the soccer ball bounces )

Episode 7[edit]

Good Night to Pooh (8.4)[edit]

Episode 8[edit]

Eeyore's Sad Day (7.4)[edit]

Episode 9[edit]

Bedtime for Bouncer (7.4)[edit]

Episode 10[edit]

No Rumbly in Pooh's Tumbly (6.5)[edit]

Episode 11[edit]

Pooh-Rates of the Hundred Acre Wood (11.1)[edit]

Episode 12[edit]

Darby's Tail (12.1)[edit]

Episode 13[edit]

Super-Sized Darby (13.1)[edit]

Piglet's Lightning Frightening (13.2)[edit]

Episode 14[edit]

Chasing Pooh's Rainbow (14.1)[edit]

Episode 15[edit]

= Porcupine's Pen Pal (15.1)[edit]

Episode 16[edit]

==== Eeyore's Trip To The Moon (16.1)

Episode 17[edit]

Eeyore's Home Sweet Home (17.1)[edit]

Episode 18[edit]

Many Thanks for Christopher Robin (18.1)[edit]

Pooh: Oh bother. I miss Christopher Robin.
Darby: Are you okay, Pooh?
Pooh: Well Christopher Robin and I spend time together, you know. But the problem is that everyone is so focused on him. I tried my best to spend time with him but things don't go the way as planned.
Darby: I feel the same with you too. My mom usually paid attention to my baby brother when he was a baby, but sometimes she always has less attention to pay attention to me. How about we hold the Feast for Christopher Robin so he can spend time with you?
Pooh: I like that idea!

Episode 19[edit]

Pooh's Double Trouble (19.1)[edit]

Eeyore Sleeps on It (19.2)[edit]

Super Sleuth Christmas Movie[edit]

Darby: Like Pooh Said This is a Christmas Will Never Forget Can You Remember? What Was It That Eeyore Wanted For Christmas? Eeyore: Always Wanted Fly Darby: and He Got His Wish Pooh Lost a Sack That Lumpy and Roo Found Both: Santa Claus Darby: Right And What Did The Super Sleuths Followed To Find The North Pole? The Brightest Star In The Sky The North Star Both: OOOOH! Darby: and I'm Sure Pooh Will Always Remember What The North Pole Tastes Like (Slurps Mmm) Pooh: Oh Peppermint Darby: Good Sleuthing Everybody Santa Claus: and To All a Good Night

Episode 20[edit]

Darby's Tooth and Nothin' But the Tooth (20.1)[edit]

Episode 21[edit]

Symphony for a Rabbit (21.1)[edit]

[When the super sleuths arrive at Rabbit's house, and Rabbit sneezes]

Rabbit: Oh.. [sneezes again] Super Sleuths.... [snorts] It is so nice to... Ahchoo.... See you!
Pooh: Excuse me rabbit? It looks like you have caught a cold.
Darby: Yeah Rabbit, I see you sneezing.
Rabbit: Well do you want to know why I caught a cold?
Darby, Tigger, Pooh: Yes!
Rabbit: Okay well it started on the day when I was gardening. Then I sneezed out a sneeze. I thought it was just a sneeze, but then I start sneezing and sneezing again and again. So I went back to my house and I tried not to sneeze. But I just keep sneezing in every hour. So that's how I caught a cold.
Tigger: Aw.... Poor long ears caught a cold.
Darby: Don't worry Rabbit, we'll make you a soup.
Rabbit: And I'll be in bed. [crawls into bed]
Darby: We need to find the ingredients for the soup. I think it's honey, carrots, beans, and the last but not least, tomatoes.
Pooh: Rabbit, your cold will be gone soon.
Tigger: Now let's go find the... the.... [sneezes] ingredients!
Darby: Wait a minute Tigger, you just sneezed. [then is startled by Tigger's sneeze again]
Tigger: But did I just sneeze once?
Pooh: No Tigger, you probably just sneezed two times.
Tigger: Let's put two and two together. I sneezed just once, and I just sneezed again. Wait a minute, I've caught a cold!
Rabbit: Then it is in bed with you right now.
Darby: Rabbit is right, Tigger. You caught a cold.
Tigger: [crying] But, but how am I supposed to go on mysteries if I got a cold? I will never be a super sleuth again! [Chokes back a sob]
Darby: Don't worry Tigger, I'm sure that you'll be better after we get the soup.
Tigger: Gee thanks, Darby.

Tigger Goes Snowflaky (21.2)[edit]

Episode 22[edit]

Buster's Bath (22.1)[edit]

Episode 23[edit]

Lumpy's Alvin Goes to Pieces (23.1)[edit]

Rabbit's Eggcellent Adventure (23.2)[edit]

Episode 24[edit]

Flowers From Roo (24.1)[edit]

Episode 25[edit]

= Christopher Froggin (25.1)[edit]

Episode 26[edit]

Darby, Solo Sleuth (26.1)[edit]

Doggone Buster[edit]

Season 1, Episode 26

Pooh: Oh, bother!
Darby: Oh, my gosh! Hang on, Pooh! I'll be right back, Lumpy. Pooh! Wait!
Lumpy: Good boy.

Season 2[edit]


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