My Life as a Teenage Robot

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My Life as a Teenage Robot is an animated TV show on Nickelodeon about the misadventures of a tomboyish robot girl with the mind of a teenager.

When a world needs a hero, they called her... daughter.  (taglines)


Season 1[edit]

Episode 1.1[edit]

It Came from Next Door [1a][edit]

Brad: Hi Jenny, my name's Brad– Whoa, a real life robot!
Jenny: A real life teenager!
Both: [in unison] Whoa! Look at that, and those and the hair. [laughs]
Brad: So, you're like a super hero who goes around the world having death-defying adventures and defeating dastardly villains?
Jenny: Mm-hmm.
Brad: Sweet!
Jenny: And you're a teenager who goes to high school and meet tons of other kids and hangs out with them?
Brad: Of course.
Jenny: Cool!

Pest Control [1b][edit]

Episode 1.2[edit]

Raggedy Android [2a][edit]

Brad: This year, Tuck's gonna face his fears and ride the Ferris Wheel!
Jenny: Tuck's afraid of heights?
Brad: No, giant wheels. Anything bigger than a car tire gives him the heebie-jeebies.
Tuck: But this year, I'm gonna beat Mr. Ferris and his Giant Hoop of Horror!

Brad: [about Jenny] Come on Doc, I'm sure no one will notice her.
Dr. Wakeman: [skeptical] A 6 and a half foot mechanical girl, and no one will notice?

Jenny: Please, Mom. There's gotta be some way I can go.
Dr. Wakeman: I'm sorry, XJ-9. [Jenny starts simmering]
Brad: Tuck, we'd better go.
Tuck: Aw, but I wanna see the fight.
Jenny: [getting really mad] You never let me do... ANYTHING I WANT! WORK, WORK, WORK! I never get to have any fun! If you don't let me go, I'll... I'll–
Dr. Wakeman: Don't you raise you lasers to me, young lady!
[Jenny starts crying her eyes out]

Class Action [2b][edit]

Episode 1.3[edit]

Attack of the 5 1/2 Ft. Geek [3a][edit]

[Sheldon is being thrown across the room by a bunch of bullies]
Jenny: Excuse me, I need to speak with the young man you're terrorizing.

Doom with a View [3b][edit]

Episode 1.4[edit]

Hear No Evil [4a][edit]

Unlicensed Flying Object [4b][edit]

Alien Karl: [as he and his wife walk back to their UFO] Yeah, well, personally, I can't wait to get off this hick planet. Bunch of rip-off artists, these earthlings. $5 for a cup of coffee. No extraterrestrial discount at the hotel, and I know that bellboy stole my tricorder!

Mrs. Wakeman: Earrings? I designed a "state of the art", crime-fighting robot, not some simple mannequin to hang with googols and gimcrackery!

Party Machine / Speak No Evil [1.5][edit]

Jenny: Your little girl is growing up.
Mrs. Wakeman: You're right, XJ-9. Well technically you're wrong because you're a robot and will remain a teenager forever, but metaphorically, you're absolutely right.

Jenny: How is it, again, that you know the Minutians will land here?
Mrs. Wakeman: They always land here. Why do you think I moved here?

Tuck: Hi, Jenny! How was Japan?
Jenny: [in Japanese] Good afternoon.
Tuck: "Konichiwa"? Cool! [He and his brother were given two gifts from Jenny] For us?
Brad: Aw, you didn't have to bring these.
Jenny: [in Japanese] Eh, no big.
Tuck: "So ne". Hahaha!
Brad: Hahaha! I got to run to the mall. Hey, Jenny, you want to come?
Jenny: [in Japanese] Sure.
Brad: Huh?
Jenny: [in Japanese] What's wrong with you? Don't you hear me? I love going to the mall. [she is surprised] Why Japanese? Why am I only speaking Japanese? Why? AAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!

See No Evil / The Great Unwashed [1.6][edit]

Brad: Jenny, get your eyes!
Jenny: Come on Brad, don't give up now, we almost got him!
Brad: Get your eyes, Jenny!
Jenny: Tuck, now your chance.
Tuck: Get those eyes!

The Return of the Raggedy Android / The Boy Who Cried Robot [1.7][edit]

Brad: Oh! Hi! what's your name?
Jenny (chuckles): Jenny.
Brad: Jenny,huh?
Brad: Aheh-hehe.
Jenny (chuckles)
Brad: My best friend's name is Jen...
Jenny: Best friend, huh?
Brad: Wow, what happened? You look totally...normal.

Sibling Tsunami / I Was a Preschool Dropout [1.8][edit]

Hostile Makeover / Grid Iron Glory [1.9][edit]

Jenny: So, Vexus. Ready to surrender?
Vexus: So, you've dismantled a handful of my drones. But, we are legion! One day, soon, you will join us, and together, we will enslave the human race!
Jenny: Think again, evil robot queen. Because as long as there's a human being alive that needs my help, I'll be there. When you see a little kid trying to outrun a cannibal android, I'll be there. When you see some working guy trying to get his change back from a demon possessed snack machine, I'll be there. And when the day come that crime-fighting robots and plain folks can live together in peace, laughing and hooting it up...
Vexus: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I get it already. But your words are meaningless! You will be a member of the Cluster before you know it. Be seeing you.
Jenny: What a... witch.

Brad: My only battle today is between my urge to gorge on chocolate and my desire to be zit-free for school photos tomorrow.

(during the football game)
Jenny: Are we the only ones left?
Brad: All that's left standing.
Jenny: But, what about Dominelli?
Brad: Broken scapula.
Jenny: Thomas?
Brad: They ripped his butt off.
Jenny: Sanchez?
Brad: Fractured toe.
Jenny: Parkins?
Brad: Inner-cranial dislocation.
Jenny: Lopez?
Brad: Real bad owwie.
Jenny: Cruz?
Brad: Comatose, but he wasn't much of a talker anyway.

Dressed To Kill / Shell Game [1.10][edit]

Tiff: Whatever. You better find some inspiration and fast or we're gonna take our business elsewhere.

Episode 11[edit]

Daydream Believer [11a][edit]

Jenny: [gushing] Oh my gosh, and then I enjoyed a glass of juice for the first time - orange juice! It tasted like apple! Then Don and I sat in a hot tub, and I didn't electrocute him!
Brad: You know, Jenn, dreams are more fun to have than to hear about.

Jenny: I can turn my dream off anytime I want to. I'm in total control.
Brad: Is that why you've been jumping on desks and riding drinking fountains?

This Time with Feeling [11b][edit]

Jenny: [When she sees her teacher coming up to her with a piece of paper saying she failed because of her being loud] Uh, oh.

Jenny: [giggling] That tickles. [giggles more]
Brad: Yeah, they are a little primitive, you'll probably feel better without 'em.
Jenny: Yeah, you're right. [raises her arm up showing the last of her nerve ending, she touches it; and she laughs]

Episode 1.12[edit]

Saved by the Shell [12a][edit]

Tradeshow Showdown [12b][edit]

Episode 1.13[edit]

The Wonderful World of Wizzly [13a][edit]

[after all the park robots have go wild]
Tuck: Well, this is another fine mess you've gotten us into, Jennifer.

Jenny: That was horrible!
Brad: Okay, the waterfall was pretty weak. Just consider it a warm up for what's to come.
Jenny: A warm up?
Brad: Sure, ya gotta start somewhere.
Tuck: And the rest of the rides only get better.
Jenny: [upset] And do the rest of these rides make fools out of robots too?
Brad: What are you talking about?
Jenny: I'm talking about hydrolic surges forced into your hips to make them shake. Do you have any idea what that can do to a ball and socket joint?
Brad: Come on, Jenny. It's all in good fun!
Jenny: Yeah, fun for the humans! How'd you like to sing some stupid song over and over all day long?

Call Hating [13b][edit]

Season 2[edit]

Robot For All Seasons [2.1][edit]

Note: There is a scene when Todd Sweeney is in Jenny's Bellybolt

Future Shock / Humiliation 101 [2.2][edit]

Last Action Zero / Mind Over Matter [2.3][edit]

Mind over Matter - Jenny is convinced to beat her new enemy she needs to take other forms, when none seem to work, Jenny thinks she can't be upgraded

Note: When Jenny says that bolts and upgrades aren't important, her head bolts pop off and her brain falls out with her eyes onto the pavement

Love 'Em or Leash 'Em / Teen Team Time [2.4][edit]

Sister Sledgehammer / Pajama Party Prankapalooza [2.5][edit]

Sister Sledgehammer - the Cluster turns Jenny into a huge mind-controlled monster and only her sisters can save her

Dancing With My Shell / Around the World in Eighty Pieces [2.6][edit]

(after trying to dance with the SilverShell as he runs back into the gym again)
Jenny (XJ9): I've heard of playing hard to get, but hard to hang on to?!

Brad: (while escaping in the mini-jet from a flock of flying animals) What is this place?!
Sheldon: It's evolution gone mad!!

(after discussing how to find Jenny's pieces)
Tuck: Are you sure Dr. Wakeman will loan her mini-jet to a dwarf, two teens, and a disembodied head?

Armagedroid / Killgore [2.7][edit]

(about all the people around)
Jenny: Wow Killgore. How many people did you tell about this?
Killgore: Killgore has many adoring fans, that he shall destroy!!

A Pain In My Sidekick / Crash Pad Crash [2.8][edit]

Crash Pad Crash - Jenny gets her own crib in her mom's shed but learns partying all night doesn't give her any time to do her duties Note: There is a scene when Jenny farts

Escape from Cluster Prime [2.9][edit]

Vexus: I've tried everything! Missiles, drones, robots, nanobots, Smytus, Krakus, acne! Well, no more mister nice queen. If I can't bring you to the Cluster, I'll bring the Cluster to you!

Victim of Fashion [2.10][edit]

Tiff: (about Jenny's transformations) Now she has fashion growing out of her floppy drive? How're we supposed to compete with that?
Brit: Dont fret, Tiff. We've been the fashion divas of this school for too long.

Sheldon: (to Jenny) But removing your weapons system? Are you sure that's such a good idea?
Brad: Yeah, Jen. Sounds pretty risky.
Jenny: (very certain) I don't care!!! It's better to be fashionable than functional. I want a slim-down look that will make Brit and Tiff look like stuffed sausages. Take it out! Take it all out!

Designing Women / Robot Riot [2.11][edit]

Bradventure / Mama Drama [2.12][edit]

Jenny: (facing Brad) I don't know how you did it but you came to my rescue and the bravery was 100% Brad,YOU'RE MY HERO! (Jenny and Brad hugged). Note: This episode reveals Nora has a key to shut Jenny off

Toying with Jenny / Teenage Mutant Ninja Troubles [2.13][edit]

Teen Idol /Good Old Sheldon [2.14][edit]


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