My Little Pony: A Very Pony Place

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My Little Pony: A Very Pony Place is a 2007 film.

Directed by John Grusd.

Pinkie Pie


Let me get this straight. Back in Ponyville, in your house, in your sock drawer with your socks, you left the map to Unicornia?


  • (Storybelle ends her story) This book was magical! We shared as friends...we read it loudly, proudly...still the fun doesn't end. So you see, it's fun to pretend, but it's better to be yourself in the end! (giggles) Oops! All this rhyming is catching on! It's getting late, time to go! (giggles)!


  • (Minty checks on the Birthday Book but trips and loses her balance. She drops the book and the pages flip to Pinkie Pie's birthday) Oh no! Our Birthday Book!........Pink?....(notices the page) PINK!'s Pinkie's birthday today! Oh no! We haven't planned anything! No parties! No presents! No cakes! Oh my!

Lily Lightly

  • (Lily Lightly feels shy when her horn glows in front of everyone) gotta go now...I on, everyone! Shine on!....ok, gotta go....bye!
  • (Lily Lightly's motto) Shine on, everyone! Shine on!

oh,and firefly you come too!


Storybelle: It says Two For the Sky. Oh! One of my favorites; a wonderful story about two ponies who were so much alike they were almost twins!
Sunny Daze: (excited) Really? Two ponies like twins!? Wow!
Minty: (chuckles) Wow, I can't wait!
(Pinkie Pie, Minty, and Sunny Daze bring three hassocks to sit on and begin to listen to the story)
Pinkie Pie: (excited) Oh! Twins!
Storybelle: Yes! Just like twins, and you'll never believe what happens to them!

Star Flight: Flying can't be as hard as it seems.
Heart Bright: Let's sleep on it and dream that.
Star Flight: Heart Bright, good night.
Heart Bright: My friend, sleep tight.
Star Flight: (yawning) I still wanna fly high like a bird! I wanna be a Pegasus!
Heart Bright: Me too. Turn off the light and tomorrow we'll try.
Heart Bright & Star Flight: I wish I could fly, I wish I could fly, I wish I could fly (they fall asleep).

Pinkie Pie: Puzzlemint! There you are! Do you know why everyone is acting so different today? It's a real puzzle!
Puzzlemint: Why? Hmmmm...why? Ooo, that's a jolly good question!
Pinkie Pie: Thanks! Do you have a jolly good answer?
Puzzlemint: (giggles) Another very good question!....a puzzle, really? (giggles) (guessing) A, puzzle, righto! That's it! It's a Puzzle Hunt!
Pinkie Pie: What's a Puzzle Hunt?
Puzzlemint: Ooo, a Puzzle Hunt is great fun! Everyone gets a list of things they need to find and the first one that gathers all the things on the list wins!
Pinkie Pie: Oooh! So that's why everyone was so anxious to leave, they wanted to get started on their list!
Puzzlemint: Huh? Oh! Right...that's right!

Pinkie Pie: Minty, are you sure you know the way to Unicornia?

Minty: Ah, (thinking) no! But that's what maps are for.
Pinkie Pie: Excellent! Where is the map?
Minty: Hmm...I put it next to my socks.
Pinkie Pie: (searching around) Minty, there are no socks here.
Minty: (giggles) Oh! That would be silly! All my socks are in my sock drawer back home!
Pinkie Pie: Let me get this straight. Back in Ponyville, in your house, in your sock drawer with your socks, you left the map to Unicornia?
Minty: Right! (Minty realizes) Riiiighttt! (chuckles nervously)....but don't worry! I looked at the map before we left....(chuckles nervously)....we won't need it!