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My Sassy Girl is an American remake of the 2001 Korean film of the same name.

Dear Jordan: This is the story of the first and last time I ever fell in love with the beautiful, complicated, fascinating, woman who inhabits my soul, I’m pretty sure you are going to leave me tomorrow so I better say this while I have a chance, whether we are together or apart you will always be the woman of my life, the only man that I will ever envy, is the man who wins your heart, and I always believe that is my destiny to be that man, if we never see each other again, and you are out walking one day and you feel certain presence beside you, that will be me, loving you were ever I am.(Charlie Bellow's words in the letter complete from: FAIC to: RFPM)

If we never see each other again, and one day, you feel a certain presence beside you... that would be me, loving you wherever I am... (Charlie Bellow's words in the letter )

Destiny is the bridge you build to the one you love. ( Old Man's reply to Jordan Roark )

We have to stay alive, because we have to see how the story ends. (Jordan Roark's words in her letter to Charlie Bellow )

That's why human beings exist... to save each other from ourselves. (Jordan Roark's comment to Charlie Bellow on the phone)

Once in your life, if you are very lucky, you will meet the person who divides it to the time before you met her and the time after. (Said by Charlie Bellow)