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Mysterious Skin is 2004 film about the effect of childhood sexual abuse on two boys.

Two boys. One can't remember. The other can't forget.taglines


Neil: And as we sat there listening to the carolers, I wanted to tell Brian it was over now and everything would be okay. But that was a lie, plus, I couldn't speak anyway. I wish there was some way for us to go back and undo the past. But there wasn't. There was nothing we could do. So I just stayed silent and trying to telepathically communicate... how sorry I was about what had happened. And I thought of all the grief and sadness... and fucked up suffering in the world... and it made me want to escape. I wished with all my heart that we could just... leave this world behind. Rise like two angels in the night and magically... disappear.

Wendy: Where normal people have a heart, Neil McCormick's has a bottomless black hole. And if you dont watch out, you can fall in and get lost forever.

Brian: The summer I was 8 years old, 5 hours disappeared from my life.


  • Two boys. One can't remember. The other can't forget.



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