Mystery of the Wax Museum

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Mystery of the Wax Museum is a 1933 film about the disappearances of people and corpses which leads a reporter to a wax museum and a sinister sculptor.

Directed by Michael Curtiz. Written by Carl Erickson.
Another Lovely Woman Vanished from the Earth!...Another Beauty Molded to His Desire!  (taglines)


Joe Worth: I don't hope to impress you, but I've got to tell you we haven't a farthing.
Ivan Igor: That is unfortunate.
Joe Worth: You're right it's unfortunate, 15,000 pounds it's cost me and you say it's unfortunate as though I've spilled soup on my vest.
Ivan Igor: Your money may have been very well invested you never know, something important may come of all this.
Joe Worth: Something important has got to come of all this, you know the rent on this place isn't paid?
Ivan Igor: Is that a fact?
Joe Worth: No I'm lying to amuse myself.

Joe Worth: I've got an idea that will get us out of all this, you and I have absolutely no money but we have got this.
Ivan Igor: Fire insurance? Is this your idea of humor my friend?
Joe Worth: Yes fire insurance, that's our way out.

Charlotte Duncan: I can just see it now, you telling the landlady you didn't have the rent, but Ralph was awfully sweet.
Charlotte Duncan: It just so happens that the poor people are happier.
Florence: Then marry Ralph, you'll be the happiest couple in the world.
Charlotte Duncan: I don't know what you're going on about, I don't see any millionaires running after you.
Florence: Met one last night, all the money this side of Peoria.
Charlotte Duncan: Who?
Florence: George Winton of the Park Avenue Wintons.


  • Women of FLESH become WAX in his hands... women of wax become flesh!
  • Another Lovely Woman Vanished from the Earth!...Another Beauty Molded to His Desire!
  • You might as well know the truth as suspect it!---Here's every nerve-shattering fact laid before your startled eyes! The love riddle the police were afraid to solve brought under the lens of public scrutiny in a picture made behind bolted doors!
  • Images of wax that throbbed with human passion! Almost woman....what did they lack?
  • IS SHE WOMAN OR WAX??? Solve it—if you dare!
  • Warner Bros.' Supreme Thriller


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