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Nabbit is a purple rabbit-like thief with round eyes, long ears, and black limbs. He also wears a white handkerchief with a drawing of a large mouth with sharpened teeth, similar to Bowser Jr.'s mask (though despite this he does not work for Bowser), as well as orange shoes and white gloves.who first appears in New Super Mario Bros. U, where he steals items from Toad Houses and the Mario Bros. have to chase him through various levels to capture him and get them back. He's the main source of P-Acorn power-ups, making it worth the player's time to catch him. In New Super Luigi U, he's promoted to Playable as the fourth character available for multiplayer. He returned to New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe as a fifth playable character along with Toadette, Luigi, Toad and Mario. He is also playable in Bowser Jr.'s Journey. Nabbit also appeared as a stage hazard in the Mushroom Kingdom U stage throughout the Super Smash Bros. series.