Nalan Xingde

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Nalan Xingde

Nalan Xingde (January 19, 1655July 1, 1685) was a Qing dynasty Manchu poet.


  • The fire in my heart is turned to ashes.
    I feel like a monk;
    Only my head is still unshaven.

    O poor heart!
    How wind and rain have worn you out!
    How the partings from friends, dead and alive,
    Have torn you to pieces!

    This orphan-like candlestick
    Appears like an old friend to me.

    There remains one thing alone
    That keeps me from a complete Awakening:—
    Love still smoulders in the ashes of my heart!
    • "Nocturnal Thoughts in a Temple" (trans. Teresa Li), as quoted in Chinese Literature: A Historical Introduction (1961) by Ch'en Shou-Yi, p. 553

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