Namboku Mizuno

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Namboku Mizuno (17601834) was a Japanese master of physiognomy and visual diagnosis during the edo period, who emphasized the connection of diet and lifestyle with good fortune and health.



Food governs your destiny


translated by Michio and Avelyn Kushi and Alex Jack in 1991

  • Longevity and short life, suffering and happiness - all aspects of human life depend on modesty in food and drink."
    • introduction, p. 20
  • I don't cut down on food just for myself, but for society. I wish to inspire some sincere person, even only for one day, to please be moderate in their food and drink."
    • introduction, p. 20
  • A person who controls his food has a strong mind.
    • Book I, p. 24
  • Food is the origin of success.
    • Book I, p. 29
  • People will not respect even a distinguished "man of knowledge" who has a humble attitude toward other people but has no humility in eating.
    • Book I, p. 35
  • When you are poor, live as a poor man.
    • Book I, p. 41
  • Real poverty comes only to those who indulge in food and drink. They have made themselves poor.
    • Book I, p. 42
  • The standard of simple eating is one bowl of rice and one side dish."
    • Book I, p. 42
  • Of course, food is to sustain life. Nevertheless, if we eat too much and in a disorderly way, we will die just like trees and grasses that receive too much fertilizer.
    • Book II, p. 51
  • Nowadays people of so-called health and strength are nothing more than aggressive. Indulging with meat and sake is not the way of human beings.
    • Book II, p. 52
  • Proper eating is the hardest thing in life.
    • Book II, p. 53
  • If you appreciate its wonderful natural taste, simple food will nourish you and is better than medicine.
    • Book II, p. 97
  • Sleeping late in the morning is the origin of poverty and short life.
    • Book III, p. 86
  • Bright and clear mind - that we call God.
    • Book IV, p. 103
  • God is living in people's hearts, and in God there is no distinction or rank. Therefore God lives in everyone. That's why traditionally it is said that all deities are the same. They say God comes to a person who is very humble and honest.
    • Book IV, p. 105
  • A wise man is the one who influences the world with the tao that he has mastered.
    • Book IV, p. 106
  • Your mind creates the appearance and disappearance of phenomena.
    • Book IV, p. 111
  • It's really true that animal food makes the mind cloudy.
    • Book IV, p. 111
  • For children, inheritance is very, very bad, like an enemy.
    • Book IV, p. 112