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Nanny McPhee is a 2005 film British fantasy film starring Emma Thompson and Colin Firth. The film is about a widowed undertaker with seven out-of-control children who is visited by a mysterious and magical nanny to help straighten out his children.

Directed by Kirk Jones. Written by Emma Thompson.

Nanny McPhee[edit]

  • I did knock.
  • I have 5 lessons to teach. What lessons they learn is entirely up to them. Goodnight, Mr Brown.

Cedric Brown[edit]

  • Some bout of influenza at Archway is carrying off all the old folks. Still, what's bad for them, good for us.

Simon Brown[edit]

  • I NEVER say 'please'!
  • Pleased to make your acquaintance. I'm Oglington Fartworthy.
  • You never listen!
  • Bee hive?

Chrissie Brown[edit]

  • Buzzems

Aunt Adelaide[edit]

  • Let me not beat about the bush, Cedric. The problem with you is that you have too many children.
  • If there's one thing I won't stand for, it's loose vowels.

Mrs. Quickly[edit]

  • Will you just look at them? Aww. The little, small things.
  • I am your mother now, (She breaks Aggie's rattle).
  • Typical of a man, sending his little ones to do the dirty work.


Nanny McPhee: There is something you should understand about the way I work. When you need me, but do not want me, then I will stay. If you want me, but no longer need me then I have to go. It's quite sad really but there it is.
Simon: We will NEVER want you!
Nanny McPhee: Then I will never go.

Mr. Wheen: (on the concept of his unruly children) We always told you, Mr. Brown...
Mr. Jowls: It's not funerals you should be working with...
Cedric: (nodding, miming along)
Both: It's christenings! (uproarious laughter)
Cedric: (sighs, before laughing along with them)

Mr. Brown: Nanny McPhee! Now she can't take the donkey, so what have you done?
Nanny McPhee: I have done nothing, sir. The children have decided amongst themselves.
Mr. Brown: Decided what?
Great Aunt Adelaide: (off in distance) There you are, my dear.
Mr. Brown: Not little Chrissy. (runs from the house) Chrissy!
Great Aunt Adelaide: (in the carriage) Now, then, you'd better tell me your name, little girl.
Mr. Brown: (bolts down the road) Chrissy!
Great Aunt Adelaide: Don't be shy, my dear. What is your name?.
Mr. Brown: (in the forest) Chrissy!
Great Aunt Adelaide: Sit up straight, and tell me your name.
Mr. Brown: (the carriage fades in the distance) NO! Christianna!
Christianna: Papa! Papa!
(races into her father's arms and hugs him)
Mr. Brown: Oh, thank... (the other children run up to him) Oh... Then who is?.
Evangeline: (raises head for Aunt Adelaide to see) Evangeline... My name is Evangeline.

Mr. Brown: Nanny McPhee...
Nanny McPhee: Yes, Mr Brown?
Mr. Brown: She will be all right, won't she?, Evangeline, I mean.
Nanny McPhee: I can't help being concerned.
Mr. Brown: Aunt Adelaide can be so, erm... Well, you saw.
Nanny McPhee: She will certainly be all right.
Mr. Brown: Good, I suppose she volunteered to go, did she?, couldn't wait to be shot of us, I imagine.
Nanny McPhee: Not quite, It was Simon's idea, he knew Evangeline might like to educate herself and that her going would save Christianna.


  • Behave or Beware.
  • You'll learn to love her... warts and all.


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