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Natasha Kaplinsky, 2014

Natasha Kaplinsky (born 9 September 1972) is a British newsreader and television presenter, best known for her roles as a newsreader on Sky News, BBC News, Channel 5 and ITV News where she is the current presenter.



"Kaplinsky's tears over family secret", interview in Metro, Tue August 28 2007, p. 23

  • The Nazi murder squads just wouldn't waste a bullet on a child. I just couldn't process that. I couldn't handle it.
    • On learning that two relatives, aged 2 and 9, were battered to death by the Nazis.
  • As a journalist, my job is to be dispassionate. Suddenly to be the centre of a story and to be crying, it made me feel very insecure.
    • Her general reaction to learning about the fate of her family.
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