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Nazeer Akbarabadi (1735 – 16 August 1830) was an 18th-century Indian poet, who wrote Urdu ghazals and nazms under nom de plume (takhallus) Nazeer. He used simple, everyday language in his poems, which made them popular in the masses.



  • Ah, what wondrous joys the rainy season presents,
    Waving green grasses, gardens scattering scents;
    Dulcet sounding drizzle, rain drops agleam,
    Everything attractive, winsome every scene,
    Ah! the rainy season gladdening in extreme.
    The clouds drunk with joy are flirting with the breeze,
    And with thunder blasts fill the land and lea;
    "Water, water, everywhere," the land looks a lake,
    Gardens stand drenched, verdure water-bathed,
    Ah, the rainy season, how it exhilarates!
    Undulating grasses, drunken clouds on high,
    The sky specked with cloudlets, mosses red and white;
    Everything is getting drenched, from the moon to the minnows lithe,
    Who but you, O God, can such colors provide!
    Ah, the rainy season, bursting with delight!
    • Masterpieces of Patriotic Urdu Poetry, Poem: Joys of the rainy season (Barsat Ki Baharain), p. 33

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  • K. C. Kanda: Masterpieces of Patriotic Urdu Poetry: Text, Translation, and Transliteration, Sterling Publishers, New Delhi, 2009
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