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Necessary Roughness (2011–2013) is a USA Network drama series about a tough Long Island divorcee who, in order to make ends meet, gets a job as a therapist for a professional football team.

Season 1[edit]

Pilot [1.01][edit]

Dani Santino: I don't scare easily and I do not give up.

Coach Purnell: Are you always this pigheaded?!
Dani Santino: Only when it comes to protecting my clients and my children. [her cell phone rings] Now, I got to take this 'cause it's my daughter's guidance counselor!

Coach Purnell: [to Dani] Good luck, Doc. You're our Hail Mary.

Dani Santino: [to Terrance] I am your therapist, I'm not part of your posse.

Dani Santino [to Ray]: You try to take my kids and I will kill you.

Terrance "T.K." King: I will trash my career if I want to!

Spinning Out [1.02][edit]

Dani: I look like a refugee backup dancer from a Madonna video.

Coach Purnell (about TK): If he can walk, he can run, if he can run, he can play. Make him walk by Sunday.

Janet: You want to know what the new protein is? Earthworms. The guys a worm farmer. The night was destined to end with battery-operated machinery.

Anchor Management [1.03][edit]

Dani: When a person spins out, you often can't tell until after they hit the wall.

Dani: Vodka and painkillers, statistically, deadlier than auto racing.

Habit Forming [1.04][edit]

Dani: The question is: when is it time for an old habit to die?

Nico: As shocking as it sounds, I am capable of reading and apologizing.

Poker Face [1.05][edit]

Dani (to Laura): Everyone has a dark side.
Laura: Not one I can't spin.

Officer (to TK): At 75 miles per hour, no problem. At 150, big problem.
TK: I was...150. The dealer said this thing could go 200. This thing is broken. I'm taking it back.

Dream On [1.06][edit]

Tyler: Ten years and I still have to dance like a trained monkey for my banana.

Jeanette (to Dani): Honey, it's a high school reunion, not a mafia confirmation.

Jeanette: You just gave me the boost no botox injection ever could.

Whose Team Are You On? [1.07][edit]

Matt: Can't we all just get along?
Coach Purnell: Thank you, Mr. Switzerland.

Dani (to Nico): How come none of your situations happen at a normal time?
Nico: Because jail time is anytime.

Coach Purnell: Shannon Prichard's sucking up loose jewelry faster than a Hoover.

Losing Your Swing [1.08][edit]

Dani: Terrence has a problem with boundaries. He's got none.

Nico: I live in the basement so you can live in the penthouse.
Matt: I don't care where you live. Just get that guy out of our house.

Forget Me Not [1.09][edit]

TK: Lesson learned. Consider me spanked.

Dani: There are many types of fighters in the world. Some box and some sit in little flower chairs.

TK: You know what's unattractive? A parasite with fresh blood on his face.

A Wing and a Player [1.10][edit]

Matt: Since you obviously didn't pay attention at the last sexual harassment seminar.
TK: I thought that was a how to.

TK (to Dani): You've got some good kids. Wimpy, but good.

Baggage Claim [1.11][edit]

Dani: Can we agree that throwing things at employees is generally considered unacceptable and probably illegal?

TK: You tell anyone I asked you about this, you're a dead man.
Matt: You tell anyone I answered, then you're dead too.

Goal Line [1.12][edit]

Dani: To what do I owe the honor? Jail time? Strip club?

Dani: Mall parking lot. Odd spot for therapy.

Season 2[edit]

Shrink or Swim [2.01][edit]

Dani: I almost killed a tutor, an IRS agent and my son all in the same day.

Matt: All new season. All new set of crazy.

Lindsay: He eats frozen blood worms.
Dani: Ray Jay?
Lindsay: No. Mr. Fishy.

To Swerve and Protect [2.02][edit]

TK: Pitman's sweating me like a hooker in church.

Dani: I love my job and I care about the players, but I am not a game player. So if you're going to fire me over this, feel free to do it right now.

Dani: I am going to go get that little Romeo and he is going to wish he drank poison.

Wide Deceiver [2.03][edit]

TK: I don't need the nonsense of football. It's just full of pain and agony and pressure and disloyalty

Pitman: My grandmother could get a nine. She's been dead for 15 years.

Slumpbuster [2.04][edit]

Matt: Don't beat yourself up. That's my job.

Pittman: I am flattered that you think of me as normal.
Dani: Oh, it's a relative term.

Mr. Irrelevant [2.05][edit]

TK: When a tweeter and a hater have a baby, it's a twate.

Coach Purcell: We already have one head case wide receiver. What do we need, a match set?

Dani: Big dreams are the magic that stirs us to greatness.

What's Eating You [2.06][edit]

TK: You go first. I've been shot twice this year. It's your turn.

TK: I am finally having a good time again. I thought you guys would appreciate that.
Nico: We would if you were using your powers for good instead of evil.

TK: You did not just bedazzle my helmet?

Spell it Out [2.07][edit]

Dani: Our words have power.

TK: I can pretty much ignore anything.

A Load of Bull [2.08][edit]

Jeanette: Breaking up is hard to do. That's why country music exists.

TK: The Hawks do not objectify women. Put your flagpoles back in.

Might As Well Face It [2.09][edit]

Dani: Who loves the shopping?
Jeanette: It's the only sport I'm really good at.

Nico (to Dani): That's the funny thing about your patients. They all end up in rehab.

Double Fault [2.10][edit]

Dani: This team has compromised me in ways that I never even knew existed.

Nico: Right now I'm a little busy trying to save all of our asses before this goes public.

All the King's Horses [2.11][edit]

TK: I need this for the Tweethab. You know, Tweeting from rehab.

Dani (about TK): I'm just suppose to help people put themselves back together and you know, he's in a bunch of pieces.

Frozen Fish Sticks [2.12][edit]

Matt: How is the league suppose to take us seriously if we're being run by our own Paris HIlton?

Dani: New rule. There's going to be one leather seat between us at all times.

TK: Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change. The courage to change what I can and the wisdom not to take Toes out and beat him like a rented government mule.

Hits and Myths [2.13][edit]

Nico (to Juliette): What are we celebrating?
Juliette: Tuesday.

TK: So fast you didn't see me bitch slap you.

Dani: Why can't my sex dream just be about sex?

The Fall Guy [2.14][edit]

Matt: It's like they're actively trying to end people's careers out there.

TK: I've shot turkey before, but it's always been wild and followed by a hangover.

Regret Me Not [2.15][edit]

Dani: Happiness is fleeting and we don't live forever.

TK (to Joe): You come to ballet often?
Joe: How do you think I get these sexy damn legs?

Dani: How do you know when that ship has sailed?
Nico: When it's so far out to sea that you'd drown trying to catch up to it.

There's the Door [2.16][edit]

Glenn: We prepare for the worst and then hope to be pleasantly surprised.

Dani: Sometimes doing the right thing ain't always the easy thing.

Season 3[edit]

Ch-Ch-Changes [3.01][edit]

Connor (to Dani): Don't tell me you're a cynic.
Dani: I'm just from New York. Goes with the territory.

TK (to Dani): Help me Obi-Wan KeDani. You are my only hope.

Nico (to Dani): Are you going to slap me again?
Dani: No, but I'd like to.

Gimme Some Lovin' [3.02][edit]

Dani: I can't just snap my fingers and get her back up on the balance beam.

Nico: If she gets hurt in any way, you do not want me as an enemy.

Connor: Nobody cares about "Gay the Sequel."

Swimming With Sharks [3.03][edit]

Snap Out of It [3.04][edit]

Nolan (to Dani): Does this window open?
Dani: No, why?
Nolan: Because I want to kill myself.

TK: Did I just get Jetered in my own home?

V3 for Vendetta [3.05][edit]

TK: I knew this plan was brain dead from the start.
Sheera: I'll show you brain dead, Cinderfella.

Abigail: I saw you on TV last night, Connor. If you were spinning any harder, you'd have your own gravitational pull.

Connor: Congratulations on our first FBI raid. Let's give ourselves a big round of applause.

Good Will Haunting [3.06][edit]

Connor: Life sure is a page turner, isn't it?
Dani: Yes, and I can't wait to see what happens next.

TK: He is trading me to Buffalo. The weather's like Siberia. The team is even colder and they're in the last place in the league. And the women? A Buffalo 10 is like a Manhattan 3. A Buffalo 10 is like a Buffalo.

Connor: Celebrity phones get hacked all the time. Don't put anything on your phone that you don't want in the tabloids.

Bringing the Heat [3.07][edit]

Nico: Dr. Santino responds to one thing: honesty.

Dani: There's no cure in therapy.

The Game's Afoot [3.08][edit]

Connor: That boy's got some balls, doesn't he? Too bad I'm going to cut them off.

Dani: What am I suppose to do while you're tracking him down? Just skip on back to the Death Star like it's Disneyland?

Sucker Punch [3.09][edit]

Connor: The person who bites the hand that feeds them licks the boot that kicks them.

Connor: Fast and furious, my friend. That is what we offer.

Dani: You've certainly come to the right place because I do love me a fight.

Sympathy for the Devil [3.10][edit]

Connor: Can I make you a drink, Santino?
Dani: You already did. Kool-Aid.

Connor: If you want to get to the top of the mountain, you've got to break some rules.

Dani: You know that expression "Love is blind."
TK: Then I must be the Stevie Wonder of romance.


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