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Cyborg artist Neil Harbisson

Neil Harbisson (born 27 July 1982) is a British-Catalan avant-garde artist and musician, famous for being the first person with a cyborg antenna implant as well as for his solo work.


  • Beware not to use the future as an excuse to ignore living in the present.
  • I don't feel that I'm using technology, I don't feel that I'm wearing technology, I feel that I am technology.
  • There are no white skins, and there are no black skins. Humans skins are of different shades of orange.
  • Life will be much more exciting when we stop creating applications for mobile phones and we start creating applications for our own body.
  • Technology is made by humans. If we modify our body with human creations we become more human.
  • When you're a little weird, you aspire to be normal; when you're very weird, you aspire to be recognised for it.

Quotes about Neil Harbisson[edit]

  • Frankly, Neil Harbisson, freaked me the fuck out. Both inspirational and terrifying. Like seeing a benevolent witch displaying her magic: even if you’re only using your powers to grow magic daffodils, it’s an ungodly talent that’s beyond human.
  • I had a very special encounter with him. Surreal and especially futuristic. He raises so many questions, so many lines of thought, that force you to think differently.
  • Harbisson's antenna, hovering above his Henry V-meets-the-Monkees hairdo, is quite the lifestyle statement. I tell him he looks like a cross between an insect and a call-centre worker.
  • Harbisson meets two apparently incompatible conditions: shyness and exhibitionism. He speaks softly, never utters a word higher than another and his body language is that of someone slightly retracted. However, he walks all over the world with a cyborg eye dangling over his forehead in a kind of antenna that seems to sprout from within his head. Along the way, people nudge each other and point at him. But non of that stops him, he remains impassive and continues on his way.

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