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Nerdcore hip hop, or geeksta rap, is a subgenre of hip hop music that is performed by nerds or geeks, and is characterized by themes and subject matter considered to be of general interest to nerds.


  • I got a buzz bigger than a beehive, cough up my cookies let loose what's on the inside - the Tussin, the Tussin! put it down like it was nothin', Robocop couldn't stop me from pukin' and flushin', no balls to be bustin', no fightin', no cussin', just love for a drug called Robitussin!
    • mc chris, The Tussin (2001)
  • I know I seem like a geek, but I'm deeper, dude; never got picked in gym, I was a weaker dude, so I built myself a bong out of beaker tubes, then I smoked all them bitches like I'm Pikachu.
    • mc chris, Bad(dd) Runner (2004)
  • I'm the sativa cyborg, I smell that shit like a wine cork. I hope they never legalize, then High Times won't have anything to fight for.
    • mc chris, Bad(dd) Runner (2004)
  • Chilling like Hoth, they can't touch us with they blasters, we learned at the feet of the masters - it's an old Jedi mind trick!
    • 2 Skinnee J's, Mind Trick" (1998)
  • And I can see clearly now like Hubble; shoved off the shuttle, here's my rebuttal: it's a planet!
    • 2 Skinnee J's, Pluto (1998)
    • An impassioned defense of the disputed planet Pluto.
  • This song goes out to those with coke bottle glasses, to all you lonely kids who were the last picked in gym classes. We got your back, detract your malefactors - all you up in the back, unite like Thundercats!
  • My flow is so intense that I'll overflow your buffer, corrupt your stack pointer, makin' all your data suffer."
    • Monzy, "Drama in the Ph.D."
    • '#Drama in the Ph.D. began a lyrical feud between Monzy and MC Plus+ that was resolved during CES in 2007.
  • Nerdcore hip hop, other rappers run in fear...
    • MC Frontalot, Nerdcore Hiphop (2000)
    • The first recorded use of the term "nerdcore".
  • I shalt not front a little cause I'm Frontalot, I climbed Mount Sinai, got high at the top, blew a cloud straight up and the voice I heard said, 'you were born to front,' I said 'word!'
    • MC Frontalot, "Mountain Kind" (2000)
  • Sitting in her room upstairs, watching her wind up the buns in her hair, I declare that I'd like to be Luke - unless that's a little bit too perverted for you.
    • MC Frontalot, Yellow Lasers (2001)
    • "Yellow Lasers" relates the misadventures of a man at a Star Wars convention.
  • My backpack's got jets, well I'm Boba the Fett. Well I bounty hunt for Jabba Hutt, to finance my 'Vette. wicky-wicky-woo! Well I chill in deep space. A mask is over my face. Well I deliver the prize, but I still narrow my eyes, 'Cause my time, I don't like to waste. get down!
    • mc chris, "Fett's Vette" (2001)
  • I got brains, fuck Bs and Cs, I got a grade point average higher than Hendrix on New Year's Eve!
  • Look, I ain't Thomas Dolby; science doesn't blind me. You think you're smart? Form a line behind me.
    • MC Hawking, What We Need More of Is Science (2003)
  • Nerdcore could rise up, it could get elevated; we consider the possibleness of this not overstated.
    • MC Frontalot, Nerdcore Rising (2005)
  • For punk MCs who playa-hate, we got one word: EXTERMINATE!
    • MC Hawking, "Nerdcore Rising feat. Jesse Dangerously and MC Hawking.
  • 'What the fuck is entropy?' I hear the people still exclaiming. It seems I gotta start the explaining.
    • MC Hawking, Entropy
  • I got mad hoes and I got mad bitches, I'm coding in C and I branch with switches.
    • MC Plus+, Blunt Code
    • At least he doesn't branch with exceptions.
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