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Nevil Shute Norway

Nevil Shute Norway (January 17, 1899January 12, 1960) was, as Nevil Shute, one of the most popular novelists of the mid-20th century, as well as a successful aeronautical engineer.


  • Differential equations won't help you much in the design of aeroplanes — not yet, anyhow.
    • Rawdon, the aircraft designer, to Morris, his aspiring protege.
    • Stephen Morris, ch. 3, p. 41 (1923, published posthumously in 1961)
  • He was one of that great class of Englishmen who love their wives and trust them unquestioningly with their money and their honour, but are apt to hedge a little over their motor-cars.
    • Of Stephen Morris
    • Pilotage, ch. 5, p. 203
  • It has been said that an engineer is a man who can do for ten shillings what any fool can do for a pound; if that be so, we were certainly engineers.
    • Of the R100 engineers
    • Slide Rule, p. 66

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