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New Age Islam (Hindi: न्यू ऐज इस्लाम, Urdu:نیو ایج اسلام, Arabic: نيو أج اسلام) is a liberal Muslim institution based in New Delhi, Delhi, India. It encourages progressive thinking among Muslims worldwide by exposing them to news, analyses and opinions on a variety of social, political, theological and spiritual issues related to Islam. It also provides a platform for debate on contemporary concerns facing Muslims, such as religious extremism, terrorism and relations with other religious groups.

Quotes by founder and editor Sultan Shahin[edit]


  • The pseudo-secular industry was spawned and has been sustained by the Congress party for decades. Its genius for simplification is almost Hitlerian in scope. It has played the game of keeping the Muslims isolated in their ghettoes for fear of being devoured by the monster of Hindutva for so long and with such disastrous consequences that the Muslims cannot trust its arguments any more.
    • Attributed to Sultan Shain, in : No Hitlerian threat to Indian Muslims. Indian Express, 8-2-1995. also quoted in Elst, K. (2010). The saffron swastika: The notion of "Hindu fascism". I.114.

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