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Ngô Thanh Vân in 2019

Ngô Thanh Vân (born February 26, 1979), also known as Veronica Ngô, is a Vietnamese actress, singer and model.


  • At present I am too busy with my filming schedule I don't have time to pursue my music career. Besides, the Vietnamese music industry is saturated with new comers, the audiences are confused with the music style of these new comers. Many singers have small success but they think they are stars that makes me bored of the of the music business now. I am not sure if i will return to music.
  • For Westerners, those with black hair and brown eyes default to be Chinese. I do not like it at all. I am proud of my country, culture, and people. I am Vietnamese. I am proud of my country, my people. We have a long history in the cinema, so it should be developed. For every character I play in Hollywood, I want to show the pride of my country. I think any actor or actress has their dreams and purposes.
  • I think as a filmmaker, I just want to make my film shine, be recognized by the audience first. Besides, I also want to call on the Vietnamese audience to support Vietnamese films because they are the ones who decide the survival of the film. If the audience does not love it, the film will not have the opportunity to recover capital or shine on the market. If Vietnamese films are not supported and shined, it will be difficult for producers to produce films anymore, if this situation persists, there will be no more Vietnamese films to watch in the future. Therefore, I also want audiences with Vietnamese spirit to support Vietnamese films.
  • I think the biggest shortcoming is the language. I myself used to go abroad to film, so I think not having the language is a very difficult thing because I can't communicate with them. Without language I cannot talk about the acting process. Just like Vietnamese actors, sometimes I don't act according to the script, but I also create more ideas. If I didn't have the language, I would feel like I was inferior to my friends.

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