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Nicholas Udall, Uvedale or Yevedale (c. 25 December 1504 – c. 22 December 1556) was an English dramatist, educator and humanist scholar. His best-known play, Ralph Roister Doister, is usually considered the first English-language comedy.


  • That same manne, that renneth awaye,
    Maye again fight, an other daye.
    • Apophthegmes (London, 1542) vol. 2, fol. 335v

Ralph Roister Doister[edit]

  • For Myrth prolongeth lyfe, and causeth health.
    • Prologue
  • I am sorie God made me so comely.
    • Ralph Roister Doister, Act I, sc. ii
  • Wowers never speede well, that have a false harte.
    • Mathew Merygreeke, Act I, sc. ii
  • Since I went no grasse hath growne on my hele.
    • Tom Trupenie, Act IV, sc. v
  • Gay love, God save it, so soone hotte, so soone colde.
    • Christian Custance, Act IV, sc. viii

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