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Nick Searcy (March 7, 1959–) is an American character actor.


  • A number of people go into this industry with the same dreams and hopes that everybody else has, but it just doesn’t happen for some people. A lot of times it’s not anything they did wrong. It just that the numbers are what they are and luck is what it is. So I feel extremely blessed and lucky every day that I’m able to make a living as an actor.
  • I also think that in today’s industry, the financial repercussions of making a bad story have been mitigated by streaming services and cable fees, so that many movies are greenlit based on factors other than good story-telling. Connection to an audience is less important than impressing the decision-makers above you in the food chain, because they are the gatekeepers. Aligning with the popular messages or attitudes of the day have caused a lot of sloppy and obvious scripts to be funded and made, and that is why, IMHO, that the product coming out of Hollywood has been less popular — and mistrusted by a large part of the potential audience.

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