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Nick Zedd, 2009

Nick Zedd (born 8. May 1958) is an American filmmaker and author based in New York City.


The Extremist Manifesto, 2013[edit]

Quoted in: Nick Zedd’s The Extremist Manifesto By Mike Everleth, March 7, 2013

  • In an empirical sense, extremist art is a unified confirmation of one’s resistance to and transcendence of status quo thinking.
  • Today’s smut is tomorrow’s fine art. The profane, with the passage of time becomes sacred. Having suffered under a reactionary ontological hermeneutics for the last fifty years, the extremist movement constitutes an emergent phenomenon which is more than the sum of the processes from which it has emerged. Interpretation theory rewarded by dominant culture would have us believe that history is objective when in fact its subjective nature is based on hierarchical systems of exploitation benefiting a global elite.
  • Now that contemporary art, a system that stands for privilege, nepotism and political connections is finally dying, get out of the fucking way.
  • The Simulation imposed upon us by shadow governments and hidden elites must be exposed and destroyed. That includes a cancerous art establishment based on commerce and the malignant dictums of predatory capitalism that negates individual breakthroughs based on lived experience.
  • We are the new extremists, armed with a vision to see through the charade imposed upon us by the gatekeepers of consensus reality, who manage a mass hallucination we choose to reject.
  • Extremist art is non-metaphysical, based on the senses.

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