Nicktoons: Attack of the Toybots

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Nicktoons: Attack of the Toybots is the 2007 sequel to the 2005 Nicktoons Unite! and 2006 Nicktoons: Battle for Volcano Island. Professor Calamitous makes an army made of robot toys to invade the multiverse to become the biggest genius. Now, SpongeBob, Patrick, Danny, Sam, Jimmy, Timmy, Jenny, Tak, and the other Nicktoons have to stop him.

SpongeBob SquarePants[edit]

  • Let's go sliding!
  • You want some of this? Hah? You want some of this?!
  • Keep a sharp look-out! There are evil Toys everywhere!
  • I'm a sponge and you're in trouble.
  • This place is sooo pretty... dangerous and pretty... and dangerous!
  • No time to lose. Let's get heroing!
  • Now let's beat the stuffing out of 'em!
  • It's karate time! Or shall I say KAH-RAH-TAY.
  • Hey! Evil Toy! I've got a surprise for you.
  • It's time for heroes to... run! Run like crazy!
  • So much done, so much more to do.
  • Okay... What's that?
  • Hey... those robots didn't even pay for these Krabby Patties!
  • I feel so... so... adventurous!
  • I love danger...Oops, what a minute, no I don't.
  • Danger all around! Must stay focused!
  • Not a face! Not a face!

Patrick Star[edit]

  • Phew! Glad we made it through that!
  • Here's your goo, evil toy!
  • I wish we'd kept a few Krabby Patties... I'm hungry!
  • I have no idea what I'm doing, but I'm gonna have fun WHILE I DO IT!
  • Professor Calamitous is a party pooper. Who smells.Oh that's me.
  • I wish I'd brought a extra pair of pants.Because I lost mine.
  • Are you going to eat that?
  • Did you bring any extra pants?


  • I call upon the Power of Juju!
  • If Jibolba could see me now!
  • Y'know what's missing here? There's just not enough sheep. Sheep make a place feel homey.
  • I can't believe I'm saying this, but Lok would be very handy about now...
  • Oh Moon Juju... protect us! I wonder if she heard me?
  • Man, I'm beat... but not as beat as toys are gonna be.

Timmy Turner[edit]

  • Let's pull that stuffing out of 'em!
  • Ha-haa! Is that a look of fear? or is it just painted on?
  • Man, I'm beat... but not as beat as toys are gonna be.
  • A hundred down... and uh only a billion to go.
  • I keep expecting to see Vicky here. This is the kind of evil scheme she'd love to be involved with!


  • Timmy Turner in a fac-to-ry, J-U-M-P-I-N-G!
  • I love Krabby Patties, regular or as a shake!


  • Now, Timmy, remember to jump high and keep your hat on. You wouldn't want to catch a cold.
  • What kind of monster would make toys evil? besides a kid, i mean...

Jimmy Neutron[edit]

  • I just have to think, what whould Ultralord do? Gas planet! I'm starting to sound like Sheen!
  • I just have to think, what whould Ultralord do? Leaping leaptons! I'm starting to sound like Sheen!
  • I just have to think, what whould Ultralord do? Pukin' Pluto! I'm starting to sound like Sheen! OH no i'm going insaene!
  • Good thing I wasn't in my jammies when Calamitous captured me.
  • Biggest Genius? If I was a contestant they wouldn't need to hold a contest.

Danny Phantom[edit]

  • I'm going ghost!
  • Time for action! And I'm here to give it to ya!
  • I'll never make fun of a kid's toy again! Uhh... who am I tryin' to fool!?
  • I wonder if they’ll learn to do anything lovely.
  • Careful!
  • Bad toys, incoming!
  • Uh, maybe we should look for a giant off-switch.
  • Hey! Evil toy! I’ve got a surprise for ya.
  • Bad Toy! No biscuit!
  • I wonder if Calamitous can hear us? Hey, Calamitious! [raspberry noise].

Sam Manson[edit]

  • The bigger the bad guys, the better it feels to stop 'em!
  • A TV show?! All this mayham and destruction for a TV show?! Figures.
  • What up with mad scientists and robots? Oh yeah, that's right. Mad!
  • Chaaarge!

Jenny Wakeman/XJ-9[edit]

  • I wonder if I can take some of this equipment home once we're done.
  • Evil robots, evil toys, evil factory, this place is so... What's the word? Naughty!
  • Saving the world is pretty cool. Saving a bunch of dimensions is awesome!
  • I knew I shouldn't have accepted a ride from robots in flying saucers.
  • Using toys to do evil is a pretty crummy trick. Someone needs to be taught a lesson!
  • I might not have full power but I don't need full power to deal with Calamitous
  • Hey, evil toy! I've got a surprise for you.
  • We can't leave until this factory is shut down!
  • Why do these robots let themselves be ordered around by some weirdo?
  • Go get 'em!
  • Takedown!
  • Hey, watch the hands!
  • There's a time for compassion and understanding...and this isn't it!
  • This totally rocks!
  • Nothin' like pulling an evil factory apart.
  • Huf..Huf..Huf..
  • Together we can defeat this loser, and stop his reign of toy-themed terror!
  • Bad choice toy, you shoulda run!
  • This goo's just for you.
  • Let's go make some mayhem!
  • So many heroes from so many dimensions; this is pretty cool.
  • Back in the toybox for you.
  • Let's whack the stuffing out of 'em!
  • Man, I'm beat; not as beat as these toys are gonna be!
  • Woah!
  • Okay, what's next?
  • Wow, that gave my power cells a workout!
  • Heh. That was awesome.
  • Chaaaaarge!


  • Little toys, taste like little tacos! I like them!
  • Wheee! Activate defense systems!
  • Yaay! We're doomed!
  • Fight! Win! Goo them!
  • Bam!
  • Defcon two! Defcon you!
  • So cute! So cute!
  • I am a brave hero! I am here to be heroic!
  • Destroy all who stop us... or.................................. dance! Ee uh! ee uuh!
  • Time to explode!... maybe later.
  • (Flat)I record these events for my master. He likes funny things. (Sarcastically) ha ha ha.
  • We're on TV! We're on TV! I'm a serious actor!
  • Interesting wall decoration... I offer you alliance, and a cheese sandwich!
  • Enemy in range...
  • Ahahahahahaa!... fun!
  • Obliterate target... with pie!
  • The professer has a little head! Leetle head!
  • This goo tastes great! Have some!
  • Threat level increased! Eat waffles!
  • Record data!
  • Record more data!
  • Whacky whacky!
  • Submit to meeeee!
  • Eeeeee!
  • Record, record!
  • All your data are belong to meeeeeee!
  • Threat detected. It's very breakable.
  • Love to record data!
  • I hunger... for yummy waffles! Let's make some!
  • Why is my head so big?!


  • Sponges and Shamans and Ghost Boys, oh my!
  • I hope I can figure out how to get home... I think I left the oven on!
  • It's all about good timing, and keen sense of obligation. And a lot of jumping.
  • A Wallaby's gotta do, what a Wallaby's gotta do... whatever that is.
  • This is all very exciting, and big, and action-packed... and I feel a little faint.
  • What's that smell? Is that Fairy gas? Oh dear!
  • Wow... we're on television! It's a dream come true, except for the life-threatening situations!


  • Never mess with a Kilted Yaksman! We always get our evil toy!
  • I hope there's a gift shop. I need to pick up some souviners for Ren!
  • I wish Ren was here. He would be over-excited.
  • I just know that i'm going to wake up, and this will all have been a dream.
  • Everything is so cute! I could stay here for minutes!

Jorgen Von Strangle[edit]

  • Good news! You have rescued one hundred fairies! But there are still more to be found. Do you see this cardboard thermometer? It goes up to five hundred. You have only found twenty percent! When you have rescued all five hundred, I will reward you. What are you waiting for? Get out there and find the rest!
  • Great news! You have rescued two hundred fairies! But there are still more to be found. Do you see this cardboard thermometer? It goes up to five hundred. You have only found forty percent! When you have rescued all five hundred, I will reward you. What are you waiting for? Get out there and find the rest!
  • Wonderful news! You have rescued three hundred fairies! But there are still more to be found. Do you see this cardboard thermometer? It goes up to five hundred. You have only found sixty percent! When you have rescued all five hundred, I will reward you. What are you waiting for? Get out there and find the rest!
  • Excellent news! You have rescued four hundred fairies! But there are still more to be found. How many times must I point out this cardboard thermometer? It goes up to five hundred. Five! You have only found eighty percent! When you have rescued all five hundred, I will reward you. What are you waiting for? Get out there and find the rest!
  • Fantastic work! You have rescued all five hundred fairies! One hundred percent! We of Fairy World make you an honorary Fairy, Second-class!... What? Why not First-class? Because there is only one way to receive that award. And it's so secret that if I told you, I would have to turn you into a fire-hydrant. Be grateful, puny mortal. This is not some video-game, this is real life! You're number two! You're number two! You're number two!


  • Dialogue #1

The Biggest Genius' Host: Welcome back! Inside The Biggest Genius's sound-proof Diary Closet, Professor Calamitous will reveal to us how he intends to use tonight's 3 theme inedients. Krabby Patties, Fairies and Ghost Energy. How will our contestant's hero duplicates turn out?
Professor Calamitous: Two. Two. Is this thing on?
Bear Toy: Then what happens when Fairies eat too many Krabby Patties?

  • Dialogue #2

Professor Calamitous: Obviousness and evilness prevail! Mwahahaha! *coughs* Sorry.

  • Dialogue #3

Professor Calamitous: My Spongebots engage the Fairy Air Force so the Harvester can lure more fairies. My scaucer men will scan every hero from every dimension, then we send them back home none the wiser! Mwahahaha! (...)

  • Dialogue #4

Professor Calamitous: I am not here to lose, so why not just give me the title now! Ha! There's two of them out of the contest already. Mwahahaha!

  • Dialogue #5

Professor Calamitous: I prefer the term "perfect evil sidekicks".
The Biggest Genius' Host Will these sidekicks be better than the original?
Professor Calamitous: Yes, of course they will.
The Biggest Genius' Host Will the professor shave off his ridiculous mustache?
Professor Calamitous: Never! No! Not in a million years! You mean... you don't like it?

  • Dialogue #6

SpongeBob: Here's your Krabby Patty take out order guys. All three million, two hundred and eighty seven of them,each one of these scrump sillyicious Krabby patty have been lovingly by me.
Patrick: OOH! And I did the washing up.
SpongeBob: Are you guys having a party? A few hundreds friends coming over to stay for a year or two.(the Toybot are sucking Krabby patties) Hey! What are you doing?
Patrick: My best friend SpongeBob cooked each and every one of them with his own hands, wearing his own square pants. If you don't want to eat them at least you can...
(the Toybot sucks Patrick into the tube along with Krabby Patties)
SpongeBob: Patrick! Noooo! I've got to get back in there and rescue my best friend. But how, how?
Robotic voice: Defective work unit 825. Reject, reject, reject. (some Toybot body are dropping on SpongeBob) Have a nice day and don't forget to call again when you are feeling better.
SpongeBob: I wonder if...?
Robotis voice:Ah! Work unit 825... feeling better, are we? Good, then come on in!

  • Dialogue #7

Patrick: SpongeBob! Help! Wheee!!

  • Dialogue #8

SpongeBob: Hold on Patrick, I'll save you!

  • Dialogue #9

SpongeBob: Patriiick!

  • Dialogue #10

SpongeBob: Don't worry Patrick, you're an invertabrate! No bones to break!

  • Dialogue #11

SpongeBob: I'm on my way, pal! Stay calm!

  • Dialogue #12

SpongeBob: There's got to be some way to get you out of there.

  • Dialogue #13

SpongeBob: Marco!
Patrick: Polo!

  • Dialogue #14

Patrick: Marco!
SpongeBob: Polo!

  • Dialogue #15

Patrick: SpongeBob! I'm over here!

  • Dialogue #16

Patrick: Oof! Bop! Umph!

  • Dialogue #17

SpongeBob: Hey, this is just like surfing at Goo Lagoon. OOF! Only there's no soft sand to land on. Patrick? Patrick? Oh, where are you?
(Patrick comes vacuum packed)
Patrick: Mmmph... mmph! Mmmmph!
SpongeBob: Patrick! Thank Neptune I found you.
Patrick: Was that you?
SpongeBob: No, that wasn't me! You've been vacuum packed. I'll try to get you outta here.
Patrick: Ow!
SpongeBob: Sorry.
(Tak jumps in)
SpongeBob: Hey, little fellow; who are you?
Tak: I'm Tak of the Pupununu People. You are the good guys, aren't you?
SpongeBob: Sure, it's the beady red eyes that are a dead giveaway for the evil fellows. I am SpongeBob SquarePants, nice to meet you.
Patrick: I am vacuum packed... I mean, I'm Patrick Star. What are you doing here?
Tak: I've been hiding and trying to figure out a way of escaping these evil toys.
SpongeBob: But... these toys, they look like you.
Tak: Yeah, me and some kid named "Timmy Turner". But check out the eyes.
SpongeBob & Patrick: Red. Jinx.
Tak: These things come from something called the "EvilToyCo". After the robots captured and scanned me I escaped, and hid here.
SpongeBob: So, where's the real Timmy Turner?
Tak: I don't know, but now that you two are here, I think I can use my Juju powers to find him.
SpongeBob: "Who-who" powers? You have a plan?
Tak: Yep. Follow me. I call upon the Power of Juju to open the door. (he presses the button and the door opens)
Patrick: Look! A vast and complex toy factory!
Tak: This must be where they make the evil toys.
SpongeBob: Nice work! You’ve earned yourself a big tick, Tak.
Patrick: Toe!
(Patrick holds up a paper with tic-tac-toe game, later they are in the toy factory where Timmy Turner is)
SpongeBob: Look! It's Timmy Turner.
Tak: They got you too?
Timmy: Yeah, the last thing I remember was this really strange dream with UFOs picking me up... but looking around here, that was no dream. More like a reality nightmare.
SpongeBob: What about your helpful little flying friends? Maybe they could help.
Timmy: Maybe. (Tak breaks free Cosmo & Wanda who look a little nauseaous) Cosmo! Wanda! Are you all right?
Cosmo: No...
Wanda: We ate too many processed Krabby Patties!
Cosmo: And now we feel all... sleepy.
Timmy: But... but I need some emergency wishes!
Wanda: I'm sorry Timmy; between us, we've only got enough magic to make sure no harm comes to you and your friends.
Cosmo: (points to Patrick who's crushed by Cosmo & Wanda's chamber they were imprisoned in) Well, permanent harm anyway.
Timmy: (sigh) That's better than nothing, I guess.
SpongeBob: There he goes again...
(SpongeBob points to Tak)
Tak: The Power of Juju tells me there are other heroes here...
SpongeBob: Where?
Tak: I dunno. Trapped somewhere. Come on.

  • Dialogue #18

(SpongeBob finds Jimmy Neutron trapped in the chamber)
SpongeBob: Look! It's Jimmy Neutron.
Tak: Jimmy Who-tron?
Patrick: Oh, he's a friend of ours. We go way, way back. He's got a big head.
SpongeBob: How do we get him out?
(a speaker appears behind SpongeBob)
Voice from Speaker: I can help you there. Press the big, red button.
(Patrick falls on the button)
Jimmy: Leaping leptons! What's going on here?
(we see Patrick in his Barnacle Boy suit)
Patrick: Uh... Why... nothing! Nothing at all...
Voice from Speaker: Find a way to the basement. I will meet you there. I have a purposal for you.

  • Dialogue #19

(we see Professor Calamitous on screen)
Professor Calamitous: So, as you see, it's the energy from the Ghost Zone that will power my evil toys. And that is why I will be named the Biggest Genius!
(a big blue robot is seen watching him on TV)
Chadbot: Not before I name you the worst boss in history!
(he throws away his TV remote when the Nicktoons come)
Chadbot: Ah, hello intruders. I am Chadbot, Professor Calamitous' hard-working, underappreciated help-bot. He makes me work too hard here and as for that mustache...
Jimmy: Chadbot, I'm not big on the lip caterpillar either. Do you think you can help us contact our friend, Danny Phantom?
SpongeBob: Jimmy Neutron, you're a Boy Genius! Danny knows everything about Ghost Energy. With his help we can stop the Professor and save the toys from becoming evil. What do you think, Mr. Chadbot? Can you help us?
Chadbot: Help you? Would my dimensional communicator that allows you to talk to your friend, Danny Phantom, helped you?
Jimmy: You bet! What are we waiting for, big guy?
(Chadbot grabs Jimmy)
Chadbot: What we are waiting for, big hair? For more action figures to add to my collection. These are some of the Master Models Mr. Professor "bad-mustache" created. Each one I perfectly crafted a replica of the heroes he... borrowed. You bring me more from my collection and I'll let you use the dimensional communicator to talk to your friend. Deal?
Jimmy: Deal. (Chadbot accidently almost smashed Jimmy with his arm) Uhh, maybe we'll stick with the handshake.

  • Dialogue #20

Timmy: Geronimo!

  • Dialogue #21

Jorgen Von Strangle: (...) the evil Professor thinks he can strangle the power of Jorgen von Strangle with a cage. Ha! I ptooey on his mustache, rip it from his face and use it as a broom! No-one calls Jorgen Von Strangle a mere fairy! I am a Magic Marine!

  • Dialogue #22

Jimmy: Say what?
Danny: I said, I wasn't at home when Professor Calamitous' invading toy army took over my house, to use the energy coming from the Ghost Portal. And now it's surrounded by big tin robots that look like Sam and me.
Jimmy: That what thought you said. We have to stop Calamitous stealing any more ghost energy.You and Sam need to meet me at the Amity Park EvilToyCo outlet pronto!

  • Dialogue #23

(Somewhere at Amity park,Danny and Sam goes to EvilToyCo outlet)
Jimmy: Let's See how giant toy robot deal with a little completion
Timmy: It's Evil Toy butt-kicking time! Now, who wants to go first?

  • Dialogue #24

Danny: Giant Evil Toy Jimmy Head, you are down and out. Cleanup in aisle seven!
Timmy: Hey, check out the other evil toys.
Patrick: They're shutting down!
SpongeBob: I'd call it giving up.
Tak: We can use the toy store portal to get back into the factory.
Sam: And shut it all down. Come on, it's time for a little payback.
Jimmy: Little payback? I'm aiming for a lotta payback. Let's go.

  • Dialogue #25

SpongeBob: Look. It's the Professor's Lair!
Timmy: A lair? How come he doesn't live in a house?
Jimmy: Rule twenty six b, subsection four of the Evildoers Handbook. The moment you become evil, you gotta move into a lair.
SpongeBob: Uh-oh. Here come the neighbors.
Jimmy: Let's give them some mech-suit mayhem!

  • Dialogue #26

Professor Calamitous: They're heading towards my Lair! Why doesn't anything ever work out for me? Doesn't anybody listen to Evil Professor anymore?! I said I have to increase evil toy production, but to do that I NEED MORE FAIRIES! Send the Savage Spongebots to Fairy World to protect the Harvester!
Bunny Toy: Send the Savage Spongebots to Fairy World! Ha! That is the sound of Jorgen von Strangle being neutralized. Nothing can stop us now!
Professor Calamitous: Who are you?
Bunny Toy: I'm a minion. All evil professors have minions.
Professor Calamitous: You don't do an evil laugh do you?
Bunny Toy: Biggest evil laugh in the world!? Like that you mean?
Professor Calamitous: I don't want you doing that again. Is that perfectly clear?

  • Dialogue #27

Professor Calamitous: I'd like to thank nobody but myself for this great honor in winning the Biggest Genius...
Bunny Toy: ...excuse me. Professor. You haven't won yet.
Professor Calamitous: I know. I know. I'm practising my acceptance speech.
Bunny Toy: But everyone can hear you.
Professor Calamitous: What do you mean? This is a diary closet, isn't it?
Bunny Toy: It's being broadcast. They can hear you.
Professor Calamitous: Why didn't you tell me? That's your job, isn't it?
Bunny Toy: Usually, my job description doesn't clearly state that I am obliged to inform you of...
Professor Calamitous: I bet it doesn't say about this either. (...) Jimmy Neutron, Timmy Turner, SpongeBob Squarepants, Danny Phantom, Tak, Samantha, Patrick... have I forgotten anyone?

  • Dialogue #28

Professor Calamitous: I don't know why I ever called you Elite Toys because you're not! You're loser toys! Because of you, I have lost my supply of Ghost Energy. Sponge Booby and those other do-gooder heroes are inside my factory. Mister Huggles! (...) Tidy shock-troops in action in my factory. No (...) would define your current situation as "not good".

  • Dialogue #29

Professor Calamitous: I will be declared the Biggest Genius in your hero do-gooder faces, and there's nothing you can do about it! Mwahahaha...

  • Dialogue #30

The Biggest Genius' Host: We're seconds away from calling time... And... TIME! (the show starts) And so, it comes to this, as it must, the moment where I have the honor, the privillege, the unmitigated pleasure to announce the winner of the Biggest Genius (...).
The judges have made their decision! The winner of the Biggest Genius is...
Professor Calamitous: Chadbot?! My employee? But I didn't even know you were a contestant!
Chadbot: (...) Your irrational desire to abduct the very best characters from every dimension has lead to my victory over you and your hairy lip.

The Biggest Genius' Host: Indeed, it is you, Mr. Chadbot that has magnificently combined all the theme ingredients. Krabby Patties..., Fairies..., ....and Ghost Energy. In true genius fashion, you have gone even further to create the greatest collection of action figures in the world. Only the Biggest Genius could have completed such a challenge.
Chadbot: And I couldn't have done it without you, my friends. Thank you.
Professor Calamitous: But... but...
The Biggest Genius' Host: Care to know what your prize is?
Chadbot: Prize?
The Biggest Genius' Host: Not only do you get this fetching and fully synthetic, washable, drip-dry, glow-in-the-dark (...) but you also receive your very own Professor Calamitous ImmobilizationBot, (as it captures Professer Calamitoius) AND... an electric shaver.
Professor Calamitous: No, you can't. Not the mustache! It took me years to grow it! (begins to cry as Chadbot shaves Calamitous's mustache)

DS version[edit]

  • SpongeBob: Whee!
  • Danny Phantom: Alright!
  • Timmy Turner: Oh yeah!
  • Tak: Sweet!
  • Jimmy Neutron: Um..yeah!
  • Patrick Star: Yeah!
  • Jenny Wakeman: This is kind of fun!
  • Mr. Blik: Excellent!
  • ZIM: Do not ignore me!
  • El Tigre: I'm on it!
  • GIR: Yay... we're doomed!

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