Nie Gannu

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Nie Gannu

Nie Gannu (Chinese: 聂绀弩; 1903–1986) was a Chinese essayist.


  • 以為舊詩適合於表達某種情感,二十余年來,我恰有此種情感,故發而為詩;詩有時自己形成,不用我做.
    • [I] think old-style poetry is suitable for expressing a certain kind of feeling. In the past twenty years, I happened to have this feeling. So I wrote poems to articulate it. Sometimes poems formed themselves spontaneously. I did not have to compose them at all.
      • "Self-Preface" to Sanyisheng shi 散宜生詩 (Poems of Sanyisheng), as quoted in A Modernity Set to a Pre-Modern Tune (2016) by Haosheng Yang, p. 211

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