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Nier is an action role-playing video game developed by Cavia and published by Square Enix. It was released for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in Australia, Europe, Japan and North America in April 2010. In Japan, the game was an Xbox 360 exclusive titled Nier Gestalt, while an alternate version titled Nier Replicant was released for PlayStation 3 with a younger main character.


Nier: [intro] Our world is dying. Once thriving populations now lie decimated by plague and disease... The end has never felt so close. And if that wasn't enough, monsters called Shades now roam the lands, threatening our very lives. But that's of no consequence to me. My daughter is sick, and my only concern is to give her a better life. I try my best, but I am only one man, and a hard one at that. So the kindness of the villagers has meant much. Nothing will stop me. I will fight for Yonah until the end... Until the very end.

Kainé: Weiss, you dumbass! Start making sense, you rotten book, or you're gonna be sorry! Maybe I'll rip your pages out, one-by-one! Or maybe I'll put you in the goddamn furnace! How can someone with such a big, smart brain get hypnotized like a little bitch, huh?! "Oh, Shadowlord! I love you, Shadowlord! Come over here and give Weiss a big sloppy kiss, Shadowlord!" Now pull your head out of your goddamn ass and start fucking helping us!


Grimoire Weiss: Bwah hah hah! I am Grimoire Weiss! My very name brings kingdoms to their knees!

Nier: Then get to it already, Weiss!

Grimoire Weiss: Gah! You will refer to me by my full and proper name!

Grimoire Weiss: Bah, stop! Stop! For the love of all that is holy, stop pounding me!
Nier: Then move!

Nier: [in the sandstorm] This sand is just too much!
Grimoire Weiss: Pth! Bleh! The moment I open my mouth, the sand rushes inside!
Nier: Weiss, you don't even have a mouth! Spt! Pfffth!

Grimoire Weiss: I wonder if these people use the same mask for life?
Nier: I hadn't thought about it... I hope they wash those things?
Kainé: You've been wearing the same shitty clothes since I met you.
Grimoire Weiss:There is nothing more filthy than your underwear, hussy!
Kainé: What, this? I don't wear the same one all the time, I have a different set for everyday of the week. And every night I scrub them with soap and water. So you bet your ass that I'm cleaner than either of you!
Grimoire Weiss: My word...

Nier: [after Closure sidequest] Makes you wonder what the point of everything is. Life is hard, and it seems the right thing is rarely the happy thing.
Grimoire Weiss: Pah! It's only as complicated as you choose to make it. Was the old woman happy? Unhappy? Who can say. One can never know for true. You simply make your best attempt and move on.

Kainé: Ngh...I...I couldn't hold it back...I can't be with -

Emil: We're always going to be together, Kainé. If you transform again, we'll just stop it again! As many times as it takes! I don't care how tough it is, we're gonna get you back! I like sleeping outside because I'm with you, Kainé. I'm able to ignore my appearance and keep going because of you. I'm weak, and sad, and lonely, but somehow you make me strong! You're my friend and I need you! So you can't go away! (*Sob*)

Kainé: All right! All right. Stop crying. ...Thank you. I'm all right.

Nier: You want me to understand your sadness? You think I'm going to sympathize with you? I swore to protect my daughter and my friends. If someone puts them in danger, they must stand aside or be cut down! Come on! Let's go!

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