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Night Monster is a 1942 film about a rich recluse who invites the doctors who left him a hopeless cripple to his desolate mansion in the swamps as one by one they meet horrible deaths.

Directed by Ford Beebe. Written by Clarence Upson Young.
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Agor Singh[edit]

  • A little knowledge of the occult is dangerous. Unless it's used for good, disaster will follow its wake. That is Cosmic Law!

Dr. Lynne Harper[edit]

  • My study of the mind has convinced me how little we know of its powers.

Curt Ingston[edit]

  • When a person questions her own sanity, it's a good sign she's not far from normal.

Margaret Ingston[edit]

  • How many of us are sane? You wouldn't know, but I shall soon.
  • Blood... the whole house reeks of it. The air is charged with death and hatred and something that's unclean!

Constable Cap Beggs[edit]

  • Skeletons don't bleed.
  • Well, dog my cats!


Dick Baldwin: [discussing the murders] It all seemed to start with that skeleton of Agor Singh's.
Const. Cap Beggs: You know, that's good enough for me. I'm gonna arrest that Hindu if I never see the back of my neck.

Dick Baldwin: How is that the blood didn't dematerialize with the rest?
Agor Singh: There are certain details in the process that we are not allowed to explain to the uninitiated.

Milly Carson: [reacting to Laurie's stopping the car by the side of a deserted road] What's this for - as if I didn't know?
Laurie: How is it dames always know what's on a guy's mind before he knows himself?

Sarah Judd: [trapped in burning room] Unlock that door you fool! Do you want to die?
Margaret Ingston: Yes! You and Kurt don't deserve to live, and I don't want to!


  • NIGHT MONSTER with Mystery's Greatest Thrill Team: Bela Lugosi, Lionel Atwill.
  • What kind of a thing is it?


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