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Night Tide is a 1961 film about a mysterious woman who is suspected to be a killer mermaid.

Directed and written by Curtis Harrington.
Lovers caught in a dark tide of sinister TERROR!  (taglines)


  • You Americans have such a simple view of the world. You think that everything can be seen and touched and weighed and measured... You think you discovered reality, but you don't even know what it is.
  • Because I feel the seawater in my veins. Because I listen to the roar of the sea and it speaks to me like a mother's voice. The tide pulls at my heart. And the face of the moon fills my soul with a strange longing.


Capt. Samuel Murdock: [to Johnny, upon draining the last of his bottle of gin] I wonder if you'd be good enough to get another bottle of this splendid liquid from the cabinet over there, would you?
Johnny Drake: [giving him another bottle] You hit that stuff pretty hard, huh?
Capt. Samuel Murdock: Well, it may seem that way to your young eyes, but at my age you need a little stimulant - you'll find that out later on.

Mora: Yes, I love the sea most of all. But I'm afraid of it, too.
Johnny Drake: I guess we're all a little afraid of what we love.


  • Temptress from the sea...loving...killing!
  • Was she Human?
  • Sensual ecstasy becomes supernatural terror!
  • A Unique Experience in the Weird and Terrifying!
  • Lovers caught in a dark tide of sinister TERROR!
  • Eerie strange macabre


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