Night of Terror

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Night of Terror is a 1933 film about heirs to a family fortune who are required to attend a seance at the spooky old family mansion, and throughout the night they are killed off one by one.

Directed by Benjamin Stoloff. Written by Willard Mack.
A mad murdering midnight menace!  (taglines)


Sika: Why should the master have left his brother anything? He never cared for him; never came to see him while he was alive.
Degar: Perhaps he will be the first of the heirs to die.
Sika: According to the master's will, the rest of us will inherit his share.
Degar: Nothing but MURDER!

Degar: I heard you, walking up and down, master. Thought you might want something.
Richard Rinehart: No, I don't want anything.
Degar: Perhaps you'd like the evening paper?
Richard Rinehart: No, there's nothing in the papers.

Martin the Chauffeur: I was right! When I said they was... undertakers!
Degar: Remember... you have seen... NOTHING!

Mary Rinehart: Oh! Call a doctor. Call a doctor!
Degar: It is too late!


  • A mad murdering midnight menace!


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