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Night of the Living Dead is a 1990 film about a group of people trying to survive when the dead start rising. It is a remake of George A. Romero's 1968 horror film of the same title.

Directed by Tom Savini. Written by George A. Romero.
There is a Fate Worse Than Death.  (taglines)


  • You're boss down there. I'm boss up here.
  • You know what, Cooper, I've only been around you a minute or two, but that's enough time for me to decide that I don't like you very much.
  • Cooper, I've got a shotgun out here! Open this door, you motherfucker, or I swear to God I'll blow it to shit!
  • This is something no one's ever heard about, and no one's ever seen before. This is hell on earth.


  • [on the zombies approaching the house] They're so slow. We could just walk right past 'em and we wouldn't even have to run. We could just walk right past 'em. We have the guns. If we're careful we could get away. [she looks at Ben] You told me to fight, well I'm fighting, this place is not safe, not upstairs or down. We should leave before it's too late.


  • Newscaster: [on TV] The scientific community is focusing on the phenomenon, specifically on that trance like state that seems to characterize the assailants. Clearly a behavioral disorder, but what could've caused so widespread and dramatic condition as the one we're facing tonight. We've heard speculation, on everything from the Ozone layer and chemical weapons, to uh... [laughs softly] voodoo mysticism and organisms from space. A biologist in Stockton, California, have released reports, stating the uh... [puts glasses on] bodies, of the recently dead, are returning to life. Driven by an unknown force which enables the brain to continue to function. Doctors at the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, reject that theory, calling it preposterous beyond belief. They feel that the only reasonable explanation is a germ, that has a mind altering effect on its victims. Though how such a germ could've been spread so quickly and across such a vast area, does remain a mystery. It's being called "Judgement Day" by religious leaders.
  • Hondo: [after almost killing Barbara thinking she is a zombie] Jesus god-damn holy-lovin' shit! What in the name of Jupiter's balls are you doin' out here alone, little lady?


Johnnie: Tell me something, why do we have to put ourselves through this... charade?
Barbara: Because she is our mother! Can't you just at least put her one day out of your life?
Johnnie: One day? This is the fourth time we've been up here within the three months since she died! I feel like I've been spending more time with her than when she was alive and do you know why?
Barbara: Oh, God! Please don't start!
Johnnie: She could have been buried in the city, but no, that would be easy! She knew that I was the one who could take you here which is why she had herself buried two hundred miles away from the nearest glass of beer!
Barbara: Johnnie, now we're here! So would you please stop it?
Johnnie: Stop what? The truth?

Johnnie: They're coming to get you, Barbara!
Barbara: Stop it!
Johnnie: They're coming! They don't like being awaken this way!
Barbara: Why do you have to be so mean?
Johnnie: 'Cause I'm your older brother. Being mean and heartless is part of the job.

Ben: You are losing it girl, you are losing it.
Barbara: You think so? [shoots an approaching zombie in the face] Whatever I lost, I lost a long time ago and I do not plan on losing anything else. You can talk to me about losing it when you stop screaming at each other like a bunch of two-year-olds.

Ben: I'm not so sure going down that basement's such a smart move.
Harry: What do you mean?
Ben: I mean I'm not so sure going down in that basement's such a smart move! And I'm not going down there until I know absolutely all the options.
Harry: [angry] What damn options, and who the fuck gave you the right to decide for the rest of us?
Ben: I'm not deciding for anyone here, Cooper, I'm thinking about my own ass and if you want to go down that cellar, go! No one's stopping you!

Harry: [as he is about to lock himself in the basement] I'm staying in here and I'm not coming out until some help comes.
Ben: If someone like that comes along, we'll try to remember to let you know.

Ben: [after having just pulled Harry forcefully out of the cellar] Look, from now on, you leave that door open! We may want to get down there, we may NEED to get down there if those things break in!
Harry: Yeah, sure! You want the best of both worlds, you get caged in up here, you wanna be able to run downstairs. Well that's not the way it's working, pal. You want to get in that cellar, you get in there now! Or you can forget it!
Ben: I'm not boxing myself in down there, until there's absolutely no other choice!
Harry: Yeah, well I'm not gambling with my daughters life! Look, if you wanna stay upstairs, go ahead, but don't count on me to help you!
Ben: I'm not counting on you for shit, Cooper!

Harry: You came back! You... Came back.
Barbara: [Shoots him in the head] That's another one for the fire.


  • There is a Fate Worse Than Death.


  • The movie is about forty percent of what I intended. It would be a much better movie if I had got to put in all the stuff I really wanted to do. Then the MPAA hit us hard. You know with my name on it and George Romero they were waiting for us. And they made us cut some more stuff so it's kind of a sterile film with mine and George's name on it and that's not what the fans expected.


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