Night of the Living Dead (1990 film)

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Night of the Living Dead is a 1990 film about a group of people trying to survive when the dead start rising. It is a remake of George A. Romero's 1968 horror film of the same title.

Directed by Tom Savini. Written by George A. Romero.
There is a Fate Worse Than Death.  (taglines)


Johnnie: They're coming to get you, Barbara!
Barbara: Stop it!
Johnnie: They're coming! They don't like being awaken this way!
Barbara: Why do you have to be so mean?
Johnnie: 'Cause I'm your older brother. Being mean and heartless is part of the job.

Harry: You came back! You... Came back.
Barbara: [Shoots him in the head] That's another one for the fire.


  • There is a Fate Worse Than Death.


  • The movie is about forty percent of what I intended. It would be a much better movie if I had got to put in all the stuff I really wanted to do. Then the MPAA hit us hard. You know with my name on it and George Romero they were waiting for us. And they made us cut some more stuff so it's kind of a sterile film with mine and George's name on it and that's not what the fans expected.


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