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Nikita (2010–2013) is an American television drama that aired on The CW about a trained assassin gone rogue trying to stop a secret US agency known only as Division for trying to recruit deeply troubled teenagers and train them to be assassins. It is based on the French film Nikita (1990), the remake Point of No Return (1993), and a previous series La Femme Nikita (1997).

Season 1


Pilot [1.01]

Nikita: [voiceover] My name is Nikita. Six years ago I was taken out of prison and forced by a covert unit of the government to be an assassin. Three years ago I escaped and have been hunted ever since. I was the first recruit to get out. I'm going to make certain I'm not the last.

Nikita: I was the first recruit to get out, and I'm going to make certain I'm not the last.

Michael: Your life is over, Alex. I'm here to offer you a new one. But you have to be willing to earn it.
Alex: What do I gotta do?
Michael: not to sound like a teen meth-whore for starters. Learn to stand up straight. Learn how to walk right. Learn how to talk right. Learn how to serve your country, instead of just yourself.

Nikita: They told me I killed a cop. I don't remember...I've tried to. I'd just turned eighteen, so they were able to charge me with murder one. I was sentenced to die by lethal injection.
Gary: No frickin' way.
Nikita: Trust me, you'll want to save your 'no frickin' way' for the next part...where my execution was faked by a secret unit of the government called Division. They told me they were giving me a second chance. They told me they I'd be serving my country. What they didn't tell me is they were training me to be an assassin.

Nikita: Everything to make me the best killer I could be... till I broke one of their rules.
Gary: What rule?
Nikita: I fell in love. With a civilian. His name was Daniel. After 3 months together, all I wanted to do was be with him. Live a normal life but Division couldn't have that, so they killed him and made it look like an accident.

Nikita: Promise me something.
Daniel: Right now, anything.
Nikita: Promise me it's not a dream... I'm going to wake up from tomorrow.

Birkhoff: She had a good run. Won't be another one like her.
Percy: Don't be so sure.

Amanda: [to Alex] What does the butterfly on your back mean if not transformation?

Amanda: Sometimes vulnerability can be our greatest weapon.

Birkhoff: Niki, you're insane.
Nikita: Don't call me Niki.
Birkhoff: Then don't call me nerd. Remember you used to call me that? "Patch me through to Michael, nerd. This computer's busted, fix it, nerd. Place ain't the same without you."

Percy: [about Nikita] Did she say who she was working for?
Birkhoff: No. Honestly, I think it's a bluff. I think she's on her own. I mean, you should have seen her, she was a wreck. I was able to turn the tables on her easy.
Michael: Yeah, was that before or after she duct-taped you to that springy rocking horse?

Birkhoff: [about Nikita, to Michael] And she didn't kill me because she likes me. Think you're just jealous she didn't ask about you.

Amanda: The elevator doesn't lead to freedom. Just another room.
Alex: What?
Amanda: The more you try to get out, the more you realize there will always be another room.

Nikita: I thought I heard my name.
Percy: How did you get in here?
Nikita: Front door. Like you.

Nikita: I want you to know I can get to you, and hit you where it hurts the most.
Percy: My feelings?
Nikita: Your funding.

Nikita: Just like old times, huh?
Michael: Shut up. You were free. You had gotten out, you were gone. What the hell are you doing back here?

Michael: I know you're in this for revenge.
Nikita: You blame me? You know firsthand what it feels like. Have the thing you love most in life taken away from you.
Michael: It wasn't your life. It was your cover. I warned you not to get emotionally attached.
Nikita: You mean the way you did... With me?
Michael: Don't. Don't.
Nikita: Michael, I know why you're staying there. You want to protect the other recruits the way you protected me.
Michael:I can't protect you anymore.
Nikita: Then let me go. Or stop me now.
Michael: I'll give you a head start. If we meet again I can't promise what will happen.
Nikita: I can. It's a good wound. They'll think you tried to stop me. Just trying to protect you.

2.0 [1.02]

Michael: You can quit or you can die, but you can't stop Division. No one can.

Nikita: [to Alex] I can only promise you one thing... It's going to get worse before it gets better

Nikita: The last word they breathe before the end, will be my name.

Ronnie: Who the hell are you?
Nikita: Fairy godmother! [Punches him]

Jaden: What do you think I'm doing? I'm kicking your ass! [Tries to fight Alex]

Nikita: [To Alex] I know who killed your parents. Trust me; you have something to live for.

Kill Jill [1.03]

Nikita': [showing Alex a diagram] This is the Operations Room. The window looks out into the training area so the almighty parents can look down on the kids. Most of their key Intel passes through that hub. When a new target comes in, Operations becomes the most popular club in town. If we're gonna sabotage Division, that's one of the veins I'm gonna need you to tap.
Alex: Doesn't the window work both ways?
Nikita: Gold star. Glass is tinted, so you're gonna have to get close. Problem is, you can't just walk up and press your nose against it like a kid in a candy store.

Percy: What we do know is that she's been ahead of us at each step. At a certain point we have to consider the possibility of a leak from the inside...a high level leak.
Michael: I'd like to rule out a data breach before we start the mole hunt.
Birkhoff: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Data breach? No way. No. Our network is Fort Knox. Internal servers are air-gapped and I run routine PAN tests on the outer defenses. We're talking five-tier security with protocols that rotate every hour, on the hour. That's proprietary software. Only person who could dream of hacking into Division is me. [The two men stare at Birkhoff] What?

Amanda: Did you ever have feelings for her? If you have an emotional connection to Nikita, it's perfectly natural. Coworkers often develop physical and emotional attractions for one another.
Birkhoff: She was a recruit. A super hot one, yeah. But I know the rules. Look, but don't touch.
Amanda: She's not a recruit anymore.
Birkhoff:Who fault is that

[Michael wants to use the recruits to search for information]
Michael: I also, uh, would like to give them the target's full profile.
Percy: Absolutely not.
Michael: Like you said, we're on the clock. Redacting Intel will only slow us down.
Percy: If we give them a full profile, it will invariably prompt the inane moral debate about the target being a good person. Last thing we need right now is for another recruit to discover their inner Nikita. Tell 'em it's a training exercise.

[On accessing the theatre's security footage]
Birkhoff: Elmo the movie? This is creepy.

Jill: Those guys coming after us aren't airline security, they're the commando guys from the crash site. Who are they? Come on, you said before I was on the right track. Some kind of government black ops unit? Maybe even mercenaries?
Nikita: You need to stick with what you can prove. If this video turns out to be all it's cracked up to be, you get to prove that a Fortune 500 CEO is smuggling drugs. You will never be able to prove who the guys were in the helicopters.
Jill': Why?
Nikita: Because they don't have decals on their vehicles or their clothing, because there's no record that they exist--no documentation, no evidence.
Jill: What about you? You were part of them. You're evidence.
Nikita: I don't exist either.

Alex: Pretty cool how you can hack into all these servers. Local theatres, local police...FBI?
Birkhoff: It's called "ownage," girl. I don't have to hack jack. All these systems are already hacked. I own them. One button. Boom. Sneakers. River Phoenix. Rent it. What's up?
Alex: Division's lucky to have you.
Birkhoff: Heh. Tell that to Percy and the Dragon Queen. They thought I was a mole. Fascists.

Michael: We found your wireless bug. It was pretty clever. O' Birkhoff had no idea.
Nikita: Not such a smart guy after all. Does Birkhoff have a toothache or did Percy just cancel him?
Michael: No, he's alive. But it could have gone either way. You put him in danger, Nikita. That's not like you.
Nikita: You don't know me anymore, Michael.

Michael: Look. The more you try to do this, the more you hurt yourself.
Nikita: Michael. You have no idea how much pain I can take.

Jill: And that these people, whoever they are, they get away with it. And no one can stop them.
Nikita: I'm going to stop them.
Jill: Well, see you don't have to do it alone. I can help.
Nikita: I'm not alone, Jill.

Rough Trade [1.04]

Lisa Han: You said you didn't want forgiveness, but you deserve it, Nikita.

Nikita: What have you got behind your back?
Michael: Nothing.
Nikita: I may just have to fight you for it. You scared?
Michael: Terrified.

Amanda: Your first provisional assignment. It's a big step.
Nikita: Please don't say "You're a woman now."

Birkhoff: [about Nikita, to Michael] Keep your eyes on the models. You know how she likes to dress up."

Nikita: I can't believe I ever thought you were cute.
Victor Han: I can't believe I never had my way with you.
Nikita: You couldn't handle me. Not then, not now.

Amanda: I'm proud of you Alex; you really do remind me of Nikita.

Nikita: [about Percy, to Michael] You'd follow him over a cliff, wouldn't you? Just like that.

Michael: You don't have a choice.
Nikita: What about you, Michael? Do you have a choice?
Michael: Grow up.
Nikita: Why are you so loyal to Percy? Why?
Michael: Because I owe him my life.

Birkhoff: Man, Nikki's all hardcore about this huh? Kinda crazy how she's going back to her greatest hits, no pun.

Michael: OK, so where is this place?
Birkhoff: The quarters for the Red Circle Triad in New York. Not much going on right now but at night it turns into a pretty happening spot. Lady Gaga was there last Friday.

The Guardian [1.05]

Emily: Why would anyone want to kill him?
Nikita: Because he made a mistake. Several, actually, starting with you.
Emily: What?
Nikita: Most people want to make a connection. They want to feel safe. They want to feel loved. In Owen's line of work, those feelings get you killed. They're what got my fiancé killed. I don't want to see it happen again.

Percy: What do you want?
Nikita: What do I want? What I want is to empty a clip into your face.
Percy: Yeah, well, we both know that's not going to happen, right? I mean, unless you plan to do irreparable damage to the country.
Nikita: Yeah, yeah, you're protected. For now.

Percy: I miss you, Nikita. I really do. You had the most natural tradecraft instincts of anyone I've ever seen. No matter what the situation, no matter how desperate, you always had some gambit, some bluff you could play.
Nikita: You think I'm bluffing.
Percy: I think you're bluffing.
Nikita: Black box serial number bb-4905.

Nikita: That's the difference between you and me, Percy. You'll kill anyone, I don't waste life.

Nikita: The man could not keep it in his pants if it was tied to his zipper, you know what I'm saying?
Operator: Girl, you're preaching to the choir.

Nikita: I go rogue, Percy sicks Michael on me. You get his personal attention.

Nikita: Good place to hide, a school bound to hell. Remind you of Division any?

Resistance [1.06]

Nikita: I told myself if I could just find you and see if you were OK, that I would have done one good thing in my life.

Percy: The only time I've ever even questioned it was during your relationship with Nikita.
Michael: What relationship?
Percy: But we don't have to worry about her anymore do we... Now that she's at the bottom of the Saint Lawrence River.
Michael: Well we have no confirmation of that.

Nikita: I made the same mistake you did. The best mistake of my life.

Michael: I just came by to talk.
Alex: Why should I listen to you? One minute, you're telling me it's all gonna be okay, and the next, you're kissing Percy's ass, ready to cancel me. You're just like everybody else in here, a liar.
Michael: You've been at Division long enough to know there are many kinds of tests, and they run at every hour of the day. Sometimes you have no idea you're being tested. But other times, you do.
Alex: So, uh You're telling me you knew Percy was testing you the whole time? You expect me to believe that?
Michael: The truth is what we choose to believe. And what I told you at the truck stop was the truth.

Owen: I'm naked.
Nikita: You're observant.
Owen: You got anything to eat?

Nikita: That's what Percy does. He destroys the thing you love, so he can get the thing he wants.

Nikita: I've got a plan.
Owen: Oh yeah?
Nikita: Yeah. Phase one find them. Phase 2 kick their ass. Phase 3 veggie shakes.

Owen: Why don't you just let me go?
Nikita: So you can try and kill me again?
Owen: Yeah.

Michael: [to Alex] I'm not gonna let them do anything to you. I'm not gonna let anything happen to you. I'm not gonna lose you too.

Percy: Alex wasn't the test subject today Michael. Or rather she wasn't the only one.
Michael: I don't understand.
Percy: Well Agent Khamera had a gun that was loaded with blanks and he was given strict orders to let her escape.
Michael: So uh Nikita's been off the radar for 3 days and you're already so bored that you're playing puppeteer to amuse yourself?
Percy: And you keep talking about Nikita. It's like you're making my point for me.
Michael: Feel free to tell me what that is at any time.
Percy: As I said before there's only one time I have ever doubted your loyalty and my concern was that this was gonna be another Nikita.
Michael: Did I pass your test or not?
Percy: For the most part.

Alex: [to Michael] Why should I listen to you? One minute you're telling me it's all going to be okay and the next you're kissing Percy's ass; ready to cancel me. You're just like everybody else in here. A liar.

Michael: The truth is what we choose to believe.

The Recruit [1.07]

Nikita: [to Alex] Making friends isn’t hard. Losing them will be. Trust me.

Birkhoff: Oh, holy night.
Percy: Relax, they're rent-a-cops.
Birkhoff: No, it's Nikita.
Percy: Detonate the vest. Now.

Alex: They can use us for whatever they want because we don't exist. We could get killed, but we're already dead. I wouldn't be so anxious to get out there.

Michael: Not everything has to be a video game.
Birkhoff: You have an attachment to things from the past. Or, things that have... Passed on. It's OK to miss her, you know. Nikki was... One in a million. A force of nature. Like a one-woman Michael Bay movie, only with good acting.
Michael: You miss her, huh?
Birkhoff: I mean, don't you?
Michael: Her death hasn't been confirmed yet.
Birkhoff: Well, if she was still alive, why haven't we heard from her in the past 2 weeks? Denial is the first stage of grief, my brother. The last? Acceptance. I guess I've accepted it. Maybe you should, too.

Alex: Nikita, this girl is worth saving.
Nikita: They all are, Alex.

Nikita: [to Sara] Oh, they finally showed you guys a picture of me. That’s nice.

Michael: What's going on?
Birkhoff: Oh, nothing. Just confirming our girl's got 9,000 lives.
Michael: Our girl?
Percy: Nikita.

Nikita: [to Sara] You know what you're going to do? You're going to kill, and you're going to kill, you're going to kill some more. And one day, if you're very lucky, you're gonna remember what it was like to be a human being. I don't want you to go through what I did, Sara. Wouldn't wish that on anyone.

Alex: They killed Robbie. You were right, it hurts.
Nikita: Yes it does. But if you felt nothing, you'd be one of them.

The Phoenix [1.08]

Nikita: And you work for Gogol.
Ari: Gogol? You mean like the search engine?

Nikita: [to Ari] Before you pull the trigger, you should know my name.

Ari: Anna got sloppy, fell in love with a civilian, bartender. Same as you, if the rumors are true. What is it with female operatives that draws them to weak, easily manipulated men?
Nikita: You are very lucky that I am tied up right now.
Ari: I don't doubt it.

Ari: So, Percy sent you to kill me? Now there's an ego boost.

Ari: A killer with a conscience; it's no wonder they cut you loose.

Nikita: Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.

Birkhoff: The target from yesterday, she's still dead right? Cause she just clocked into work.

Oliver: Just tell me one thing. Was there anything real about her, or was I just, like, part of her cover?
Nikita: Oliver, you were the only thing that was real to her. Look, we all wear masks, every one, every day, and sometimes we wear them so much, we forget who we really are. And sometimes, if we're lucky, someone comes along and shows us who we really wanna be, who we should be. You were that for her.

Nikita: You tried to kill me.
Ari: Ancient history.
Nikita: It was last night.

One Way [1.09]

Nikita: Hello, Michael.
Michael: What the hell are you doing here?
Nikita: Thanks, my flight was lovely. How about yours?
Michael: If you think you can stop me...
Nikita: I'm pretty sure that taxi driver ripped me off.
Michael: You picked the wrong mission to mess with.
Nikita: Relax. I'm not here to stop you.

Henry: Kaseem Tariq. Mean something to you?
Nikita: You could say that. Though it's going to mean more to a... to a friend.

Michael: I can’t work with you.
Nikita: Why not?
Michael: Because I am still Division and you're still...
Nikita: Nikita.
Michael: Right.
Nikita: Look around, Michael. We're in Uzbekistan. No Percy, no Division, no rules.
Michael: It's not that simple.
Nikita: Because you make it complicated.

Nikita: Then why don't you believe that I would...
Michael: Because I don't trust you.
Nikita: Fine. If we do this, you're free and clear.
Michael: To do what? Leave Division and join you?

Michael: You? And what makes you think you're getting this bad boy?
Nikita: I'm a better shot.
Michael: Ah. Oh. I knew you'd gone rogue, I didn't know you'd gone delusional.
Nikita: I'm sorry, I remember somebody who set the distance shoot record of Division in her first year of eligibility. Who was that?
Michael: No respect for the man whose mark you broke, huh?
Nikita: It sucks to be you.

Michael: Nikita, you know I need to take this shot.
Nikita: I know.

Michael: [to Elizabeth] They'll never be another woman for me, you know that right? Unless she's really hot.

Kaseem: [to Michael] You may not believe this, but I'm glad you found me. I've often wondered how you fared. You probably don't realize, but you changed my life as much as I changed yours.

Kaseem: What drives you, Michael?
Michael: The thought that one day I'll get to kill you.

Nikita: Michael! Michael, don't do this. It's suicide.
Michael: That's why I have to do it alone.

Michael: Who would have thought you would have been the voice of reason?
Nikita: Revenge is not the answer.
Michael: Excuse me. Is this Nikita talking?
Nikita: That's different. I'm not throwing my life away.
Michael: That's your choice. This is mine. I hope you find what you're looking for.
Nikita: Shut up. You don't get to say your good-byes.
Michael: Good-bye, Nikita.
Nikita: Michael, Michael. Listen. Listen to me, Michael. You think you don't have anything to live for? You do. You have me.

Michael: What are you, the CIA?
Percy: Ugh, nothing that obvious.

Percy: [to Michael] Every man has a choice. His life and his character are determined by the choices he makes. You have options.

Alex: How did the mission go?
Nikita: Didn’t turn out as I’d expected
Alex: Did you find Michael?
Nikita: Yes. But then I lost him.

Dark Matter [1.10]

Nikita: See anything else?
Alex: Yes, I saw what Percy is capable of.

Fletcher: Division. Just Division?
Nikita: Pretentious, I know.

Percy: Bring your best team. If those two are working together, they're going to be hard to stop.

Birkhoff: I'm not a spice girl, and I was never ever obscure. I was elusive, and a little dangerous. I was a legend.

Owen: You were wrong, by the way, you know, back at the camp, what you said
Nikita: About going in quiet?
Owen: About not being a hero.

Owen: I'm new at this hero stuff, you've been doing it a lot longer.

All The Way [1.11]

Alex: You make it sound like you're my guardian angel.
Michael: In this op, I am.

Alex: It's a kill job. I kill, or be killed, everyone knows that. I like the sapphire dress too.

Nikita: That would be very dangerous.
Alex: No risk, no reward. Isn't that what you taught me?

Alex: She thinks you and I are, you know... Together.
Thom: She's mistaken.

Thom: You'll be ok, Alex. You're strong... Stronger than me. I knew it the day I met you.

Nikita: You're the one who has to pull the trigger.
Alex: I know.
Nikita: And you've never taken a life.
Alex: I know.
Nikita: You don't know. Believe me, you don't. Takes away a part of you you can never get back.

Percy: You know I have to admit despite all the trouble you've caused still feels good to see you back where you belong.
Nikita: I never belonged here.
Percy: You were born here. This is where your new life began and where it was always meant to end.
Nikita: It's not over yet.
Percy: Almost. But before you go you will tell me where you've been getting your intel from.
Nikita: I think the question is where haven't I been getting it from Division's got more leaks than BP and I have friends everywhere.

Nikita: So what's it gonna be? Knives, needles, electroshock?
Amanda: You have a preference?
Nikita: Not really. None of them are gonna make me talk.

Daniel: Ok so let me get this straight. You expect me to quit my job move what halfway around the world with you start a family never look back and never ask why
Nikita: Yes.
Daniel: Sounds great. When do we start?
Nikita: Just like that?
Daniel:Just like that.

Nikita: I never lied to you. That was just my identity. You were never my family.
Amanda: We clothed you. We fed you. We taught you how to protect yourself.
Nikita: You taught me how to kill and you forced me to do it.
Amanda: Nikita if it's a question of who sinned first we can always go back to the girl on death row. You were a killer before you came to us.

Percy: Nikita, meet Alex, the young recruit you tried to save from serving her own country, tried and failed.
Nikita: Her loss.
Percy: Don't listen to her. She's just jealous of the new model.

Free [1.12]

Thom: [to Alex] Is this really the life you wanted Alex?

Nikita: [to Alex] Now keep shopping. I hear it's supposed to be fun.

Ryan: You're alive.
Nikita: You know I never get tired of hearing that.

Birkhoff: [to Fletcher] Listen, mini Ethan Hunt. You need to worry about where you're headed, because you have no idea who you're dealing with. Not only have I always wanted to say that, it's true.

Birkhoff: Percy trusts me.
Nikita: But will he trust you when you come back with another microchip in your tooth; or teeth? You have 5 minutes to decide, or prepare for oral surgery.

Alex: I got invited to a party. I thought it'd be good to go. For my cover.
Nikita: For your cover? That's what I used to say in the beginning.

Nikita: Once upon a time I was you but now I'm fighting a war to destroy you. And I grow stronger. It's true you've had your victories. You killed my mole you had me in your dungeon but I got away and I'm never stopping. So if any of you recruits or agents are having any doubts well you should. I'm always looking for another good soldier.

Nikolai Udinov: The only one you can count on... is you.
Alex: And you, Papa.
Nikolai Udinov: You won't always have me.

Nikolai Udinov: [to Alex] Life is struggle. The truth is no matter what comfort surrounds you it will always be an illusion. It can be taken away any time.

Nikolai Udinov: Alexandra, I know you may not understand why I make you do all these things but one day, you will realize it was because I love you and I wish to protect you.
Alex: I know papa. I love you, too. And I'm glad we're home.

Ryan: You used me.
Nikita: I know. But I'm gonna make it up to you. Soon you'll be out of the basement. You'll be promoted to a higher level than your last post with more access than you've ever had before.
Ryan: And how is that gonna happen?
Nikita: Because Ryan Fletcher I'm gonna make you a hero.

Alex: I was never meant to live a normal life, and I couldn't even if I wanted to. Not until I get revenge for my family. I'm here to finish this fight, just like you.

Coup de Grace [1.13]

Nikita: Has he asked about me? In an operational context that is.
Alex: Not lately. So what was the deal with you and Michael?

Nikita: NYPD, do you copy?
Michael: Hello, Nikita.

Percy: If you kill Nikita as well, I'll cut down our commission.

Leela: [to Nikita, about bodyguard] Don't mind him. Someone forgot to take him for a walk today.

Steven: Who is it?
Alex: It's Nikita. [To Nikita] Listen bitch, I caught you once and I can do it again.

Prince: I have no anesthetic.
Nikita: It's okay, I've had worse.
Prince: From doctors or other men?

NYPD commander: Identify yourself.
Nikita: I'm your eyes on the inside.

Michael: I do what I have to do.
Nikita: So do I. You have to know that right?

Nikita: Fight for what you want.
Prince: I will if you will.

Nikita: When I was at Division... well, I never got one of those merits, but I heard they suck.

Alex: Is it Nikita-proofed?
Michael: Almost. She has a way of corrupting things from the inside. Like a cancer.

Nikita: Sounds easy enough.
Alex: So this is us...on the outside...working together.
Nikita: A whole new world.

Alex: What are we drinking?
Nikita: 1998' Brunello. Almond milk... February 2011. It's a great year.

The Next Seduction [1.14]

Nikita: Division's archrivals, Gogol, tried to recruit me. But I will take down Division my way, on my terms.

Nikita: Got to live the lie.
Alex: Till the lie becomes your life.

Alex: He's cute. Are you two, you know... connecting?
Nikita: No. But if we were, it's none of your business.
Alex: He's fighting Division, too. That is my business.
Nikita: Oh, yeah? What about you? That neighbor of yours, what's his name? Nathan? Are you two... connecting?
Alex: You're right! It is none of your business.
Nikita: I thought so.

Percy: First Owen, now Ryan, she always was the ultimate honey trap.
Michael: She remains a threat.
Percy: Yes she does, just as you remain head of the task force designed to stop her. How's that going for you, by the way?

Nikita: Jurgen... it's an alias, for Emil Voss, German arms dealer, educated at Oxford. He's probably about 36 by now.
Ryan: Do you know him?
Nikita: I slept with him. For about 2 weeks. A Division op.
Ryan: Look, Nikita, if this intel is solid, we're talking about a serious attack, and Voss has the weapon. But I can't ask you to help. I can't make you to go to him.
Nikita: No one at the CIA knows Voss the way I do. I can find him. I can do this my way.
Ryan: Nikita…
Nikita: I'll do what I have to.

Nathan: [to Alex, about Michael] Sounds like Batman.

Nikita: She told you about Daniel?
Michael: She's concerned.
Nikita: She's concerned?
Michael: Are you seeing him?
Nikita: I don't know what else to do. Michael, why are you sending me on this mission?
Michael: I didn't order this. Trust me. Relationships with outsiders are dangerous, Nikita. And not just for you. Do you understand?

Michael: You all right? Hey.
Nikita: You get what you wanted?
Michael: You will never have to be Josephine again. You have my word on that.

Nathan: Give a girl a pizza and feed her for a day. Teach her how to cook...
Alex: …and she'll burn down the building.

Nikita: I can help you with your current operation, you know.
Emile: What makes you think I have one?
Nikita: Oh, silly me. You're just here for the mud bath.

Emile: You certainly don't fight like a banker.
Nikita: You definitely do.

Emile: I have to erase what I was so I can become... Whoever I might be. The question is... am I too late?
Nikita: I hope you're not.
Emile: Thank you, Josephine.
Nikita: It's Nikita. My name's Nikita.

Nikita: Ryan? They're all dead. We got played.
Percy: You certainly did.
Nikita: If you think this is over...
Percy: Now, now, don't be a sore loser.
Nikita: Is that why you called, to brag?
Percy: Actually, it's called gloating, and I earned it, after you commandeered my network and gave your little propaganda speech to the proletariat.
Nikita: I had to make them feel better. They've been getting their asses kicked a lot lately.
Percy: Not this time. Now, here your boy Fletcher thought he's stumbled onto some chatter. Well, guess what. It was all homemade right here in Division, sent directly to his desk. I knew the minute that Voss got away from us in Berlin, there was only one agent who would ever be able to track him down. My old favorite.
Nikita: You did call to brag.
Percy: No, I called to thank you. Could never have done it without you, Josephine. Take a look around. The shell casings from the Tula cartridges, steel core. That's Gogol's bullet of choice, isn't it? So Gogol is the evil empire, and Division saves the day. All the evidence will be there, right down to the charred remains of Voss' ex-girlfriend. Blow up the car... now.
Nikita: You missed me. Don't worry. When I bury you, I won't call to brag first.

Michael: It seems like you struck another nerve with Nikita.
Percy: You talking about that little threat she spouted back there?
Michael: I promised her that she would never have to be Josephine again and you took her back there. Her threat is real.

Nikita: Move.
Ari: Where are you going?
Nikita: Upstairs. Go through my bags, pick out which guns to wear, and then I'm gonna get that bomb back. And I swear, if I have to ask you to move again, Ari...
Ari: Don't be that way. We can help you. The enemy of my enemy.
Nikita: Is just another man standing in my way.

Michael: [to Alex] Live the lie until the lie becomes your life.

Nikita: Good job keeping him on the ground.
Ryan: I have black belt in bureaucracy.

Ari: You must be a fan of world cinema. Kurosawa's "Yojimbo", isn't it? The hero positions two warring gangs against each other and gets them to fight for him.
Nikita: It was a book first. Dashiell Hammett, not that I need to take cues from literature when you make it so easy for me, Ari.
Ari: And yet in the end, you're he one who's fooled. I think this show is over. Don't you? As always, my offer still stands. If you can't beat us, join us. Think about it.

Ryan: What is it?
Nikita: Do you think we can ever erase who we were? Come back from it?
Ryan: From what?
Nikita: The things we've done. Just... all of it.
Ryan: Nikita...
Nikita: Do we even deserve to?
Ryan: Yes.

Nikita: Alex, what I told you before about not getting close to anyone?
Alex: I know. It's for my own protection.
Nikita: I was wrong.
Alex: I thought relationships with outsiders were dangerous.
Nikita: They are. But, uh... You can't just live the lie, Alex. It's not enough. You have to live, too.

Alex: I need you to understand something. What happened at dinner, what my boss said... That's not who I am.
Nathan: I didn't think it was.
Alex: What I do for a living... It's complicated. And it really doesn't matter. But I need you to understand. I need you to believe me.
Nathan: Are you in some kind of trouble?
Alex: It's not like that, Nathan.
Nathan: 'Cause whatever you need, I'm here. I can help. Or I'll find somebody who can. But if you need anything, I'm right across the hall. All you gotta do is knock.

Alexandra [1.15]

Amanda: Michael, I've done this before. All the drug addicts that wind up here as recruits, I'm practically running a rehab clinic.

Michael: If Percy finds out an agent went AWOL, it'll give him a reason to test out his kill chip.

Birkhoff: If God is in the details, than I'm a God.

Bouncer: Let me guess. Model? Actress?
Nikita: Assassin.

Michael: She hasn't checked in, something might have gone wrong with that op.
Birkhoff: Or something went right with the date, shazam! Dude, you really need to get a sense of humor.
Michael: I don't laugh at your jokes because I have a sense of humor.

Echoes [1.16]

Amanda: In her dream state Alex projects a mysterious female nemesis was chasing her. She kept repeating "it's her, she's coming". At first I thought she meant me, then Nikita perhaps, but now it makes perfect sense. Given her guilt about Thom, the answer is obvious; she's afraid of herself.

Birkhoff: Dude, you need to stop getting so personally invested in recruits. It never ends well for you; also it's getting kind of creepy. Alex is not Nikita.
Michael: Thanks for the tip.

Gustoff: In our world, friends are not assets, they're liabilities.

Nikita's voicemail: Hi, this is Nikita. I'm out saving the world right now, so please leave a message after the beep.

Birkhoff: And the plot thickens. What was the plot, exactly?

Nikita: [Inside Alex's drug-induced dream state] Wait here. I'll take care of it. [Nikita ascends the platform in order to fight Michael. However, after a moment of fighting they begin kissing passionately]
Alex: I knew there was something between them. Michael was all [Imitating Michael's voice] "Nikita's like a cancer." That's personal baggage.
Amanda: [Watching and listening to Alex outside the dream state] I've always thought so.

Covenants [1.17]

Michael: If I had just listened to you 5 years ago, things could have been different.
Nikita: Things will be different.

Nikita [to Michael]: You're the strongest person I've ever met. I don't think you're capable of not caring.

Kasim [to Michael]: Percy walked into your hospital room 9 years ago, and he's been using you ever since. He promised you vengeance against a ghost that he himself has created. You deserve to know the truth.

Kasim: You seem like someone with faith.
Nikita: Oh I don't know about that. Although, I do recall praying for the day when I would find your elusive ass.

Nikita: All in one piece. Unlike my ego.
Michael: Nikita, the man is gay.
Nikita: So?
Nikita:yeah you are an excellent honey trap

Into the Dark [1.18]

Nikita: Do you realize I'm your nurse a lot? You're unconscious half the time we're together.

Michael: The black box is destroyed. That's the second one she's gotten to. Perhaps you should re think your black box strategy?
Percy: Perhaps.

Amanda: You of all people should know the consequences of falling in love with an agent.
Michael: Yeah, I'll keep that in mind.

Owen: [About Michael] He's kinda scrawny.
Nikita: He's built where it counts, can we move on?

Michael: [to Nikita] So you'll be in London? With him?
Owen: She's bossy like that. You'll learn.
Michael: I think I know her pretty well.

Girl's Best Friend [1.19]

Michael: Are you telling me you think there's a good side to Division?
Nikita: Not unless you're running it.

Jaden: Not so bad for a couple of cover girls, huh?

Nikita: [to Michael] I'm an agent all over again. Wasn't that some sort of fantasy of yours?

Anya: And the trigger?
Kalumay: There's an app for that.

Michael: When I was in the Navy I felt like I was a part of something much bigger than myself and that didn’t change when I joined Division. I need to know that I can make a difference. It’s a part of who I am. It’s a part of who you are too.

President: Those aren't from my country
Nikita: Appearances can be deceiving, Mr. President. A diamond is dust. Your loyal son a traitor.

Nikita: You’re going to have to be alone for a while. I know you’ll be smart and I know you’ll be careful, but please be strong for yourself. God knows you’ve been for me.

Nikita: Just like old times
Michael: Not like old times. New times.

Security Guard: As long as he never meets my daughter.
Alex: Amen.

Glass Houses [1.20]

Amanda: [After discovering how Jaden died] Alex, one more thing. Are you familiar with Division cochlear implants? Division's been developing them for quite some time. They go into the subjects' ears and are virtually undetectable, even the subjects they're planted on. How much longer did you think you could hide who you really are, Alexandra?

Dana Winters: Before you came I was trapped. Stuck in two worlds I was afraid of, afraid to walk away.
Dana winters:(to nikita)when you out there fighting be careful oky
Nikita:I will

Birkhoff: I'm throwing a net over the whole town. Every phone, camera and computer, be mine!

Jaden: So you knocked boots with the guy, so what? But it seems like you let your guard down along with your pants.

Nathan: [to Alex]: Here's the stuff you left at my place.
Jaden: Hi, I'm Jaden, one of Alex's co-workers.
Nathan: Another government assassin. Great.

Betrayals [1.21]

Percy: Nikita is a light woman with a heavy foot and a lot of tracking.

Nikita: My life is on this box, the lives of people I care about, Fletcher. I'll guard it with mine.

Percy: Nikita and Alex are en route. When it's over, clean them both.

Ryan Fletcher: Tom Cruise on a harness couldn't get in there.

Nikita: Operation Sparrow? Honestly, where does he come up with these names?
Michael: The more innocuous they sound, the more lethal they are.

Pandora [1.22]

Percy: Covenant? Wow. I knew this was a 'come-to-Jesus' meeting, but covenant? That's old testimony.

Percy: Off to Oversight. Off to see the wizards.

Nikita: My orders were to kill your whole family. I saved you. It was the first time I defied Division.

Birkhoff: I figure if Nikita can keep giving Division the finger I can at least cross mine behind my back.

Amanda: I'm not going to hold onto you like I held onto Nikita.

Alex: Because I want to live!

Alex: No you just didn’t trust me enough to handle it. So now I can’t trust you.

Alex: That's my decision.

Michael: You know I am really sick of people telling me that you’re dead.

Nikita: Do you think that things ever reach a point so bad that you can never come back from.

Season 2


Game Change [2.01]

Alex: Relax. It's not a real badge.

Amanda: Division was created to stop threats and right now mour most dangerous threat is...
Alex: ...Nikita.
Amanda: She can cause a klot of pain and suffering with that black box.m
Alex: Especially for your bosses. Oversight?


Nikita: What are you going to do, shoot me?
Alex: I've done it before.
Nikita: To save my life, right? What's it going to be for this time? Or do you even know? Or does Amanda have you so turned around that you don't know what to believe in anymore?

Michael:The bigger the lie, the easier it is to believe

Michael: If we can find Tony’s evidence it’ll expose Oversight. This could be the first step in taking them down.
Nikita: And all we have to do is break someone out of military prison to do it.
Michael: Yeah.

Percy: I have Nikita to thank for this visit, don’t I.
Amanda: And Michael. They just hit a place that you used to launder money for your side jobs.
Percy: Triad?
Amanda: Russian.
Percy: And you want to know where she will hit next.
Amanda: They have a black box. I do not.
Percy: Neither do I.
Amanda: Yes but you have an eidetic memory. Every file, every image, every secret that should have been destroyed but was saved is on their hard drive and yours.
Percy: You’re right about one thing. I never forget.

Percy: Quid pro quo? I scratch your back, you whip mine?
Amanda: Anything is possible.

Michael: No, no, no you’re not going on this one. You took the casino, this one is mine.
Nikita: Not why I’m smiling.
Michael: What?
Nikita: I love a man in uniform.

Birkhoff: Gosh, I forgot how dense you guys can be. You’re going to make me regret rescuing you.

Michael: So you seriously rescued us so we could tell Division that you’re not working with us?

Percy: Straight to business, bad etiquette.

Senator Peirce: However as you have pointed out, we are all in this together, and that is how we will attack this problem. Together.

Nikita: I don’t know. Don’t get me wrong I wanna stop running. I've been running my whole life. I want a home, I just want to be able to live with myself when I get there.
Michael: Hey, it’s going to be hard enough living with me.

Falling Ash [2.02]

Alicia [to Birkhoff]: Wow. I bet you could give Shadow Walker a run for his money.
Birkhoff: Did you just say Shadow Walker?
Alicia: Yeah! He's done, like, the most ingenious hacks of the last decade. What, you've never heard of him?
Birkhoff: No, I know him. Dude's a legend.

Owen: You clean up nice. First time I've seen you look like a girl.
Nikita: Oh, Owen. You need to work on your compliment skills.

343 Walnut Lane [2.06]

Birkhoff: We'll rendezvous in Tatooine. Or wherever the hell I set up the next rebel base. You know how to contact me.

London Calling [2.08]

Alex [to Sonya]: Hey, have you seen the boss?
Sonya: She had some offsite meeting today. Why, do you want to raid her closet?

Doublecross [2.16]

Sean: [to Russian guards] Hey, guys. Hey, I'm guarding Alexandra, so I'm a little bit jumpy. And I kind of took that rude comment that you said as a threat and I kicked your ass.
Guard 1: [to Guard 2, in Russian] What did he say?
Sean: That's the one. [He punches out both guards. To Alex] What did he say?

Birkhoff: [to Carla] You know what really pisses me off? After all this is over, she's still going to forgive you. See, that's the thing about Niki. No matter how many times the people she loves lets her down, she keeps on doing the right thing. 'Cause it's the only thing she knows how to do. Now turn around and put your hands on your head before I shoot you in both kneecaps.

Arising [2.17]

Nikita: I'm not mother material, Michael.
Michael: Why not?
Nikita: Because I'm...I-It's Friday and my life is insane?!

Sean: [walks into the room with a bottle of vodka] I convinced the goons to give you some privacy.
Alex: You threaten to knock heads?
Sean: More like knock glasses.
Alex: Go easy on them.
Sean: I won't.

[Nikita beats up two men as Max stares with his mouth open. She grabs Max's hand]

Nikita: [in Russian, to Max] Forget you saw that.

Michael: Cassandra, remember when you were talking about Max being thing that gets you through life? No matter how hard it hits or how tough it gets? I know what you were saying. Because I have someone like that too. There's no way I'm gonna leave her.

Alex: So I get what I want if you get what you want.
Amanda: It's called "everyone wins".
Alex: Except Nikita.
Amanda: What?
Alex: You're pinning Semak's death on Cassandra. Nikita is with her now.
Amanda: Nikita's not your problem, Alex. You don't need to fight her war anymore. This is about what you deserve.
Alex: [sighs] That's just the thing, Amanda. You don't deserve to win. And I'm not going to let you.

Nikita: [to Michael] When I was growing up, I thought that any parent that gave their child up was unforgivable. That there'd never be a reason or an excuse for it. And now I'm standing here. What you did was an act of grace. You're a good father, Michael.

Power [2.18]

Michael: It's bad enough Amanda's in bed with Gogol. Now she's using Division assets to steal our country's top-secret projects.
Birkhoff: And the FBI's clueless.
Micheal: That is why Senator Pierce called us. We've gotta find Deena and get this back. [notices Nikita smiling at him] What?
Nikita: It's just funny. You... pacing back and forth. It's like deja vu. "Listen up, people. Our country needs us."
Micheal: So you're in?
Nikita: Oh, yeah. You had me at "Amanda".

Amanda: [about Zetrov] But what it doesn't have is American operatives. For example, if you needed to cripple a competitor, I could do it cleanly and effectively, with no risk of exposure. You wouldn't even have to sacrifice your own men. My operatives are fully expendable.
Birkhoff: [listening in; to Nikita] Are you hearing this?
Nikita: Hey, Birkhoff? Do me a favor. Cut me out of the feed. I've had enough Amanda for one night.

[Birkhoff watches Nikita through a security camera as she waltzes through a door.]
Nikita: [to the guards] Hey, are you guys, like, trying to hide the bathrooms in here?
[The guards start talking to her in Russian]
Nikita: [laughing] I have no idea what you're trying...
[The closing door cuts her off. Sounds of a scuffle can be heard. The doors reopen, and Nikita is leaning over a computer.]
Nikita: Accessing building blueprints now. [as she's leaving] Boring conversation anyway

[Nikita pulls out a small explosive to open up a vault]
Birkhoff: Okay, whoa, whoa. That room is full of military-grade explosives. Probably not the best idea to use that on the vault.
Nikita: Important safety tip. Twelve-key alphanumeric keypad. Let's do this old school. [blows makeup onto the keypad] All right, I've got a two, a four, a five, a seven, and a nine.
Birkhoff: Okay, five digits. That's, uhh... 120 combinations if there's no repeats in the string. If there are, we're talking over three thousand combinations.
Nikita: [sarcastically] Thanks, nerd. Wind beneath my wings.

Amanda: What are you doing here, Nikita? I didn't kill Daniel. I didn't kill Ryan.
Nikita: Oh, I'm so grateful.
Amanda: You should be on your knees. I saved your life. When you came to me you were nothing, A foster kid tossed by the system, but I made you better. I made you amazing, and what did you do to repay me? You broke my heart.
Nikita: You think you gave me some kind of gift? You took a messed up girl and you made her a broken woman. You told me I was beautiful and you told me that I was special-
Amanda: You were!
Nikita: -you lied! You took me from one hellhole and you put me in another. And then you dressed me up all pretty and you served me up to them. Just like my foster mother did. I broke your heart? You broke mine.

Birkhoff: [about Tasarov] Okay, Rasputin. Just die already.

Shadow Walker [2.20]

Alex: You know, this could have taken hours, but it didn't because I checked the toll booth cameras first. I eliminated the automated booths, narrowed the time frame, knowing Roan drives like a little old lady. Why? Because I AM AWESOME.
[Nikita and Michael just stare at her.]
Alex: What? Birkhoff always gets to brag.

Birkhoff: [in the middle of a coffee shop] BOW DOWN BEFORE SHADOWWALKER!

Nikita: [to Birkhoff] You know, when I'm out there risking my life, you are my lifeline. You're the voice in my ear telling bad jokes and getting me off safely. You are irreplaceable and one-of-a-kind. And that's a good thing, because I don't think the world could take two of you.

Dead Drop [2.21]

Birkhoff: [to Ryan] Dude, I never knew facts could be a superpower before you.

Sean: Where's people?
Alex: Umm... Looks like Kendrick's in with Percy. They went to go deal with him.
Sean: That's very bad. That's very serious. [makes his voice grouchy] Very serious. You're all very serious around these parts.
Alex: [to Birkhoff] It's possible I went a little overboard with the pain meds.
Sean: Just gotta lighten up some, some? Learn to lighten up. Learn to like the little things in life. Like this cot, hm? This cot is awesome.
Alex: I'm sure it is.
Sean: You're awesome.
Alex: Thank you.
Sean: I'm cereal. You're amazing. What you've been through in life, to come through that and stay strong and keep your heart? It's incredible. There's no one else like you, Alex. Alexandra... Udinov. Is it Alexandra Ooh-dinov or Alexandra You-dinov? I can't...
Alex: Okay.

Season 3


3.0 [3.01]

Sonya: Onsite Alpha team confirms Nikita has just taken the MSS station chief hostage.
Birkhoff [referring to Ryan's expression]: Yeah, we used to get that look all the time in the old rogue Nikita days, the oh-no-she-didn't.

Martin: You should have left Hong Kong. Now it's too late. You're going to have to watch him die.
Nikita: You know what, Martin? You were right. Loved ones are a liability. It's a good thing I have more than one.

Nikita: Anything that happens after this, you can blame on Martin. His body will be on that roof.
MSS Station Chief: American intelligence, always betraying each other. You really need to get your house in order.
Nikita: Yeah, tell me about know what, don't.

Michael: Give me the gun.
Nikita: What?
Michael: Give me the damn Glock!
Nikita: Where are you going?!
Michael: To get your engagement ring!

Michael: Nikita--.
Nikita: You had me at 'Give me the damn Glock'.

True Believer [3.03]

Birkhoff: It won't set off the vest.
Nikita: You're sure?
Birkhoff: Positive. Like...97%.

Sean: Because if you're here for Nikita, I'm not sure that's such a good idea, especially if she's having doubts. You had a life before all this. You could have it again.
Alex: You see this woman? This woman threw her out of a window, and she still wants to save her. You want to know what I believe in? Nikita. What about you? You were never really Division in the first place. Why are you still here?
Sean: Well, I guess some things are worth fighting for.

Nikita: It's not right. Soldiers get a flag draped across their coffin. CIA's got a wall of stars. Division just deletes you.
Ryan: It's hard to make a memorial to someone who doesn't exist.

Sideswipe [3.06]

Alex: Michael, do you really want to talk to me about boys?
Michael: Uh, no.

Survival Instincts [3.09]

Birkhoff: Ugh, I can't look at another tree. This must be what squirrels feel like.


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