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Nikol Pashinyan in 2022

Nikol Vovayi Pashinyan (born 1 June 1975) is an Armenian politician serving as the prime minister of Armenia since 8 May 2018.


  • The most important thing that we changed was the people’s perception of their own role, because before the revolution the most part of Armenian citizens considered that they did not decide anything: nothing depended on their position, but we made our citizens believe that their position, their voice is the most important factor in our political and social life, and that is the most important change we have made.
  • We are now in process of getting new people involved in the Armenian economy. We are going to guarantee the equality, and now we can say that all people, all citizens are equal before the law in Armenia. We are going to make economic reforms to liberalize our economy, to make it more attractive to foreign and domestic investors. How are we going to do that? We are going to guarantee the security of any investment. We are going to create high-quality infrastructure, and we are going to make people believe and engage in the economy, create their own businesses, and to have a real opportunity to become successful and make the country more prosperous.
  • As any democracy, we are devoted to exclusively peaceful solution for the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, and it is very important because I am sure that democracy is the most important factor to create peace in our region. I am sure that there is no democracy willing to start a war or use force for solving problems.
  • This is a new Sardarapat, and we all should be prepared to devote ourselves to a single mission that we call final victory. Each of us must be ready to be on the forefront of that victory. We will win! We are sure to win! Rest assured that victory will be on our side!
  • I recently made a parallel between the Munich Agreement and our situation. Before the outbreak of World War II, the European powers thought that by ceding Czechoslovakia to Hitler they could satisfy his appetite and avoid war in Europe. And what happened as a result: Hitler swallowed Czechoslovakia, the Czech Republic, and as the other saying goes, eating only arouses one’s appetite. If the European leaders had not surrendered the Czech Republic, and a war started, journalists like you would say, “Is there anything you could have done better? For instance, why did you not surrender the Czech Republic? While the questioned leaders would say, yes, we should have been a little more flexible in the case of the Czech Republic. They turned out to be more flexible, and what is the outcome?
  • Nothing has changed in my position. We have always said and keep saying the issue of Nagorno-Karabakh must be resolved only by peaceful means. I said something else, that Armenia has always been and is ready - and Karabakh, too, is ready - for a peaceful, diplomatic resolution of the issue, but we have one problem: the compromise to which Armenia agrees is no longer something to which Azerbaijan agrees.
  • Humanitarian aid by a country that is selling weapons to mercenaries, which they are using to strike a civilian peaceful population? I propose that Israel send that aid to the mercenaries and to the terrorists as the logical continuation of its activities.
  • I call on all citizens who understand what is happening to prepare for revenge, to prepare for revenge against these corrupt oligarch scoundrels․․․ Yes, we did not do the right thing. We have not dealt correctly with the people who robbed this country, with those who stole the soldiers' bread, those who stole the soldiers' weapons, those who stole the citizens' dignity, I apologize for that. I call on all citizens who understand what we are talking about, to prepare for revenge, because, yes, we will take revenge for our soldiers from them, we will take revenge for our lost homeland from them... the time has come for the citizen's revenge!
  • I call on all our compatriots not to give in to provocations and to unite around a government that is determined to live up to the task of getting the country out of this situation, while guaranteeing that no one can usurp the people’s legitimate power against plundering the country and returning it to a whirlpool of corruption... Our country does have a future, and we must do everything to make this difficult junction an important milestone on the way to that future. And we must learn lessons from our collective mistakes.
  • You know, we have political tensions at home, but the truth is that the calls made by the opposition have not received wide publicity in society. And I think that the issue of power, which was formed by the people, can only be decided by the will of the people. The fact is that the calls made by the opposition do not receive support from the Armenian society. This needs to be stated.
  • The election campaign and the elections themselves will give a comprehensive picture of which political force enjoys the trust of citizens. We are in close touch with the people and are fully cognizant of their concerns, their needs and aspirations. We will come up with programs aimed at strengthening Armenia’s security and developing the country in a way to ensure the population’s well-being. I am confident that our society will be able to form legitimate authorities, and we, in our contacts with the citizens, will present our programs and goals for coming years.
  • Armenian-Russian strategic allied relations are quite rich and extensive. They rely upon the historical proximity of our friendly peoples. The nature of these relations does not depend on the outcome of the early elections.
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