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Nikolay Blagodatov. St. Petersburg. 2014

Nikolay Innokentyevich Blagodatov [Николай Иннокентьевич Благодатов] (b. December 21, 1937), Soviet Nonconformist Art collector in USSR and Russia. Member of the Section of Criticism and Art Criticism of the Saint Petersburg Union of Artists.


  • The participants of the project are from different generations and art movements: from fine aestheticism to popular brutalism. Artist even chose types of paper to work on. This freedom to express themselves gave artists a possibility to create their subjective spaces inside the concept that works as the objective reality of the project plotted out by Alexey Parygin.
    • Nikolay Blagodatov City: Subjective Improvisations / City as an Artist's Subjectivity. Artist's book project. Catalog. (Rus & En) — SPb: Ed. T. Markova. 2020. — 128 p. — P. 47.
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