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Portrait of Nina Salaman by Solomon Joseph Solomon (1918)
Title page of Songs of Exile by Hebrew Poets (1901)

Nina Salaman (née Davis) (15 July 1877 – 22 February 1925) was a British poet. Many of her poems and translations are included in the Routledge festival prayer books still used today.


  • Ours it is to bear the Sabbath in our souls.
    • Poem The Sabbath (1918)
  • Surely a limit boundet every woe,
    But mine enduring anguish hath no end
    • Poem A Song of Redemption
  • At the dawn I seek Thee,
    Refuge, Rock sublime;
    Set my prayer before thee in the morning,
    And my prayer at eventime.
    • Poem At the dawn I seek Thee

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