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Statuette of Ur-Ningirsu, dedicated to god Ningishzida (Ningizzida), c. 2117 BC, from Southern Mesopotamia, Iraq

Ningishzida (sum: dnin-g̃iš-zid-da) is a Mesopotamian deity of vegetation and the underworld.

Quotes about Ningishzida[edit]

A subscript (balbale) to Ningishzida (Ningishzida A)[edit]

A subscript (balbale) to Ningishzida (Ningishzida A), late 3rd millennium BCE, at The Electronic Text Corpus of Sumerian Literature.
  • Hero, lord of field and meadow, lion of the distant mountains!
    Ninjiczida, who brings together giant snakes and dragons!
    Great wild bull who, in the murderous battle, is a flood!
  • Beloved by his mother, he to whom Ninjirida gave birth from her luxurious body, who drank the good milk at her holy breast, who sucked in lion's spittle, who grew up in the abzu! August icib priest who holds the holy ecda vessels, checker of tablets, who secures justice!
  • King, wild bull with tall limbs, who directs speech aright, and who hates wickedness!
    Mighty power, whom no one dare stop when he spreads confusion!
    Mighty Ninjiczida, whom no one dare stop when he spreads confusion!
  • The troops are constantly at your service. Shepherd, you understand how to keep a check on the black-headed. The sheep and lambs come to seek you out, and you understand how to wield the sceptre over the goats and kids, into the distant future. Ninjiczida, you understand how to wield the sceptre, into the distant future.
  • You bring calming of the heart.
  • The king who is the lord of broad understanding (i.e. Enki) has determined a good destiny for you on your elevated throne-dais; the god who loves justice (probably Utu) has spoken these favourable words: "Foremost one, leader of the assembly, [...] king endowed with awesomeness, sun of the masses, advancing in front of them! Who can rival you in the highest heaven? What can equal you?" Hero who, after surveying the battle, goes up to the high mountains! Ninjiczida, who, after surveying the battle, goes up to the high mountains! King, you who carry out commands in the great underworld, you who carry out the underworld's business! Any youth who has a personal god is at your disposal, there where your commands are issued. O king, honeyed mouth of the gods! Praise be to Enki. Ninjiczida, son of Ninazu! Praise be to father Enki.

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