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Nirmal Chandra Chatterjee (1895 - 1971) was the president of the Bengal Hindu Mahasabha and the vice-president of the All-India Hindu Mahasabha.


  • Our passionate adherence to democracy and freedom is based on the spiritual recognition of the Divinity of man. We are not only not communal but we are nationalists and democrats. The Anti-Fascist Front must extend from the English Channel to the Bay of Bengal.
    • Hindu Politics (Calcutta, 1945), p.13
  • In the conflict of ideologies the Hindus have made their position perfectly clear. We hate Nazism and Fascism. We are the enemies of Hitler and Mussolini. We are longing and struggling for our own emancipation and we want to repel any dictator who would try to reduce sections of humanity to slavery to serve the whims of his own megalomania.
    • ibid., p. 26
  • We are wholeheartedly anti-Fascist. Every anti-Imperialist must be anti-Fascist.
    • ibid., p. 68
  • Our main plank is Veer Savarkar’s message which he preached at the Calcutta session: ‘Equal rights for all citizens and protection of the culture and religion of every minority’.
    • ibid., p. 74

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