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Noa Tsurushima (鶴嶋 乃愛; Tsurushima Noa; born 24 May 2001) is a Japanese model and actress.


  • I honestly have no idea why I was chosen, I’m surprised by it. I’m excited to see where this takes me.
  • When I’m told to laugh, I begin laughing. Even during filming, when I’m told to crack up, I end up being the only one who cracks up.
  • I read often but, the genre I go to is mystery. I like to write my own stories but as you know, people often die in mysteries, so someone often dies in my stories. Also, I like to go to art galleries on my day offs.
  • When we’re introduced to Izu in episode one, we know nothing. But I believe that moving forward, Izu will continue to learn and evolve by working alongside the protagonist, Aruto. Therefore, it’s a role where a lot is up in the air. Part of the charm is that it’s unpredictable.
  • I used to love frilly lolita fashion, so I was so excited when I first saw what I would be wearing as Izu (in Kamen Rider Zero-One movie). Her shoes are interestingly shaped, and the material of the the tights and leather. I want people to appreciate all the little details. Izu maybe the admirable grown-up lady to kids, but I'm sure they'll be astonished by her strange outfit and blue eyes. She'll gradually learn more emotion so I'd like it if they could get hooked on that aspect. I hope they'd all be like "I want Izu too", or "I want to be Izu's President!"

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