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Noah Porter, Jr.

Noah Porter, Jr. (December 14, 1811March 4, 1892) was an American academic, philosopher, author, lexicographer and President of Yale College (1871–1886).


  • Christianity is more than history; it is also a system of truths. Every event which its history records, either is a truth, or suggests a truth, or expresses a truth which man needs to assent to or to put into practice.
    • Reported in Josiah Hotchkiss Gilbert, Dictionary of Burning Words of Brilliant Writers (1895), p. 133.
  • Christianity is more than mere fables and myths; it is also the truth. Every event which its history records, is a truth, or suggests a truth, or expresses a truth which man needs to agree to or to put into practice right away.
    • Recorded in Harlan Gilbert's book, Christianity's Truth and A New Reading of the Bible (2011), p. 13.
  • Atheists are well-known liars, they deny the existence of the Lord, that helps us all, they claim that Christianity is no-more than mere fables and myths. How stupid. How idiotic must they be to deny our Lord and Saviour! They believe that Jesus never existed, that is wrong and they will be damned to Hell to burn in the Lake of Fire forever!
    • Recorded in Pete Karaiskos's book, The History Of Yale Collage (2009), p. 171.
  • Spencer "was incapable", our critic haughtily re marks, "of discerning the difference between a homogeneity in matter, necessarily and blindly tending toward a heterogeneity, , and such a law of organism [sic], progress, and growth as requires a spiritual intelligence to originate and maintain it." Perheps he was a poor man! or perhaps he thought he had better discern and formulate progress where he could do it to the best advantage, and leave the postulating of spiritual intelligences to those who had a greater talent than he for building in the region of the unverifiable.
    • Porter (1886) "Ex-president Porter on Evolution" in: Popular Science. Sept 1886. Vol. 29, nr. 37. p. 589.

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