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Noddy is a British-Canadian Tv series based on Enid Blyton's children book series, Noddy.


[Aunt Agatha and Charlene von-Pickings were at the Noddy shop]
Aunt Agatha: Well, what do you know? [picks up the hat] It's on the floor. Oh, yes. Um, with pleasure. [places the hat on Charlene's head] Don't you just know that these new styles hug you head. It's like giving your hair a great big kiss!
Charlene von-Pickings: It feels wet.
Aunt Agatha: Oh. Well, that's the new wet look, you see. I mean, uh, it keeps you coolin'. [spots Lurk Goblins on Charlene's hat] AAAAH! THERE'S A RODENT ON YOUR HAT!
Charlene von-Pickings: [puzzled] A what?!
Aunt Agatha: A RODENT! [Lurk Goblins leaps off Charlene's hat. Aunt Agatha and Charlene scream while running around in fear and Noah opens the door] Come back! I have hats without rodents in the back!

[after a bubble bath fiasco at Johnny Crawfish's fish tank]
DJ Johnson: I can't believe you put a bubble bath in the fish tank. Don't you know how bad that is?
Kate Tomten: I know, I'm sorry. I should have read the label.

Davy Gladhand: [takes a piece of rope out of a trash can] Uh-huh, look what I found.
Bud Topper: Oh, let me just have a look-see here, and this could be a clue. Looks to me like this rope's been chewed.
Aunt Agatha: You know, there's only one person who could chew through a rope like that.
Davy Gladhand and Bud Topper: [in unison] Who?!
Aunt Agatha: The Chewer!
Townspeople: The Chewer?!
Bud Topper: Oh! Bingo, Mrs. F. I remember hearing about the Chewer when I was a kid.
Davy Gladhand: Wait! Are you telling me that the Chewer has my Little Benny?!
Aunt Agatha: Well, what more proof do we need that the Chewer's been here.
Kate Tomten: [arrives] Hi, guys. What's going on?
Davy Gladhand: The Chewer has Little Benny!
Aunt Agatha: And justice will be done! All right, listen up, everybody! I want some of you to go thattaway, and I want some of you to go thattaway. The rest of you, follow me! We're gonna find the Chewer! [the townspeople set off to find the Chewer]
Noah Tomten: Wait! Wait! Wait! We don't even know if the bear's been stolen!

Noah Tomten: Well, you find that Chewer fella?
Aunt Agatha: No, didn't see a trace of him. He's a tricky one, that's for sure.
Noah Tomten: Now, Agatha, don't you think it's time to call off this silly search altogether?
Aunt Agatha: No!
Bud Topper: [notices a piece of paper on the ground] Hello, what's this? [picks the paper up] Scrap of paper.
Davy Gladhand: Does it say anything about Little Benny?!
Townspeople: What's it say?! What's it say?!
Bud Topper: [raises his hand to silence the people] It says, "Get some granola, vegetables, apples and a pencil."
Noah Tomten: Seems to me like it's somebody's grocery list.
Bud Topper: Maybe it does, maybe it doesn't. Even everything on this list has got something in common; They're all things... that you CHEW! [this shocks Aunt Agatha and the people]
Aunt Agatha: Ohh! The Chewer has been here again! I know it!
Davy Gladhand: Oh, look! Look, the note is dirty. What does that tell you, Chief?
Noah Tomten: Well, it tells me that it was on the ground and I swept it up.
Aunt Agatha: Wait a minute. I remember there's a dirty cave filled with bats on the other side of "Mount Hiyahoney".
Bud Topper: Bingo, Mrs. F., again. I wouldn't be surprised if our suspect is hiding out there right now this very moment!
Aunt Agatha: That's right.
Bud Topper: Follow me! [the townspeople set off once again]


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