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Norm of the North is a 2016 3D computer-animated comedy adventure film produced by Nicolas Atlan, Ken Katsumoto, Steve Rosen, Liz Young and Mike Young, written by Daniel R. Altiere, Steven M. Altiere, and Malcolm T. Goldman, and directed by Trevor Wall. It was co-produced by Splash Entertainment, Telegael and Assemblage Entertainment, and distributed by Lionsgate, the film was released on January 15, 2016.

From the Arctic Circle to Times Square. taglines


  • Any last words before I eat you?
  • Baaaack up, dancers. Let's show them who we really are.
  • Dinner is served. Oof! [breaks a chair] What? I'm big-boned.
  • We've really got our work cut out for us. What can a bear like me do in a city like this?
  • [to the three lemmings] Someone's coming. Act natural. [the lemmings start farting] [in disgust] Not THAT natural!
  • Lemming! Look out! [three of the cavies are squished by an elevator, only to a second later remain intact] Waaaait for it... Geez, they don't call this place a concrete jungle for nothing.

Olympia Brightly[edit]

  • We need to convince people to help you, and I have an idea.

Mr. Greene[edit]

  • [to Vera, after Norm roars in his face] Vera, get my lawyer. I'm gonna copyright that roar and make it a new ringtone.


Vera: Are you ready to come out, Norm?
Norm: [awkwardly, while wearing a flamboyant costume] I think I just did.

Olympia: Hmmm, so let's see. You're approximately 500 kilograms, exact skull and nose proportions.
Norm: I don't know what you're talking about. I only weight 149 pounds, just like the average American male.
Olympia: Please, I know exactly what you're doing, Norm.
Norm: Huh?
Olympia: You're saving the arctic, you're home! So I'm thinking, maybe we can work together... and you can save MY home in the process.
Mr. Greene: [angrily to Vera] and me, I'll yell ya... [starts screaming in gibberish]
Norm: Thanks Lemmings, I needed that. [grabs a towel] Doo Doo doo Dee. [Suddenly the condo tops over]


  • Bear to be different.
  • Luck be a lemming tonight.
  • A bear-y funny big-city adventure.
  • From the Arctic Circle to Times Square.
  • Before he can save the Arctic... he'll need a little help.

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