Not of This Earth (1957 film)

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Not of This Earth is a 1957 film about an alien agent who is sent from a distant planet to earth via a high-tech matter transporter where he terrorizes Southern California in an attempt to acquire blood for his dying race, the result of a devastating nuclear war.

Directed by Roger Corman. Written by Charles B. Griffith.
Somewhere in this world stalks a thing that is... 

Paul Johnson[edit]

  • Davanna must endure.
  • In the place from which I come, no person would dare sleep in insecure quarters.


  • Davanna Woman: If I do not receive blood within four chronoctons of time, I will have no need of emotion.


Paul Johnson: [speaking telepathically] It is impossible for you to escape. Come to me!
Car Park Attendant: [speaking telepathically] I hear you! You can't hurt me now! It doesn't work now!
Paul Johnson: [speaking telepathically] It's a lie! I am not so injured!


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