Nothing but Trouble (1944 film)

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Nothing but Trouble is a 1944 film about two men who become servants to a boy king whose life is in danger.

Directed by Sam Taylor. Written by Russell Rouse.
Nothing but fun!  (taglines)

Mrs. Elvira Hawkley[edit]

  • The last man I had stayed for several years. He'll tell you I was most accommodating. In fact, I still get letters from him. He's on an island somewhere in the Pacific. I think they call it Alcatraz.


Mrs. Elvira Hawkley: I thought a little spot of this might refresh you before taking up your new duties. It's Chateauneuf 1924.
Stan: Gee, that's pretty old. Haven't you got anything new?

Oliver: Well, there's nothing to it. All you have to do is look the lion straight in the eyes. Lions are afraid of that. I read that in a book.
Stan: But did the lion read the book?

Oliver: Come Stanley, let no one say that we were afraid to die.
Stan: I don't care who says it.


  • Nothing but fun!


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