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Occupy Unmasked is a 2012 film about the Occupy movement.

Directed and written by Steve Bannon.
What Are the Real Forces Behind the Occupy Movement?  (taglines)


  • What Are the Real Forces Behind the Occupy Movement?


  • Our contention is that the occupation was no random occurrence. It's a combination of Anonymous and other factors. I think a center-left populist movement would be incredibly productive and helpful to the country right now. But I think that was hijacked by the side parties who took over the movement. The movie is violent and vulgar. I put cameras out there everywhere, and the middle class doesn't read the alternative press. It comes across as shocking for people who see it.
  • Occupy Unmaske was not just important to Andrew. It was vital. He insisted that it be made. Andrew often saw and knew things before the rest of us. And he pegged the Occupy movement for what it was from day one. He saw that Occupy was the creation of an amalgam of nefarious forces, ones intent not on changing the system, but on overthrowing it: anarchists, the hackers collective Anonymous, Marxists, the hard left, and nihilists. As Andrew was wont to say, sunlight is the best disinfectant. Shining the light on these people, exposing them for who they really are, is almost always the first step toward stopping them.


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