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Season 1[edit]

Olive: Seems like a quiet day here at the Squad.

Zero Effect/ Bad Luck Bears[edit]

My Better Half/ The Confalones[edit]


Training Day[edit]

Ms O: No buts, no cuts and no coconuts. Now go! [Olive, Otto and Oscar proceed to go, but, they slipped on the marbles Oscar dropped, Olive landed on the couch, while Otto and Oscar landed on the floor] And watch out for those marbles!

Olive and Otto in Shmumberland[edit]

Ms O: Wait. Don’t use those gadgets at the same time. [Olive and Otto get sucked into the Shmumber-Comic Book] Or, that’ll happen.
Olive and Otto: [screams as they fall]
Otto: [paused the screaming] Hey! This is like the time we fell into the arcade game!
[Olive and Otto continue screaming as the comic book animation changes and they landed in the comic book.]

O is Not for Over[edit]

Season 2[edit]

First Day[edit]

[Olive and Otto go off to start their own Odd Squad. And Otis and Olympia were in their place.]
Oscar: What do we do now, Ms O? I mean, Olive and Otto, were the best agents we have.
Ms O: True! But, I’ve got two new agents, who seemed like they’re up for the job. Incoming!
[Otis and Olympia first appeared.]
Ms O: There you two are! Something very odd has happened.
Olympia: Whoa! I’m really here. In Odd Squad.

Oscar Strikes Back[edit]

[After Oona defeated Obbs, Owen and Ohio kicked Obbs off the squad, due to a misconduct.]
Owen: It is my duty to inform you that you are no longer a member of Odd Squad. Hand it over!
Obbs: [turns in his badge and takes off his labcoat] You do realize, that I’m gonna rise up again as a villain.
Owen: Hey! That’s your choice! Keeps us busy and we like busy. Right, Ohio?
Ohio: Love it! But, there are better options for you. [gives Obbs a pamphlet] Life Of grime, villain rehab.

And Then There Were Puppies/A Case Of the Sillies[edit]

[As Otis and Olympia enter headquarters, they noticed that there are dogs]

Oona: [After Dr O came down with the case of the sillies, Ms O recruit Ocean and Oona to team up] You want me to work with Ocean?! I don’t even work well with myself.
Ms O: Well. You’re a scientist and you deal with creatures. The two of you combined, it’s kind of like a doctor.

Oona and the Oonabots/The Ninja Situation[edit]

Oona: [shocked and worried about Otis and Olympia turned to stone] Umm. How did this happen exactly?
Ocean: Ya know how Otis and Olympia are always so helpful?
Oona: Aww! Yeah!
Ocean: So, they were helping me catch this creature. Except, the creature’s called the stone turner and if you touch it...
Oona: You turned to stone.
Ocean: Thanks! That’s where it was getting long.
Oona: Ms O will not be happy, if she hears there’s a stone turner on the loose in Headquarters.
Ocean: Oh. She found out!
[Cue Ms O, now a stone.]
Oona: Ocean! This is so bad! We need to tell Owen and the security team, so, they can catch this thing.
Ocean: Oh. I already did!
[Cue Owen and two other security agents turned to stone as well.]
Oona: The stone turner got them too. Is anyone left that isn’t stoned?
Ocean: Of course, dude! You and me, that’s why we’re talking.
Oona: So, it’s coming for us next? We need to get away, or think of a really good pose, in case it catches us. [starts making a few poses] Like this. Or this. Or this.
Ocean: Oona! It’s not coming for us. It’s after blue stuff.
Oona: What?!
Ocean: The creature’s blue and it likes eating blue stuff. You only turn to stone if you touch it. They tried catching it.

Who is Agent Otis[edit]

Xena: [The Xs think Otis is still a...] Villain!

Olympia: [after Otis and Ms O were kicked off Odd Squad, because of her] This is the worst day of my life! [the light on the truth-or-lie helmet flashes green]

Odds and Ends[edit]

Olympia: Well. This is just great! So, we have no idea who the bad agent is, you’re both so kicked off and we’re stuck working with Ohlm forever. [sighs]
Ms O: Wait. Where is Ohlm?
Oona: In his office. Or lost. He’s probably lost.
Ms O: No. I mean, where is his picture?
Oona: Oh. Uh. I didn’t include him, because, he is not an agent.
Ms O: When Ohlm first got here, he was Otto’s partner for one day. That was one day before, [to Otis] You started. March 3rd.
Otis: That’s when all the break-ins started.
Olympia: Let me check if Ohlm was in headquarters during all the break-ins. This line graph shows all the villain break-ins during the month of June.
Ms O: Now, Show all the days that Ohlm was in headquarters.
Olympia: I don’t believe it. It’s a complete match. Every time, there was a villain break-in, Ohlm was in headquarters.
Otis: And every time, Ohlm was missing, there were no break-ins.
Olympia: It’s the same in July and August, it just keeps going.
Otis: No! It can’t be Ohlm. I mean, Ohlm is Ohlm. He eats yogurt with the wrong end of the spoon.
Oona: He’s messed up every case he’s ever been on.
Ms O: Unless, he was only pretending not to be smart.
Ohlm: So, you never suspected me. [cackles manically]

Ms O: [shocked about Ohlm turning against Odd Squad] Why’d you do it, Ohlm? Why did you turn against Odd Squad?
Ohlm: There are three reasons anyone does anything. [puts on a pair of glasses] For love, money or power. Odd Squad agents don’t get paid. Love gives you the cooties and so the answer must be power. [cackles manically]
Oona: So, you never wanted to fight oddness.
Ohlm: Of course! I started like you at the Academy, except when it came time to graduate.
[Flashback to when Ohlm’s graduation.]
[Flashback ends.]
Ohlm: After that, I decided if Odd Squad couldn’t see my genius, I would just my genius TO DESTROY IT! I pretended to be a fool, so, I can steal codes, gadgets, anything I can get my hands on. I gave the villains everything they needed.
[Flashback to Ohlm and the Puppy Master.]
[Flashback ends.]
Ohlm: Every. Plan. FAILED! I was about to give up. But, then, Olympia, Sweet, foolish, Olympia, got Otis and Ms O kicked off Odd Squad, which made me Mr O. And now, I’m in a position to finally take this place down, once and for all. [cackles manically]
Olympia: No you won’t!

Ohlm's Mom and Dad: [shocked about when Odd Squad tells them what Ohlm did] Our son did what?!
Ohlm: Mom! Dad! You don’t understand!
Ohlm’s Dad: We understand perfectly. And you young man are grounded. [Despite, Ohlm planning his revenge to destroy Odd Squad for good, Odd Squad takes him to his mom and dad, where they ground him and presumably fired him from the squad, due to a misconduct.]
Ohlm: Come on!
Ohlm’s Mom: To your room, now!
Ohlm: [growls furiously, and marches upstairs to his room] Typical!

Big O: From far too long, I have pulled off going to kindergarten, but, now, it is time and I need someone to take my place.
Ms O: Wait. Are you saying...
Big O: I want you to run all Odd Squad as the new Big O.
[Everyone cheered as the Big O activates the Big O inator on Oprah.]

Season 3: Mobile Unit[edit]

Odd Beginnings (Part 1 and 2)[edit]

Slow Your Roll[edit]

End of the Road[edit]

Olizabeth: Attention, all villains. The Odd Squad Mobile Unit has discovered my true identity. So, I’m going to tell the whole world too. My name is Olizabeth and Agent Opal is my sister. She made me who I am.
Opal: What?! All I ever did was protect her.

[Brutus activates a net, which traps Omar, Oswald and Orla. But, Opal stepped out of the way just in time.]
Brutus: Opal got away!
Opal: Olizabeth, how could you do this, after all I did to protect you.
Olizabeth: All you ever did was protect me!

Olizabeth: Sorry about all the evil stuff, Big O, maybe this can set things right. [gives the Big O the box of villain powers]
Big O: Thanks, Olizabeth! You did good! Everyone, load it to the van.
Opal: You Guys go on without me.
All: Wait?! What?!
Opal: I need to stay here in Australia, to set things right with Olizabeth and in other countries where she did a lot of oddness that needs fixing.
Olizabeth: I got a little carried away.
Omar: But, you can’t leave. There wouldn’t be an Odd Squad Mobile Unit if it wasn’t for you.
Oswald: Omar’s right! If you had never gone after the forty-four leaf clover, I would still be a library museum person.
Orla: I would still be living alone in a dark cave. Spacious, but dark.
Omar: All you ever wanted was to travel around the world and solve oddness.
Opal: What I wanted was an adventure and you guys gave me that.
[The four tearfully hug.]
Oswald: But, we’ve always been a team of four. Who’s gonna replace you?

Big O: Okay, Team! I think we should get this box back to headquarters.
Orla: Hold on! If all the villain powers are gone, do we really need an Odd Squad to fight oddness?
[Suddenly, a creature rises.]
Big O: Boy, am I glad to see you! Well. What are we waiting for. Go!
[The OSMU agents, Olizabeth and the Big O get out their gadgets.]
All: For Odd Squad!
[They fire their gadgets as the episode ends.]

Odd Off the Press[edit]

[The Odd Squad Mobile Unit holds a press conference to welcome, their newest member.]
Orla: Are you two ready to begin?
Omar: Orla, when did you get braces?
Orla: On the way over here. Also, I prefer to call them tooth armour.
Oswald: Let’s do this! Uh. Yes! Uh. We know you all got a lot of questions now that Opal’s gone, so, we decided to hold this press conference here, in Reporterville, where all the reporters live.

Big O: Listen up, I know Opal is gone and Osmeralda’s new to the team. But, I believe in you.
Oswald: But, If we get into trouble, you’ll come and help us, right?
Big O: Wrong! I’m in space.
All: What?!
Big O: [two agents removed a backdrop, revealing a space station] The Odd Squad Space Unit needs my help, so I’ll be gone for a while.
Omar: But, who’s gonna take your place?
Orpita: Hi!
All: [yelps] Orpita?!
Osmeralda: You all know each other?
Omar: Orpita was gonna do a book report on Oswald, then, decided to do a book report on me, then, we let a creature loose in the van.
Orpita: I never finished the book report.
Orla: You are filling in for the Big O?
Orpita: Me?! Ha! No! I’m just an assistant to the Big O.
Big O: She’s helping interview agents for the job. And in the meantime, I need you to stop these villains. Well. What are you waiting for, go!
Orpita: So Cool! Anyway, good luck!

All: Odd Squad, Odd Squad! Stop right there!
Oddskater #1: You’re gonna stop us.
[The Three Oddskaters laugh, when OSMU gets out their gadgets.]
All: Oh, Yeah!
[An epic battle began, Omar, Osmeralda and Oswald used gadgets to freeze or tie the Oddskater’s hands. Then, Orla uses her rope inator to tie them up.]


  • Millie Davis as Ms O/Big O

Season 1[edit]

  • Dalila Bela as Olive
  • Filip Geljo as Otto
  • Sean Michael Kyer as Oscar

Season 2[edit]

  • Anna Cathcart as Olympia
  • Issac Kragten as Otis
  • Olivia Presti as Oona

Season 3[edit]

  • Valentina Herrera as Opal
  • Jayce Alexander as Omar
  • Gavin MacLver Wright as Oswald
  • Alyssa Hidalgo as Orla
  • Glee Dango as Esmeralda Kim/Osmeralda
  • Shazdeh Kapadia as Orpita/Little O


  • Ashley Botting as Debbie
  • Ali Hassan as Doug
  • Christian Distefano as Owen
  • Julia Lalonde as Octavia (Season 1)
  • Peyton Kennedy as Dr O (Season 1-2)
  • Kaden Stephen as Dr O (Season 2)
  • Michela Luci as Orchid
  • Elijah Sandiford as Ocean (Season 2)
  • DeAndray Hamilton as Coach O
  • Jaiden Cannatelli as Ohlm (Season 1-2)

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