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Odunayo Eweniyi is a Nigerian business executive and activist.[1] She is the Co-founder and Chief Operations Officer of PiggyVest and co-founder of Feminist Coalition.



"Youth Profile: Nigerian techie and women’s rights defender" (2021)

Youth Profile: Nigerian techie and women’s rights defender United Nations (YOUTH), July 2021 by Damilola Adewumi
  • It's a lot of work to start and grow a business in this climate. Some of the challenges include the regulations and a lack of adequate infrastructure, We know for sure that there is talent in Nigeria.
  • move out of the way so we can work. I like rules and when they are clear, you know what is right and what is wrong.  The problem we have is that a lot of the rules are grey, and innovation moves faster than regulations.
  • I just feel a sense of duty in that I am one woman who’s had it relatively easy.  I have a strong support system and I think that there's been a healthy amount of luck involved in where I am today.  Where we started from, where the journey has gone—right place, right time, and all that.
  • My co-founders are probably the best I could have met because they don't hold me back.  They allow me to be the full expression of who I am and so did my parents, so did my siblings.  So, I have gone through life surrounded by people who allowed me to be who I am.  It doesn't seem like that for all women, but it should.
  • For me, the mission is that all women should be included, and I feel I have a responsibility to bring more women in.
  • Women need to stay steady, know who they are and where they are going.
  • A feminist leader will recognize that all women and all men deserve equal opportunities to pursue fulfilling careers and lives, and put structures in place to help others live up to their potential and drive meaningful change.
  • "Embrace failure and be ready for it: it will happen at some point, so it just depends on what you do with it."[1]
  • “Aim very high. Work very hard. Care very deeply.” [2]
  • Set ambitious goals, dedicate yourself to relentless effort and show genuine care in your endeavours. This combination of aspiration, hard work and heartfelt commitment is a recipe for meaningful achievement.[3]
  • Keep working hard, keep building. Eventually, the world will recognise your worth.[4]


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